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700 Sq. Ft. Historic Tiny Cottage

This 700 sq. ft. tiny cottage is located in Plymouth, NH and is used as a vacation rental by the owners. You can actually book a night in it yourself if you want to using Airbnb.

Inside you’ll find a little kitchen, living room, two loft bedrooms, and a bathroom. Outside there’s a beautiful porch and you’re surrounded by gardens. Plus it says it’s located where you can walk to town. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Can you imagine yourself living in a little house like this one? I think 700 sq. ft. is a really good size because it’s still small and easy to manage but you still get enough space for whatever it is you might like. Please enjoy, re-share and leave us with your best thoughts in the comments below. Thank you!

700 Sq. Ft. Historic Tiny Cottage


Images © Susan/Airbnb

Historic-Doll-House-02 Historic-Doll-House-03 Historic-Doll-House-04 Historic-Doll-House-05 700-sq-ft-historic-tiny-cottage Historic-Doll-House-06

Images © Susan/Airbnb

Learn more at: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/4470838


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  • Avatar Tammie

    Sheer perfection!

  • Avatar marianne

    I love love this house !!!!!

  • Avatar Karen R

    Exquisite home and large enough for a family.

    • Avatar Penny

      Remember that past generations of humans were a lot smaller than they are now. I toured a similar home built in 1877 in Washington State. I was unable to go up the tiny staircase and had to squeeze all my limbs and head together to get through a door. I did not see but one child there and she was about 14 years of age.

  • I think the size is great, but I would incorporate some of the newer space saving things I’ve seen in many of the others posted here to add just a bit more usable space. The decor is quite quaint for a weekend stay. I love the front porch! Aboslutely love the look and feel of the exterior.

    I just might book it to give it a try!

  • Avatar Tracey

    I think it’s charming and absolutely adorable! I would live there full time.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Tracey! I would too!

  • Avatar Penny

    Love it I live in a 864 sq ft home your pictures give me ideas galore

    • Avatar Alex

      Nice Penny! 864 sq. ft. is a great amount of space to live simply in.

  • Avatar Kate

    A very comfortable looking place. Not sure if there would be room for my grandmother’s ‘kitchen’ cupboard but I see it fitting right in.

  • Avatar Becky Sisk

    Now this is adorable

  • Avatar Cahow

    Alex wrote: “Can you imagine yourself living in a little house like this one? I think 700 sq. ft. is a really good size because it’s still small and easy to manage but you still get enough space for whatever it is you might like.”

    ~sniff-sniff~ (sob) Oh, Alex. You brought me some very cherished memories by showcasing this charmer. This house is almost identical to the one that my Great Aunt lived in, waaaaaay back in time. There are so many items in this one that were in her’s: the sink with the curtain below; the wee drop-leaf tables in both the kitchen and living area….the BEDROOMS…ah, I spent many a dream-filled night sleeping in beds identical to those with Yo-Yo quilts decorating the tops.

    Ah, yes, some of my favourite childhood memories were spent in a house just like this one. Bless you for sharing it with us. <3

    • Avatar Alex

      That just made my day! Thanks Cahow 🙂

  • Avatar Linda Horn

    Sweet!!! I love that it has a fairly spacious front porch. As for the kitchen, our small adobe-style in Albuquerque had a miserable “one butt kitchen” with a stand-alone stove and limited cabinet/counter space. We made it work by replacing the tiny table with a custom designed (by me) and built (by hubby, out of scrap wood and salvaged casters) roll-around island and a small, stationary table beside the stove. Each was the same height as the stove and had two shelves underneath for pots, pans, and serving pieces. That left a good amount of cabinet space for glassware, dishes, food storage, and cleaning supplies, plus counter space for small appliances. We ate in the living/dining area. Surprisingly comfortable for two adults and a strapping, teenage boy. We got it for a great price because people didn’t see its potential, and made $50,000 profit when we sold it 8 years later.

