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Beautiful 12′ x 24′ Tiny Cabin For Sale

This 12′ x 24′ cabin for sale is a guest post by Doug Schroeder

I am a home builder and have been for 20 yrs. I became interested in tiny buildings a few years back. When I needed an office last year I decided to build a small portable building that could be used as my office and then turned into a tiny house, studio, or guest cabin when I was done with it.

I built it on skids with treated floor joists and standard 2×4 wall construction. It is insulated and has a bathroom and closet framed in the rear under the loft. The bathroom is unfinished at this time as I didn’t need the bathroom.

The overall size is 12×24. The bathroom is 5×8 and the closet is 3×8. The floors, walls and ceilings are 1×8 pine and the front doors are fir, the interior door is knotty alder, the windows are Jeld-Wen. As a builder I cut no corners on this building and paid attention to the details.

I think it turned out great and I have enjoyed using it but I have decided to move back to Alabama this summer and will need to sell to help with the move. It is located in southern Indiana now but can be delivered.

Beautiful 12′ x 24′ Tiny Cabin For Sale

















As a side note, when I move to Alabama I will be starting my sideline business Timbercraft Tiny Homes and will be building tiny homes along with full size homes. I have my first THOW started and should have it finished in a month or two. I would love to have it featured when it is completed as well so stay tuned for that too.

This cabin is for sale for $17,900 and I can be reached at [email protected]

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  • This is really nicely done. I love the interior horizontal boards; the gray color, with white trim, looks great with the dark wood on the ceiling and floors. It’s very warm and classy looking. Double front doors with awning: very nice touch. It’s apparent that corners were not cut. It’s a great price, too. Best of luck!

  • Avatar myke greenspan

    My kids live in central Ca. I am in Florida.
    If i could find a pc of land zoned correctly I would be interested.
    It would have to be toward the coast.
    Inland is to hot.
    Let me know if you can move me along to sunny California

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Myke, California might be a stretch :-). But I am building a tiny house on wheels so it could be moved anywhere! I will post it here when done.

  • Avatar Judy Brandt

    Beautiful work good luck on the move and that is great price on this cabin wish I had a place to put it would be big enough for my two kids and I .

    I look foward to seeing your other homes or cabins for sale

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Thanks Judy! My website will be up in a few months and I will have more pics of my projects.

  • Avatar Lebron Burton

    Very nice. Love the ceiling! The inside walls confuse me because they are exterior looking to me. And the wall mount fixtures also look like an exterior sconce to me. BUT…… very beautiful and roomy. Could totally see a room and kitchen in the available space.

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Lebron, the interior walls are not lap siding although I can see why you might think that from the pics. It is simply 1×8 pine boards run horizontally with a slight gap in between to add definition. Thanks for your comments!

  • That tiny house is pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for in starter shell! Too bad it’s all the way in Indiana but perhaps something can be worked out when they relocate to Alabama and set up a website. I’d love to get my hands on pretty much exactly what they’ve done here except maybe with dormer windows in the loft or a skylight.

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Thanks Miss Greene! My tiny house on wheels will be posted here as well and will have my website info.

  • Avatar Jim

    Saving your website and information for a future home. Will be in north Georgia. Hope to be able to get together and discuss at some future time thanks.

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Sounds good Jim! I am moving to Guntersville, AL. Not far from you. Drop me a line anytime!

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    Very nicely done. But it looks more like a shed, garage, workshop, to some kind of building used for retail commercial purposes. than a tiny house to live in..

  • Avatar Becky

    I really like this tiny home as well. It’s really too bad there aren’t many options like this available in Canada. My little family of four would love it. Good luck with your move, I’m sure you’ll get great building business with product like this.

  • Avatar Liz

    One room? No kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms? Why bother sending anything if you can’t show it all?

  • Avatar Anne

    I think it’s a great Craftsman style place and could fly under the radar for those of you who live in areas that have restrictions on home sizes. Doug, I sent you an email.

  • Avatar Vivian

    Where in Southern Indiana? We are in Bedford….

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      I’m in Hardinsburg. Only a little south of you. Thanks!

  • Avatar Denise Bell

    How expensive would it be to retrofit a kitchen?

    • Avatar Abi

      I haven’t done one yet so my research is untested but the cost of the kitchen install would be dependent on what you wanted to add. As the plumbing has already been taken care of, if the electricity is capable of bearing the power load, think small and it needn’t be a huge expense at all. If you want gas/propane it may add to the cost. Use the search engines here and I’ll bet you’ll have friendly answers more tried than mine.

  • Avatar Roxanne

    Love it. We have land in New Mexico & have been looking for something to put on it for vacationing; this would be perfect!

  • Avatar Abi

    Absolutely love it, you did a fantastic job. We’re in Central Indiana. I’ve yet to figure out financing else we would snatch your little beauty up. Sigh… It’s always the money isn’t it?

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Abi, yes it’s always about the money :-). I do accept credit cards if that helps with some of it. Thanks!

