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This is the 24-ft. Timberwolf Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

It was built for a young lady and it’s truly a beautiful, one-of-a-kind build loaded with features like solar panels, a lift bed, and the kitchen features the most beautiful live edge countertop that’s built with walnut, maple, and oak. See for yourself!

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24-ft. Timberwolf Tiny House w/ Lift Bed, Live Edge Countertop, Staircase to Loft, Solar, And Many Other Features…😍

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This is the Red Mountain 34′ Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes. I love it because of the whimsical, rustic look and feel. I find it to be one of my favorite styles because it looks and feels like a true cabin to me. And the more historic and reclaimed materials used, the better.

Anyway, do you like it? How about the rounded front door? It was custom-built for a family, and similar build would cost approximately $105,000. It seems to have a fold-down deck, too. And it all sits on a sturdy triple-axle trailer. Personally, I wouldn’t really move it around very often unless I needed to.

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Red Mountain 34′ Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes

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This is a Theater-inspired Tiny Home on Wheels by Tiny Heirloom. And it’s actually available right now under their pre-loved tiny homes section (for sale).

This tiny house was featured in their television series, Tiny Luxury, which is on the HGTV/DIY Network and the tiny home could be yours with an asking price of $94,900. It’s called the Theater Home. More info below!

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Dual Loft Tiny House with Amazing Bathroom, Theater Style Living Room, Outdoor Shower, And More!

Theater Home by Tiny Heirloom 001

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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Always wanted to work on a tiny house DIY but don’t have electrical or plumbing experience? Maybe this 18-foot Idaho Tiny House Shell (with a balcony!) is just what you need.

It was built by Tiny House Technology, and is for sale for $22,500. Right now has the exterior shell, electrical and plumbing all buttoned up, but the inside is almost a blank slate for you to design however you’d like. There’s 176 square feet on the inside, and the deck and balcony give you another 80 square feet.

Check out the photos and video tour below, and contact Walter at 208-819-8970 with serious offers!

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This Tiny House Shell has a Balcony and Deck!

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Because finding a place to park your tiny house can be challenging, it’s really great to have the option of both on-and-off-grid hook ups so you can stay just about anywhere! This 2017 Tumbleweed in Escondido, California has those capabilities and is now for sale for $75,000.

It features two lofts (one king-size, one twin-size), a living room that fits a normal sectional, a galley kitchen with an oven and apartment fridge/freezer and so much more! Take a look at the photo tour below before making an offer at Tiny House Marketplace.

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Tumbleweed Roanoke Model For Sale in CA

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While this isn’t a residential tiny house, it’s still a cool use of “tiny technology” in the real world! The City of Aspen, Colorado was in need of a building to act as a check-point for passengers carpooling (they get a free parking voucher in the city if they carpool from outside the city lines), but because it needed to be easy to move whenever needed, it also had to be self-sustaining and mobile. They needed an off-grid carpool kiosk, and Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses delivered.

Because of the company’s experience with off-grid technology and designing/building itty bitty spaces on wheels, they won the bid with the city and delivered a compact mobile office that can withstand frigid Aspen winters with ease. Inside it has an office area, small kitchenette, and a half bath. The whole thing runs on solar, and is heated with a mini-split system. You can read more about the specifics of the build at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

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Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses Builds Off-Grid Carpool Kiosk for City of Aspen

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