  • Avatar Sean OBrien

    I think for 2 people that 700 sq. feet to 900 sq. feet is the sweet spot for year round living, with winters. Maybe that isn’t “tiny house”; but certainly “small house”, which is still moving in the right square footage direction for the “movement”? One person can certainly live in a 10 x 20 on wheels if they like, but am I wrong that it would be a rare instance for 2 people to want to live that “small”? The cottage above is fun, nice for sure.

  • Avatar Sue Dow

    I just love this tiny house! How much would something like that one cost?????

  • Avatar Tona Cunningham

    I wouldn’t change a thing!

  • Avatar Brian

    Every so often a charmer appears to delight small house devotees and this is one such charmer. Its the outside that I love and with changes the inside could easily be changed to suit to viewer. Thankyou so much for sharing. Cheers from Australia.

    • Brian,, This home is a tie with yours for my favorite all time tiny home. I LOVE THIS home and YOURS also.

      • Avatar Brian

        Thankyou Tonita. I must say this house reminds me very much of your own tiny house. Your decorating style could only but enhance this home and I can imagine it filled with your wonderful treasures. Thanks Tonita. Cheers from Australia.

  • Avatar Sharee

    700 feet is NOT tiny.

  • Avatar Pamela McCreary

    I’m in love!

    • Avatar Marilyn

      Me too! Absolutely precious!! This is my dream tiny home – where can I get plans, or at least dimensions??!

  • Avatar ~ Lesa

    This is what I am looking for! Except I don’t think I will find it on the West Coast.

    • Avatar Cahow

      Hi, ~Lesa, Well, I can only speak to what I know but THIS type of tiny house is EVERYWHERE in the small towns in the Midwest! One town that I go to each week for their Farmer’s Market is Chesterton, Indiana. Up and down every single street are homes like this and even quainter ones; the McMansion crowd has built OUTSIDE of town, down by the Dune’s.

      I know that this style of home is emblematic of the MidWest so I don’t know if this type of house has traveled Over The Mountains to the “West Coast”. I see far more ranch-style homes in the Far West because you had so much more land to sprawl across.

      I’d look to small towns off the beaten path that have a nice history, pre-WWI or II; they should have loads of wee charmers like this one, ready for someone to buy and love. <3

      • Avatar Cathy

        Do you mean one could be bought and moved to a location?
        I am in the midwest.

        • Avatar Cahow

          Hi, cathy. By “traveled” I meant the Midwest DESIGN, not the actual moving of a physical house.

      • Avatar Mary

        When I was a child, over 50 years ago, I had an aunt who lived in Chesterton, Indiana! I remember loving the quaint, little town, the train station and the beach. Her name was Frances (and husband Clarence) Jensen. She was a pretty famous artist, going by her maiden name of Frances Milam, and he was an Editor for the Chicago Tribune. She painted pictures of the beautiful sand dunes there. I have one in my home, and there are probably some in restaurants, businesses and shops there. Nice memories.

  • Avatar Bill

    What a sweet little house! If I am ever in New Hampshire, I would be interested in staying there.

  • Avatar Tammy Skaggs

    I absolutely love this one!!!!! I want one so badly!

  • Avatar gale

    What a wonderful and cozy space. Wouldn’t change a thing. I would feel so at home here. Small but not so small you wouldn’t have all the things you need a quite a few of the things you want. Love it!!!!

  • Avatar Lynnette

    Adorable. Would love to live there forever! !!

  • Avatar Lynnette

    it is adorable. I could see a family living there for quite a long time

  • Avatar Sally

    Oh my gosh, that charming little kitchen! My granny cooked for four kids for sixty-five years in a kitchen that small. My mom’s wasn’t much bigger. This house has a Cute Factor of 100+. Thanks so much, Alec, for finding this one. It’s a feel-good place.

  • Avatar CathyAnn

    Love this little house! It brings back memories for me too, of my aunt’s farmhouse in southwestern Washington, but hers was bigger. With no carpet on the stairs, my sister and I would slide down the stairs on our butts, bouncing from one step to the next as gravity pulled us down, having a great time.

    I could live in this house, easily!

  • Avatar Marcy

    Does the place come with its own cookie baking Granny?

