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Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse

This 160 sq. ft. tiny cottage with a loft is absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? This tiny house is located on a farm south of Stockholm. It’s there for guests (there’s a larger home on the property too).

For me, there’s something even more special about tiny houses without wheels. It’s just so classic and simple. I love it. How about you? I like the covered front door and I also really like the colors they used (red, white, teal, and black). It’s just awesome, isn’t it?

When you go inside you’ll find open living space, a tiny kitchen, and an upstairs sleeping loft. That’s about it! There’s no bathroom inside because there’s a wonderful separate bathhouse with dual showers. That’s where your washer/dryer is located, also. What do you think of this setup? Would it work for you?

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Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse

Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse

Images © Svenskfast

Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse tBeautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse

Images © Svenskfast


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{ 67 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Karen R

    Lovely! I am not sure about the double shower, however . . .

    • Avatar Cahow

      Care to elaborate? 😉

      I find it sexy! I can easily see my sweet husband and I have water fights in there with the two shower heads! But, we’re silly like that. LOL

      • Avatar Alex

        I like the two shower heads too. It’s pretty cool! Not necessary, but I’d probably take it if I could 😀

        • Avatar Cahow

          My hubby and I stayed at a B & B that had twin showers and we LOVED IT! If there was a way to put it into our cottage, we would be our loo is situated in a way that prevents ANY modifications.

          What’s nice about it is that if one person is more “high maintenance” in regards to personal care, you can both shower together but the slower person can ‘do their thang’ while you scoot about and out. 😀

      • Avatar Sally

        And the winner is…Batgirl!!!

      • lol, cahow!

      • Avatar Joe W

        I literary laughed out loud on the water fight comment!

      • Avatar M

        Well I don’t have a sweet husband to get silly with, and cheers to you and yours, 😉 …but I’ve often thought t’would be ever so nice to have a spray for the front and the back at the same time side sose ya don’t have ta keep turning to warm up the cold side. In fact I can picture a couple of my adorable rainbow striped folding camp chairs and table with Cahow’s coffee and cocktail and my pot ‘o tea. Party power shower!

  • Avatar Cahow

    They’d have to serve Eviction Papers to get me to leave!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar Karen R

    Exactly! Why separate shower heads rather than sharing one? 🙂 To each his own . .

    • Avatar RJ Hickey

      Separate temperature control. Some like it hot!

      (Sorry, I hit the Report Comment button by mistake)

  • Avatar Sharee

    Flag is improperly hung. Stars go on left.

    • Avatar Alex

      Also the house is in Sweden but there’s an American flag inside

    • Flags in other countries are great. especially ours. And the flag does need to be corrected. LOVE this house. Even the two shower heads and it’s great for two kids all at once.

      • Avatar Dean

        No Kay, they’re right. The Union should always go in the upper left corner, whether hung vertically or flown horizontally.
        Nice addition to a wonderful home, but it needs to be flipped around.

    • Avatar jaime

      Hmm Maybe there is a window behind it? otherwise who cares. Flags are double sided and meant to fly not hang on a wall.
      Hang that horse shoe how you like!

      • Avatar Sharee

        It is against etiquette to hang a flag inside over a window.

        • Avatar Karen Blackburn

          Simply curious. Why can’t you hang a flag over a window? Over here you often see it done, the local team flag when your county plays off against another, Irish flags during the Six Nations (usually), then there is the various world cups. I have ‘flown’ the Nigerian flag over an upstairs bedroom window and the Cameroonian flag over the living room window (my daughter supported Nigeria while I supported Cameroon, football world cup) and later this year the NZ flag will be over the lounge windows during the rugby world cup (support the All Blacks here). I do admit that walking into a rental place and seeing a flag hanging on a wall, especially one not belonging to the country you are currently in, would be extremely off putting and personally I wouldn’t stay there for that reason. Otherwise the TH is very nice but all this fuss over the way a flag is hung. Who cares, it’s a piece if cloth and nothing more, unless you live in somewhere like North Korea where flag=state=leader=near God-like status. Otherwise it’s a bit of fabric, in this case not even that of the country it is situated in, though maybe the golf or something is on and they support Tiger Woods, or something equally mundane. Rather see little triangular bunting with small flags of all nations, such as seen at present (England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales) or later this year most of countries in the world, much more inclusive and logical, but no doubt they have a reason. Maybe it just fills a hole in an otherwise blank wall and appeals to those who usually rent it, or a gift from a previous visitor. Just a piece of colourful fabric they like the look of on a wall, nothing else.

