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Backyard Offices

Atlas Cottage Homes Juno Model 08

One Floor Atlas Cottage Homes Juno Model FOR SALE

This is a great option for a one-floor cottage that comes in at just under 500 square feet. The Juno Model, by Atlas Cottage Homes, is constructed in-factory to Florida building codes and then delivered and secured on a foundation on-site. It features a spacious living room with adjacent kitchen, a full bathroom, space for [...]

8×8 Modern Backyard Office-Cabin For Sale 001

Backyard Office-Cabin For $8,900

This is a home office studio cabin. It’s an 8′ x 8′ build with a 10′ x 10′ roof featuring 64-sq.-ft. inside. It’s listed via Studios on the Tiny House Marketplace for $8,900 out of Appomattox, Virginia. What do you think? 8′ x 8′ Office Cabin For $8,900 It’s an 8’x8′ cube structure. The office-cabin [...]


Greenhouse From Recycled Windows by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

So this is totally on my project list! A greenhouse built from recycled windows is a perfect shabby-chic addition to your backyard AND you can use it to start seeds or grow some year-round produce. This one was built by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes near Atlanta, Georgia. Right now the company is only building these, [...]

mykabin Cascade Traditional

MyKabin Cascade Traditional Model: 340 Sq. Ft.

Meet MyKabin — a DADU/ADU-building company that serves the greater Seattle area by creating backyard homes AND doing all the legwork of permitting and sitework! Everything will be done to code, and there are no hidden costs. Hopefully entrepreneurs could learn from this model and provide a similar service all over the United States! MyKabin [...]


He Built An Incredible Dome Teahouse For Wheelchair-Bound Brother

This is the story of a brother, Sonny, who built an incredible teahouse eco dome for his brother, Tommy, who uses a wheelchair to get around and has a passion for tea. It’s a 113 sq. ft. structure which they designed around recycled windows that they found for the project. Sonny used a simple method [...]


Lightweight Kantoor Karavaan, Netherlands

This is the Kantoor Karavaan in the Netherlands. It’s a lightweight, fiberglass travel trailer designed for mobile nomads who want to be able to work from anywhere. With this little caravan, you can work off-grid in the middle of nature. It has wi-fi internet, a coffee machine, kitchenette, compost toilet, solar panels, and more. It’s [...]

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Latitude Tiny Office by Tiny Heirloom 001

Latitude Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom: A Commercial Tiny House

This is the Latitude Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom, which is technically a commercial tiny house since it’s meant to be used as an office on wheels. That’s right – it’s designed to be used as a flexible office space, mobile showroom, or backyard workspace. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny houses [...]

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