  • Delightful. Good size and stationary… and homey. I want a similar size but the square footage includes a big kitchen and greenhouse. I love the downsizing. Still paying off my 5 acres off forest. Soon… soon.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks for sharing Rebecca! Keep it up and you’ll be mortgage-free soon!

  • Avatar Donna

    Wish they had more pictures! Where did they hide the fridge for that adorable little kitchen? I want all the details to make it work! =D

    • Avatar Susan Mathison

      Thank you for all your kind comments about our 1920 Doll House! The credit really goes to Mike and Linda B., a local couple who lovingly rescued this home from a period of rough use. They took great care to restore this gem and I am so delighted to now be entrusted in its care. We are in the Lakes Region of NH and although I don’t have any house plans, I am happy to give anyone a tour (provided we are not hosting Airbnb guests). Please feel free to stop by if you in or around New England and I’d love to give you a tour of this Tiny House!
      Regarding the fridge, it is smaller than a full size fridge (NOT a mini-fridge) – it is about 5 feet tall, and sits in a spot nestled next to the chimney, opposite the larger kitchen window. A microwave sits on the fridge. The greatest joy is sharing this darling home. (There is even a screen porch in back!) Thanks again for your kind comments and I will be sure to pass them on to Mike and Linda!

      • Avatar Cahow

        Susan: it’s so kind of you to come here and Fill In The Blanks!

        I hope that Mike & Linda bask in the glow from all the positive feedback posted here. It’s been a sheer joy to vicariously enjoy the Fruit of THEIR Labor.

        Blessings to you all. 😀

      • Avatar LC

        I think what makes this house so stunningly adorable is that you have furnished it to perfect scale. Sometimes I see homes that are nice, but they FEEL awkward because the furnishings are out of proportion. Really beautiful example here! Thank you.

  • Avatar Liz

    What a GREAT little home. It looks so inviting and comfy.

  • Avatar Kris Banning

    This house is way to perfect especially with the little screened in porch on the back. Like Dan Thompson I want to find this in rural Iowa. This is way too perfect for me and my young daughter.

  • Avatar Eugene Stiles

    Where can I get plans[dimensions] for this house? It is just what I have ben looking for.

  • Avatar Cahow

    Hey, Alex…WHERE are the Facebook comments? They are no longer showing up on my page when I click on your blog posting. Nothing’s changed on my laptop: same browser, same cookies, et al., so I am just curious.

    • Avatar Alex

      I actually removed them last night to make the site load up faster.

  • How can we start a movement to have these small house accepted by city codes?

  • Avatar Bev

    I would like to own a home just like this one only split level. It is darling!

  • Avatar A. Sanborn

    OMJittles… this wonderful “dollhouse” as it’s always been referenced is located in a town I’ve resided. Though it’s sandwiched between two residential streets it’s the cutest location with a cute screened in space on the back surrounded by the cutest gated garden.

    Even featured on NH Crossroads.

  • Avatar Stephanie B

    Living in 700 ft is perfectly doable! My husband and I raised our 1 son in our sweet cottage built in 1942 that is just 721 Sq ft. It is still perfect for us and my husband and I still live in it. We originally bought it as a starter home in 1986 for just $29,900 and realized after a few years that since we paid it off in just 13 years we didn’t want to have a house payment again. We decided that this would be our retirement home. Our house doesn’t have any hallways to waste any space and it is all on one level, the rooms are surprisingly big the living room is 13×15, the kitchen is 11×12 and there are 2 bedrooms a bathroom and even a mud room/laundry room. We did add an 8×20 covered porch on just a couple years ago. We are so happy and would recommend small house living to anyone! Cheers all!

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks for sharing Stephanie! Your little cottage sounds great. And congratulations on your smart decisions. Cheers 🙂

  • Avatar Cathy

    This is perfect for me.
    How much would something similar cost?

