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Living Tiny Legally: Three Part Docu-Series

We at Tiny House Talk show you a lot of examples of where you can purchase a tiny house, how you can build your own, and what your tiny house could look like — But what about living tiny legally once you get your dream home? We’ve discussed that to some extent here and here, [...]

Austin Real Estate Photographer

Why do Tiny Houses Cost so Much?

We hear it all the time…Why do tiny houses cost so much? Folks on the coasts or in big cities (who could easily pay $400-900K for a home) typically understand it, but if you are from a more rural spot where you can get a regular home for $70,000, the cost of tiny house can seem [...]

Is the Tiny House Trend Dead

Is the Tiny House Trend Dead?

Have we reached peak tiny house? These days you can hardly turn your head without bumping into some kind of micro dwelling. A slew of reality shows like Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House, Big Life, and Tiny House Nation are documenting the joys and trials of the downsized life. Last year a Portlandia skit poked [...]

Couple’s 192 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels in Sandy, Utah 0010

Interview with Couple Who Built Tiny House as an Investment

This is an interview with a couple who built a tiny house on wheels as an investment. So they don’t actually live in it, but just in case you’re thinking about doing something similar, I thought you might get some value from this interview with them because they share how they did it, why they [...]

Tiny House Couple Tiny Living What its really like

What It’s Really Like Being a Tiny House Couple

Do you think you and your partner could live in just over 100 square feet? This tiny house couple interviewed each other about what it’s like sharing a small space with the person you love. They asked questions like: What do you do when you fight? What is the BEST part about living in a tiny [...]

420 dollar reclaimed tiny house built on commune land 001

Recycled Tiny House Built for only $420

This is a 67-square-feet recycled tiny house built for only $420. It’s built on privately owned land where residents are developing their own DIY community. Residents get to use the land for free in exchange for developing it with other structures, farming, and more. In the future, we believe more vacant land owners will allow this sort [...]

Tiny House Friendly Suburb Community in Colorado

Tiny House Suburb in Colorado

In November 2014, city council members in Walsenburg, Colorado, a crossroads community located 90 miles south of Colorado Springs, eliminated a longstanding zoning code prohibiting buildings smaller than 600 square feet. They wanted to make room for so-called tiny homes, the trendy structures that have become popular with everyone from millennials to baby boomers seeking [...]

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