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Solar-Powered Gooseneck Tiny Home 19

Solar-Powered Gooseneck Tiny Home

This is a beautiful gooseneck tiny home built in 2018, looking for a new owner. It comes complete with a solar system and all the appliances you could want, including a washer/dryer unit beautifully hidden in a cabinet. A private gooseneck bedroom has a door, so it can be completely closed off from the rest [...]

Custom Woodworker’s Red Cedar Shack 14

Red Cedar Shack Tiny House Built by Custom Woodworker

This stunning Red Cedar Shack was built by a custom woodworker. He’s moving and doesn’t have a spot to put this gem of a tiny home, so it can be yours for just $60,000! It’s located in Powhatan, Virginia. The awesome home has a full loft bedroom and a half-loft living area. There’s live edge [...]

Family Living in $25K THOW for 7 Years 12

Family Living in $25K Tiny House for 7 Years

Tiny homes don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be temporary! That’s what this awesome family of four has shown — they’ve been living in their $25K DIY tiny home for the past 7 years, and their once-little kids are now preteens. They plan to put one more year into the THOW [...]

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2023 Tiny House on 1998 JAMC Gooseneck Trailer 1

Railway-Inspired Gooseneck Tiny House

Meet “The Road Boss,” a railway-car-inspired Gooseneck tiny house built this year on a 1998 JAMC trailer. The whole home has a comfy vintage vibe and uses the best materials for a luxury finish. The gooseneck bedroom fits a queen-sized bed and has tons of necessary headroom. There’s a built-in couch/bench with additional storage and [...]

Ava the Elegant 40 ft. Gooseneck 8

Ava the Elegant 40 ft. Gooseneck Tiny Home with Clawfoot Tub

This gorgeous off-grid-capable gooseneck tiny house is 40 feet long and includes a beautiful bathroom with a clawfoot tub and a separate little area for the composting toilet. The home is RVIA and NOAH-certified, giving you peace of mind. The main area of the home is a long galley kitchen bursting with storage. There’s a [...]

Entertainer Deluxe Tiny Home + Kitchen in the Gooseneck010

39-ft. Entertainer Deluxe Tiny Home by Indigo River Tiny Homes

Now here is a tiny house design we’ve never seen before! This unique 39′ Entertainer Deluxe from Indigo River Tiny Homes has a kitchen in the gooseneck — and not just any kitchen, but a bold red/pink kitchen with stainless steel countertops and a pegboard. Just before the kitchen, there’s a smaller bedroom and the [...]

Mitchcraft June 23

Casey’s Sleek & Modern MitchCraft Tiny Home

This might be one of the most modern tiny homes we’ve seen from MitchCraft Tiny Homes, but it’s proof positive that MitchCraft can do sleek and minimal! Casey’s gooseneck THOW has it all, and it’s done with amazing craftsmanship. I’m not sure if my favorite part is the pebble-tiled floor in the bathroom with a [...]