        • Avatar Sharee

          Flag etiquette says that the United States flag should not be used for any other purpose than as a flag. You can buy patriotic fabric to use as curtains or clothing.

  • Avatar Sally

    Dueling showerheads aside (thank you, Cahow, for that mental image), this little place is perfection and Alec, I totally agree that color-scheme is great. Very warm and country. I also like the loft ladder being away from the food prep area. As a country person, I always cringe when I see open steps over countertops or sinks in THs. Chicken poop from the shoes does not enhance food, although my dogs love it.

    • Avatar Cahow

      Sally: Hee-hee-hee! 😀

      BTW: the entire property is for sale.

      • Avatar Sally

        I am jealous if you’re tiny enough to frolic in that shower. So which one do you want? I could live in either one of them, and would hope that big wonderful pooch was included.
        Could you read the info that was posted on the larger house? All I understood was “moderne.” Since you are of Swedish heritage, why do they use so much black and dark colors? Something to do with the sunlight?
        Oh dear, my visiting sister-in-law just made a crack about the extreme unlikelihood of me getting in or out of that shower without a lot of soap and three paramedics. Not sure how to take that.

        • Avatar Cahow

          Hey, Sal-Gal! Nice to see you on the web. 😀

          I’m guessing that the shower is 30″ across, more than adequate for anyone to get IN & OUT with ease; those tiles look to be 6″ x 6″ times 5 tiles = 30 inches. I seriously doubt that they are 8″ x 8″.

          Yes, I do read Swedish and a smattering of Finnish:t he property for sale includes the main house with furnished attic, stables, guest house, sauna building with bathrooms and three additional storage buildings.

          I’m confused about your “dark & black colors” question though, Sally. I looked at ALL the photos on the website; did you click on the link to see ALL PHOTOS? There are over 35 photos of the main house, the small house, the stables and PONIES!!!! If anything, you’d be *BLINDED* by the brilliant white of the walls and surroundings in a typical Swedish house…just as this one is. The ONLY room that was “dark” was the Mud Room, which are the first photos that you see. And considering that you’re dealing with country living and pony poo, the darker the mud room, the better! LOL

          I hope this clears things up for you, dear friend. 😀

        • Avatar Sally

          Oops. I didn’t mean this house per se. I subscribe to a few other house blogs, and it seems the Scandinavian home often have dark exteriors. Even with moderne styles, I have seen charcoal and other dark colors, and wondered if it was because of climate, or to mask the impact of ongoing snow on wood???. The old ones in dark browns seem to be referred to as “traditional.” There are several sites for real estate in Sweden, too, that sometimes feature homes in dark charcoal and brown colors. Fair warning: you’ll want a plane ticket there for Spring if you check out the real estate 🙂 sites.

        • Avatar Alex

          Thanks Cahow 🙂

        • Avatar Cahow

          Mornin’, Sally. Well, now you got me thinking, and I LOVE to think and do research. So, using *bing* as my search engine, I typed in “Typical Swedish Homes” and came up with a million photos of at least 90% of the exterior of homes being in the VERY TRADITIONAL red colour with white trim. There were a few charcoal paints and some all white paints but not much variance beyond those two colours.

          Then, I typed in “Swedish Home Interiors” and came up with 99% of them being PURE WHITE with touches of colour. No matter what search I did: Modern Interior/Cottage Interior/Traditional Interior, the results were identical–all white with *pops* of colour.

          I didn’t find any examples of what you were talking about with regards to the dark exterior wood. Knowing Scandinavians as I do, they are extremely progressive regarding thinking but do so love their tradition in food and home.