      • Avatar Abi

        It’s probably a good thing I’ve yet to secure land else I might be tempted to get in way over my head on a Credit Card! I am certain you’ll have a taker in no time. Really looking forward to seeing your other projects.

  • Avatar Margaret

    I love love love this tiny house, and the price sounds just about what I would be able to spend. I bet southern Arkansas is a bit too far from Indiana, though, huh?

  • Avatar Shasta

    When do you move to Alabama?? I need a tiny home in Louisiana! Indiana is too far, but I could definitely get one from Alabama to Louisiana!

  • Avatar Mary Furlong

    I love this house and have looked at tiny houses for about a year, and this my favorite. I have 7acres in the mountains, in the next year or so would love to talk with you.

  • Avatar Katie Book

    Is there room to add a kitchen? And a bathroom with at least a stand up shower?

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Yes the bathroom is sized fit a full size tub, vanity cabinet, and sink. The kitchen would go on the back wall of the main room as there is access to it for plumbing.

  • Avatar Celba

    I am in the process of getting things together to build a home like this, My one stumbling block is insulation. Could you tell me what kind of insulation was used in this home? What kind of air and heat do you use?
    It is beautiful place and someone will jump at it I’m sure.
    Enjoy your move,

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Celba, the in insulation is fiberglass in this one but I have done spray foam also. I just used stand alone heater and air conditioning but a mini split would be the best option. Thanks!

  • Avatar Lorraine

    So wish it was located in California. Can’t afford the cost of moving it, but had to comment on what a beautiful structure it is.

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Lorraine, thank you for your comments! Yes California would be a stretch. It costs about $10 per mile to move it long distance. Location, location, location 🙂

  • Avatar Kiersten

    I too would be interested in seeing something similar to this with a finished bathroom and minimalist kitchen and a loft that can sleep up to 3 adults for about 20k or less price-point.

  • Avatar Dale

    Did I miss the pictures of the loft? It looks great but can’t afford it right now. Though, I’m keeping your contact info. It’s too bad, too because you’re currently nearly next door! LOL I’m in the near western suburbs of Chicago (Oak Park, Forest Park area – to be more accurate). It sure would be a lot easier to move it from Indiana than the southern states!

    Great place, though and nice workmanship! I hope someone buys it who’ll love it up a whole bunch and enjoy it for life!

  • Avatar gerard

    you should show a pi from just outside threshhold looking in, to give a better sense of size, also what is actual heigth from dirt to peak, very important for movers

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Gerard, your right a pi shot from the front would be good. Unfortunately I’m no photographer so these are just cell phone pics. The overall height is 13′-1″.

  • Avatar Marcia Eller

    Is there any way this could be moved to Oklahoma? Approximately what do you think it will cost to finish it out with a small kitchen and bathroom? It’s very nicely built. I will also keep your information for future use if this can’t be moved to Oklahoma on a flatbed truck of some sort. Thank you for your response!!!

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Marcia, this cabin is portable and I use a mini barn mover here local but for long distance moves across several states we would have to hire a specialized transport company. They charge around $10 per mile. My zip code is 47125.
      Thanks! Doug

  • Avatar Kathi

    Really beautiful work! Sad to say it would be quite a move from where it is now to NW Florida. What part of Alabama will you be relocating?

    • Avatar Doug Schroeder

      Kathi, I’m moving to Guntersville, Alabama. It’s northeast part of the state. Not real far from you. Keep me in mind for a future build!
      Thanks! Doug

  • Avatar Jerry

    Very nice craftsmanship, a rare sight today. I can picture this with a bit of scaled to size Stickley or Greene & Greene furnishings. GLWTS

  • Avatar Ronda Dover

    This tiny house is exactly what I’m looking for. I live in East Texas on the lake any possibility when you get your website up you could send one here.

  • Avatar Denise

    Beautifully done!

  • Avatar Maria West

    Doug Schroeder, a lot of people in Alabama are renting to own those Deluxe Barns and turning those into tiny houses, most are12x32, if you did a rent to own with payments at $406 per month (same as a 12×32), YOU WOULD MAKE A KILLING !!!. If you do, please contact me [email protected] as I live in Wellington Alabama which is 20 minutes from Gadsden.

  • Avatar Mary Furlong

    Are you going to build any more homes like this one. I would be interested but not ready at this time.
    Thanks, Mary

    • Avatar Doug

      Yes, Mary I will be building more of these. Keep me in mind and send me an email when you are ready.

      Thanks! Doug

  • Avatar Janet Currier


  • Avatar Rebecca

    LOVE this tiny house. The flooring is beautiful! It has so many possibilities. I am looking for a tiny house shell to finish myself.
    Email me, I am only 2 hours south of you in KY.

    • Avatar Doug

      Rebecca, thanks for your interest! You can call me at 256-558-8410


  • Avatar Doug

    Our website is finally up! Check us out at TimbercraftTinyHomes.com!

  • Avatar Gina Hollingsworth

    I am interested in this tiny home. I live in a Gadsden. But I’m very interested in one on wheels. Have you completed one as of yet?

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