    • Avatar Donna

      It all depends on the area where you live. And you may have to consider an older home. Our small home is approx 740 SF and was built in 1943. It was one of many built for the workers building Carswell AFB. If you ever saw the old Jimmy Stewart movie Strategic Air Command, that was about the base and was mostly filmed barely a mile from my house. Anyway, my whole neighborhood was originally small houses though most have been added onto now. And the city has passed an ordinance where if a house burns down or is torn down the replacement has to be 3 bedrooms and I forget how many SF. We paid $29,500 in 1996 and the taxman says it’s worth $56k now. We’re in River Oaks, just to the north of the base which has been reassigned as a Fort Worth Naval Air Station and Joint Reserve Base. That’s in north central Texas on the west side of the D/FW metroplex. In a more rural area my house would be from 18k to 25k maybe more if it was a fairly new house. But most of the new homes in this footage range are mobile homes in this part of Texas. I’ve been told by family in California that a house like mine goes for about 80k in northern Cali and 150k down around LA. If you’re near Utah or Idaho consider a basement house. One of my nephews just built one as a starter home for him and his fiance. If you’re not familiar with them a basement house is a basement with a roof over it. When the family gets too big for the basement you take the roof off and build on top of the basement.My nephew’s place is 16’x20′ and instead of the usual low sloping roof he put a gambrel roof on it. He also kinda angled it into the slope a bit. He said he still had to dig out a stairwell. He wanted the long side to face south and that was the only way to do it. He says it’s not enough of a slope for a walkout basement but the earth only comes half way up the wall on that corner so he was able to put a window in. And he said he was glad to only have to dig half a stairwell after all the digging for the basement, lol. Hopefully, I’ll get to see it this summer. I’d told him about the tiny house site and he’d been looking and getting ideas. That’s why the gambrel roof. The sleeping quarters are upstairs. He has gutters to collect water and he’s putting solar panels up as he can afford them or salvage them. He’s working for his uncle right now and my brother-in-law is a builder and remodeler. He also believes in not letting good materials go to waste. That’s why so far the only thing my nephew has had to pay cash for is the concrete pour for the basement. Everything else was paid for in sweat equity. He plans to dig out a small space on the half exposed south corner and put a small lean-to greenhouse. He says when he finishes he’ll have less than $20k invested in it. You can get off fairly cheap if you’re handy with tools. And don’t mind living in a more rural area or a less affluent area.

  • Avatar Laura Penelope

    Is there a refrigerator in the kitchen. I didn’t seen even a small one. But the house is absolutely adorable and I could see spending time there.

  • Avatar CathyAnn

    Donna, the idea of a basement house is very intriguing. Depending on the roof, that should be rather inexpensive to heat if you’re on the grid. Several years ago, I lived in a 4-plex for a short while, and my apartment was on the bottom floor where the bottom floor is half buried in the ground. My electric bill was very low.

  • Absolutely beautiful and perfect for two people up in the mountains of PA.

  • Avatar ✌Adina Hirschmann

    A cozy retreat from urban life for a weekend or summer, in historic New England, to chill after a day of sightseeing, hiking orcultural activities. Sufficient room for a couple or small family with just enough amenities should they choose to cook in and not go out to dinner. Also , big enough to allow for privacy and not getting in each others’ way 24/7. A way to experience how people lived in the “old days” without giving up too much.

  • Avatar Jan House

    I am in love. This is the sweetest tiny house I’ve seen. I want it now.

    • Avatar Marilyn

      Me too, Jan! Gotta have it! Susan, can we at least contact you (or Mike & Linda) for dimensions??

  • Avatar Heather D

    This is my dream, once I move back to America. A massive downsizing! I feel like my life as become about collecting things, mostly due to my travels. I’m quickly learning, photographs take up far less space. 🙂

  • Avatar Mary

    Wonderful place & lovely comments. I think it’s cute & nice & I love the porch too!

  • Nice charismatic house, love the porch and old “Victorian” kind of style. Would love to have the floor plans so I can build it with today’s technology.

  • Avatar Elle

    Like most historic homes this one is bursting at the seams with charm. While many consider this “small”, having made the 2nd story completely functional this home offers a great deal of privacy.

