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Vacation in a Snow Globe 15

Stargazing Snow Globe Dome in Ontario

The first thing I thought when I saw this dome home was “snowglobe”! And in Ontario, there’s a good chance a winter visit would allow you to sit in the comfort of the loft bed and watch the snowfall from the sky. Inside this solar-powered off-grid vacation home you’ll find a hammock, hand-painted mural, cozy [...]

The Squad Van Build by Native Campervans 001

The Squad Van Build With Rooftop Tent by Native Campervans

This is the Squad van, a low-roof cargo van conversion by Native Campervans. It seats and sleeps four by utilizing a rooftop tent camping system. Native rents it out so folks can comfortably travel while trying out van life. Would you consider renting out this van or doing a low-roof van conversion kind of like [...]

Eco-Friendly Moon Lodge Yurt w Milky Way Views 10

Eco-Friendly Moon Lodge Yurt w/ Milky Way Views

The moon lodge yurt is the perfect spot to get your glamp on! While this is a pretty basic and very tiny yurt, the glass ceiling makes it one-of-a-kind, and it’s uninhibited sky views are breathtaking. You can even see the Milky Way some nights. It’s heated in winter by a wood stove, and in [...]

Tent on Stilts with Twisty Slide! 15

Tent on Stilts with Twisty Slide!

Here’s something different: A tent erected atop a large covered porch, complete with a twisty slide to the fire pit and picnic table below! This is, of course, no normal tent. The canvas structure is held up by beautiful wooden beams, and there’s a queen-sized bed and kids’ cot bunks inside meaning no one has [...]

Jupe Inc Tent-Based Prefab Tiny House 001

Tent-Based Jupe Tiny Homes

This is Jupe! A tent-based tiny house concept with same-day setup. I suppose one can say it’s almost like a modernized Mongolian yurt, except it’s not round at all, but it is relatively easy to setup and install on the same day, much like a yurt. Jupe Prefab Tents With Same-Day Setup This tent-based tiny [...]

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Family of 7 (Yes, 7!) Goes From Tent To Van Life To RV Home 4

Family of SEVEN… From Tent, to Van, to RV Life

Meet “This Little Den” — a family of 7 (mom, dad, 4 boys and a baby girl) that’s living in an RV while renting land on a friend’s property in Florida. Just before finding out about baby #5, they decided not to re-up their apartment lease or look for a new one. Instead, they voluntarily [...]

Tents, a Cabin, a Sailboat and Now An Off-Grid DIY THOW

Tents, a Cabin, a Sailboat and Now An Off-Grid DIY THOW

Natalie and Lucas have lived in tents as wilderness guides, rented small spaces and cabins, and even lived in a 29-foot sailboat while building their tiny house! Now they’re proud owners of their off-grid THOW, which they’ve lived in for 4 years. First they parked in Northern Wisconsin on a friend’s land, and now they [...]