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20′ Container Home | “The Abilene” Model 1

“The Abilene” Model: 20′ Container Home For Sale, $17.5K

This is such a great opportunity to get into tiny living without spending a huge fortune up front! This 20′ container tiny house, named “The Abilene,” is finished inside and out with electricity, plumbing, siding, and a mini-split. All it needs is furnishings, kitchen appliances, and decor to make it the perfect starter tiny house. [...]

Stone House Studio at June Farms 1

Stone House Studio at June Farms in New York

There are few things as quaint and cozy as stone, and that proves true in this tiny stone cottage affixed to the Pony Barn Bar & Restaurant on a 120-acre heritage breed farm. The little vacation spot features a studio-style set up, with a queen bed on one side, and a kitchenette with pasture views [...]

Prison Cell in Margate, England 9

Penny Rope Luxury Prison Cell Vacation

Want to stay in a prison cell without getting a record? Ok, maybe not, but this unique micro stay in Kent, England makes a night in prison luxurious! The barely-there mattresses have been replaced with cushy ones, and you’ll find a tea kettle, reading material, private bathroom facilities plus an outdoor patio with BBQ and [...]

Studio Earthship in Taos, New Mexico 9

Studio Earthship in Taos, New Mexico

Earthships are such a neat buildlings! As the owner of this one writes, this is “a totally off grid house that catches its own rain water, generates its own electricity and stays at a steady 72 degrees all year round without the use of any fuel or electricity what-so-ever.” Can’t complain about that! Inside the [...]

Industrial Carriage House Stay in Denver 003

Industrial Carriage House Stay in Denver Downtown

Host Mick owns a Victorian Home in Denver, and this lovely Carriage House — once home to horses and cars — has been transformed into a lovely studio-style vacation spot with industrial charm. The exposed brick walls add so much character, and the vintage window-turned-wall partition makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. [...]

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits 006

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits

When Portland passed a law allowing homeowners to build an <200 square foot accessory unit on their property without a permit, Chris and Jack jumped at the opportunity. Because Chris is a sculptor, she thought sculpting from cob would be a perfect way to create a small dwelling. The bean-shaped unit features two spiral pillars [...]

The mOne 3D-Printed Smart Tiny House by Haus-me 001

3D-Printed, Self-Sufficient, Solar, Zombie-Proof, Smart Tiny House by Haus.me

This is the mOne by Haus.me (@zombieproof.home on Instagram), a company that makes 3D-printed smart homes, including a studio tiny home, a two-bedroom single family home, and an upcoming two-story, glass home. The one I’ll show you here, is called the mOne. It’s a 400-sq.-ft. off-grid studio with full kitchen and bathroom. It’s designed for [...]

Tiny Loft Apartment in Los Angeles California via Jeremiah-Airbnb 001

Small Loft Apartment in Hollywood

This is a small loft apartment in Los Angeles, California. It looks like the perfect place for a visit to Hollywood, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s available via Airbnb. I also really like the studio layout. If you’re interested in downsizing to a smaller space, but are not quite ready for a tiny house, a studio [...]

Redwoods Studio Cabin Vacation in California 002

Studio-Style Modern Tiny Cabin in the Redwoods

This is a studio cabin vacation in the California Redwoods. The location is near Silicon Valley and San Francisco. What do you think? Don’t miss other cool tiny homes like this – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Studio-Style Modern Tiny Cabin in the Redwoods The double french doors open right up to [...]

273 Sq. Ft. Tiny House You Can Order On Amazon

273 Sq. Ft. Tiny House You Can Order On Amazon

The Allwood Arlanda XXL is a 273 sq. ft. studio cabin garden house kit that you can order from Amazon. It can be configured into a tiny cabin, guest space, hobby room, home office, or just about anything else you can think of. Don’t miss other interesting stories like this – join our FREE Tiny House [...]

Studio apartment with descending bedroom via Kirsten Dirksen YouTube Furniture by Bumble Bee Spaces 001

Studio apartment with ENTIRE BEDROOM SET that DESCENDS from the ceiling!

This is the story of a tiny studio apartment with an entire bedroom that descends from the ceiling. It’s actually quite incredible! With this furniture technology, you can utilize your ceiling space to more than double the usefulness of your current space, all while making it tidy. This is pretty amazing! Don’t miss other super [...]

Mullet Shed Tiny House

Root Cellar Shed Converted into Tiny Living Space

This is the story of a storage shed above the root cellar in their home that has been converted into a tiny living space. Now it’s being used for friends, family, and Airbnb guests! It’s nicknamed, “The Shed en la Montaña.” Please enjoy our interview with the owners below. Thanks! Shed Converted into Tiny House [...]

Urban Chalet Modern Tiny House in Lexington Kentucky 002

Urban Chalet Modern Tiny House in Lexington, Kentucky

This is the Urban Chalet. It’s a modern tiny house on a foundation in Lexington, Kentucky that you can vacation in. This inspiring, modern guest house was designed from the ground up for guests to live, work, and rejuvenate in a quiet place. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks! Urban Chalet Modern Tiny [...]


Sonoma Guest Cottage

This is the Sonoma Guest Cottage by Rohleder Borges Architecture. It’s located in Glen Ellen, California and features a wonderful open floor plan with a large kitchen, full-size dining table, cozy living room, a fold-out wall bed, and a bathroom. How would you like to live in a space like this? Want more kind of [...]

Tiny Studio Villa with Nearby Coastal Views 001

Tiny Studio Villa with Nearby Coastal Views

This is a beautiful tiny studio villa with nearby coastal views. It’s located in St. Augustine and is available to rent on Airbnb as a vacation rental. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks! Tiny Studio Villa in St. Augustine with Coastal Views Nearby Photos via Airbnb Photos via Airbnb Learn more You can share [...]

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Modern/Retro 450 Sq. Ft. Tiny Condo

This is a 450 sq. ft. tiny condo with an open layout. In other words, it’s a studio apartment! It features a retro/modern design with a murphy bed. How do you like it? Have you ever considered living tiny like this? Don’t miss other interesting tiny homes like this – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for [...]

Garage converted to a Modern Small House

Garage Converted to a Small Modern House Part 2: Video Tour

Earlier this year I showed you this garage that was converted into a small modern house. It’s unique because of it’s multifunctional interior design. But also because it was originally an unwanted and abandoned garage. There are sliding doors that can optionally cover the entire house, giving the resident maximum privacy. Even when it’s all [...]

WeeHouse - A small prefab house

336 Sq. Ft. Wee House in the Snow

This 336 square foot house (weeHouse) is located in the prairie land near Lake Pepin in Minnesota. The cabinets and kitchen are from IKEA. The exterior is clad and painted to where it has that rustic look to it. It was put together in 2003 for about $60,000. When you go inside there’s stainless steel [...]