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10 Warnings Before You Go Tiny

I thought you might enjoy this article from Small Home Family which gives us 10 warnings before going tiny or small, specifically with your family. If you’re seriously considering downsizing to a tiny or small home, this may shed some light on the challenges that you may encounter. So do you still think you can go tiny [...]


Tiny House Mistakes and Realities: Parking, Land, and Ownership!

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when wanting to live in a tiny house is that they don’t secure a place to put it. If you want a long-term, reliable, comfortable, secure home, the best way to get that is to own a home along with the property it sits on, right? So let’s [...]

Trailer v3

Tiny House Subfloor Design with Extra Insulation

Hi All, so hopefully this picture is clear enough (click for largest version).  I’m finalizing my trailer design for a house that we hope will be sufficiently warm in cold climates.  In order to get extra insulation without sacrificing too much head room, i’ve tried to get a few extra inches of insulation between the [...]

Tiny House Parking

5 Tips for Parking a Tiny House Legally

Do you want to live in a tiny house but are worried about where to put it? You’re not alone! It’s one of the most common obstacles for tiny living, “where can I park it legally?!” In this video, Mat and Danielle from Exploring Alternatives give you 5 helpful tips to help you figure out where and [...]

Life Inside A Box Cost to Build Tiny House 01

Life Inside A Box: How Much Did Our Tiny House Cost?

This is a breakdown of what the couple behind Life Inside A Box paid to build their own tiny house on wheels. Their total final cost was…. $34,667.23 This includes tools, renting a location to build, registering the trailer, appliances, materials, the trailer, etc. They contracted out the insulation, drywall, or kitchen countertops. Besides that, [...]

Video Tour Zyl Vardos’ First Tiny House 3

Ask Zyl Live: Get Your Tiny House Questions Answered by a Pro!

Did you know Abel Zyl of Zyl Vardos hosts an “Ask Zyl Live” series on YouTube every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. PST? It’s true! If you’ve seen his homes, you’ll know Zyl is a master craftsman, so getting to pick his brain every week is a real treat. Last week he spent an hour answering [...]

Minim Home 3

Minim Home: How This Man’s Tiny House Changed D.C.’s Tiny House Laws

You’ve probably seen the Minim Home, it’s a sleek and modern 210 sq. ft. tiny house designed by Brian Levy. But did you know Levy’s story? After building a house for himself, he started selling the plans for his build. But now, you can purchase the house, fully-decked-out, on his website. Even better? His first [...]

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