          Thanks for the fun opportunity to learn a bit more about my heritage. 😀

        • Avatar Mimi

          LOL!! 🙂

    • Avatar Helga

      aha, but in Sweden you take your shoes off at the door, ALWAYS, even as a guest. Then interiors stay clean 🙂

      • Avatar Cahow

        Yes, Helga! It’s either “Off with your shoes!” or “Off with your HEAD!” LOL

        My Swedish Gran wouldn’t allow either shoes or dirty hands in her farm house. 😀

      • Avatar Dean

        …Japan, too! =)

        • Avatar Eric

          …and in New Zealand nobody gives a toss. Well, hardly anybody anyway. Life’s too short to be worrying about a little bit of dirt here and there.

  • Avatar gale

    Really nice. I would add some sort of toilet in the shower area because I would much rather take a shower somewhere else than have to go outside to use the bathroom. But to each his own.

  • Avatar alice h

    The double shower is probably due to being part of a sauna. That way more people can shower before the sauna then after a while jump out, take a cold shower and jump back in the sauna again. In winter you can jump in the snow but if you don’t have a lake or creek handy a shower would have to do. Of course you could also use it for warmer showers etc.

  • Avatar Two Crows

    This isn’t a comment about this house, adorable as it is, but a heads-up to the community:
    It seems we’ve hit the mainstream! I got an email newsletter from HomeAdvisor [the free alternative to Angie’s List] this morning. The featured article was, “5 reasons you might want a tiny home.” Wait, what?

    HomeAdvisor links people up with contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc. Tiny houses will need fewer of those sorts of services. Sites like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor would become less relevant as more people go tiny. And yet HomeAdvisor is taking notice. We’re converting the general population, folks!

  • Avatar Denise

    A honeymooner’s cottage with dual shower heads. 😀

  • Avatar Mimi

    Totally adorbs but what happens at 2 AM when ya gotta pee reeeeeeally bad???

    • Avatar Eric

      Well… ya pee. Really good when ya gotta go at 2 am. Personally I’m a 3 am kinda guy. And 3:15, and 4 and 4:32 and… ; )

  • Avatar Phyllis Mathison

    I have lived off grid for twelve years in a a small cabin on 60 ac …Alex I love your page …..beautiful 🙂 Living in a cabin like these is all one really needs…Do you get cramped in them? no not really you down size. I looked at everything I did not use in the past year and either gave it away ,sold it or gave it to charity …..I love living like this and would love to share some pics of my place. Alex if you are interested in pictures I could email some to you? Thank you and again wonderful site you have going. Always nice to get new ideas on what others are doing
    Phyllis Mathison

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Phyllis! I’d love to see and share pics! You can get them to me at [email protected]. Can’t wait to see them! Best wishes. -Alex

  • Avatar Hazel

    I want a little house an I want less house work and more leisure time and most all I want to own my own home for the first time in my 58 years that I can call home .I now hope it happens

  • Avatar Beverly miles

    I haven’t received my newsletter for several days. I miss it!

    • We will have a great issue out to everyone very soon! Thanks 🙂

  • Avatar Dean

    I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Spanish style roofing on a tiny house. Nice touch!

  • Avatar Erika Windchime

    Referring to the 2 green soaps affixed to mounts on the shower wall, I, in “The States,” am having a difficult time finding a source from which to buy one of the different ways Europeans use to keep their soaps from wasting away into smoosh. I should have asked my German cousin, Ursula, and her husband, Reinhard, for their magnetic soap holder (different method than shown in the Swedish shower) when I was visiting them right before they started remodeling. PS: It’s been fun watching things I enjoyed in 1960’s Germany becoming newly marketed in the U.S. like Gummi Bears, Nutella, reusable grocery bags, etc. Now if only American grocery store cashiers were allowed to sit . . . I’m a nurse, I feel their pain.

    • Avatar Cahow

      Hi, Erika. Regarding the “green soaps”, are we sure they ARE soap?

      I thought that they were non-slip towel holders to hang your towel upon. They may BE soap but if they are, then how in the heck do they stay suspended upon that downward sloping metal thing?