    Who doesn’t absolutely love a nice long porch giving you even more living space in mild seasons? Although there’re neighbors nearby -which is nice, it looks like this is on a corner lot (always the best), facing a quiet street with beautiful tall trees half way around making this a wonderfully private oasis.
    I’m grew up on the beach on the west coast so couldn’t possibly have grown up in more different world than New England but have always drawn to its unbelievable beauty and lifestyle. This house make the perfect rental for a spectacular Autumn get-away. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Avatar DLane

    just what I am looking for

  • Avatar Ally

    Wonder if there is a floorplan for this anywhere? I love the old farmhouse look and it being tiny!!

  • Alex I am Soooo glad you expanded your site to include all types of small homes and not just “Tiny” homes. Even for those wanting the “tiny” concept finding that one Item in a small home that can be utilized in a Tiny has merit. That is why I put all kinds of Ideas on my 4Fathoms Designs site, so other Ideas I might not use is still presented for someone who sees things differently than I do.

  • Avatar margaret

    if this house were ever for sale everything included with a little piece of land how much would it be worth

  • Avatar Candide33

    So adorable!!! The Airbnb photos show a tiny screened in porch on the back, I’m in love!

    I have always lived in south Louisiana, it never gets very cold here so the whole radiator thing is fascinating. I love how they built around them in almost every room to make them part of the decor.

    The padded bench with pillows in the bedroom closet is great, it was like that in the closet where I grew up. I spent many a cozy hour perched there reading Nancy Drew.

    That house is charm on toast, could just eat it up. I looked at the pictures about 10 times already, Love it!

  • omg! i justy love this cottage! my apartment is only 560 sq ft. i would love to live in a cottage like this one..it would seem spacious to me..it is truly a dream home for me!!! the porch and picket fence just makes it even more appealing….ty for sharing…some day, maybe not too far in the future i will be up sizing lol…

  • Avatar Bear Necessities

    Why are we suddenly getting extremely annoying audio/video commercials on the page? Often more than one at a time.

  • Avatar Karen Brown

    Love this! I’d probaby choose a bit different decor (mostly less patterns) and incorporate some of the space saving ideas for optional floor space when needed, but it’s a great size! Not super tiny, but definitely still compact.

  • Avatar Jeremy

    OMG it’s a doll house for people!! Adorbs!

  • Avatar Carol Burns

    I remember first hearing about tiny homes on NPR, then seeing a show in Philadelphia about a man who invested in one. I would truly love to own one for me and my daughter. I am a single parent and through challenges and consistent hard work. I would love to own one. I work in the foreclosure industry as a paralegal, and it hurts my heart to see how many people are loosing there homes, due to high cost ridiculous priced homes. The pursuit of happiness is not to work all your life after going to college and losing it all to this greedy market. I love the 700sqft cottage home and that would be a perfect fit for my daughter and I.

  • Avatar Ms DELORIS

    loved reading all the comments on the little farm house ….I was
    fortunate to find just such small property, when I had to down size
    find something smaller. I am loving the front porch on this little Historic charmer ‘shes’ looking more like the Country French cottage I was
    hopeing for! you never too old or out grow your need for a
    cozy front porch,sweet tea and Jesus

  • Avatar James Mitchell

    thank you

  • I love this house, but I need floor plans. how can I get them?

  • It is romantic, elegant and pure.

  • Avatar Trish Dee

    I’ve seen this little house before and loved it. Small towns and villages tend to have houses similar to this even in NY state. Most people don’t want the small house because of their “big is better” mentality. Good thing there are people like us that know what’s important. Size isn’t everything when it comes to living well.

  • Avatar Tracy

    I agree with all that fell in love with this darling home. I would gladly give up all things that would not fit to live in this house. To me this is perfection with the addition of a gas stove lol.

  • Avatar Nanny M

    So sweet. I must stay in the upstairs bedroom someday. Looking at the photo takes me to a happy place.

  • Thank you Alex!Thank you so much, I enjoy tiny house talk.com
    daily news letter from you,and read all the comments from others
    Was so happy to see the little ‘farmhouse property’featured again and my comment from May 2015,I still love my front porch,Iwill celebrate my 9oth birthday here this Fall will send some photos this

  • Avatar Dave

    are there available plans for purchase on the dollhouse?

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