      • Avatar Erika Windchime

        Hi Cahow,
        Google “savon rotatif” which is French for rotating soap.
        Here is an image of how the soap is suspended, including the metal sleeve that allows the soap to rotate:
        Often used in schools and public washrooms in the 1950’s.
        My German relatives all have the magnetic type of soap holder which uses a disc of metal to be pushed into the bar soap.
        Google “magnetische seifenhalter” This is the one I’m considering for my bathroom 🙂

      • Avatar Cahow

        Erika: THANKS!!!!!! That information and the link to the soap was fascinating! Who knew? Well…YOU knew and now the rest of Alex’s readers do, too.

        Again, many-many thanks for the education of items Across The Pond. 😀

        • Avatar Kim W

          They used to have these soap things in France,motor! Haven’t seen one recently, though.

  • Avatar Pat Hiser

    It looks huge – the best layout yet I’ve seen in tiny houses.

  • Avatar Lori Langton

    I love the tiny homes but I really don’t think they are all that practical for a-lot of folks that are retired. I noticed the bedroom appears to always have to be up in a loft, but a-lot of elderly people don’t have the flexibility to have to use a ladder every night to go to bed or steep stairs. I guess if you had a bedroom on the first floor then it really wouldn’t be a “tiny” house any more….I am just saying this because i am only in my 50’s and have moderate to severe osteoarthritis in my lumbar spine, and severe stenosis in my cervical spine, c5 and c6. Arthritis is a major condition for elderly…

    • Avatar Dean

      Lori, I hear ya! I’m in my 50’s too and while I’m lucky enough not to suffer from such a debilitative condition, I too am starting to understand the “evils” of having to climb stairs on a regular basis.
      To that end, I’m starting to see a trend towards “one level” tiny homes. So I say, keep your faith, the community is adapting! =)


  • Avatar Elle

    Inviting and cozy! If you turn the shower heads towards one another, you don’t have to turn around to rinse! 🙂

  • Avatar Kayce

    OMG 99% interiors being white?
    I wonder why??!?. Seems to me, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden being so cacacaCOLD brrrr in their white winters to use white walls and light colored wood flooring would be a very cold feeling inside. How/why do these countries DO that? Hmm?

    • Avatar Cahow

      Hi, Kayce. We use White Interiors because it’s SO darn dark in the Winter, with very few hours of sunlight. Remember, Scandinavians have HEATERS, so “all that white” is nice and toasty, inside. 😀

  • Avatar HUNTER

    Dark exteriors draw the suns heat to the houses, white interior reflects what light they get in winter around the house making it not feel so darn dark in the winter. Here in wwwaaaayyy up north of new york state, do a lot of the same colours. houses hold some of the day heat for night time use. and add bits of colour accents and bingo, nice and cozy… just saying…

  • Avatar chuck

    I like the idea of separate laundry and bath facilities.

  • Avatar nancy

    I love it …the white color and open floor plan give this tiny farm house a large appearance. I love the way they decorated it , not to much but just everything that you would need to feel comfortable and cozy. I definitely could see myself enjoying the bathroom as well..:)

  • Avatar Nanny M

    Kitchen and loft look huge from what I expected from the exterior. How did they do that?

  • Avatar annette sanders

    Alex I want to thank you. I love these tiny houses. Keep em coming

    • Avatar Kim W

      Love the tiny house, but I would ABSOLUTELY NEED. an indoor toilet! It gets really cold in Sweden during the winter and summers are wet, so I wouldn’t want to have to walk across to a wash block during the day or night! Maybe a small addition for a toilet, sink and shower or a covered walkway to the existing wash block?

  • Avatar susan

    I love the house but instead of a double shower I would put in a single shower and a toilet.

  • Avatar Eric

    For me… all the walls, floor and roof having wide gaps between each board is a total turnoff. Dust/dirt trap on the floor especially.

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    Love the white all over! It is so pretty and inviting. The bathroom is wonderful, again with the white tile. I could possibly give up my tiny spaces for this house.

  • Avatar Michelle

    I know of a tiny house near us. The owner would like to share it with the tiny world. How does she go about doing that?

    • Avatar Alex

      Hi Michelle, we would love to share it! You can reach me at [email protected] if you can connect me to the owner. If he/she already has photos etc just send them over along with any other info and I’ll get it shared here asap 🙂

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