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Vaughn, like so many others, was ready to stop wasting money on LA rent month after month. He took the plunge and bought a box truck which he has made into a fantastic home — and he dreams of someday building his own shipping container house.

Inside his big green machine you’ll find a spacious shower with a dry flush toilet, and what he considers the quickest bed set-up in a vehicle ever — his Murphy bed which flips down in under 3 seconds.

Vaughn says he wants to be an inspiration to other men of color that they, too, can enjoy the travel/van/truck lifestyle. Enjoy his video tour below!

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Vaughn Unleashes His Creative Side in His Truck Home!

His Bright Green Truck Home w Shower and Murphy Bed! 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Meet the “Dome-anooga,” dubbed so by owner Glenn. This monolithic dome home sits in his backyard in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is a rental for couples traveling to the area.

The home is studio-style, with the living, dining, and kitchen area all in the main central dome. There’s a Murphy bed with a Tempurpedic mattress that can be tucked away during the daytime for maximum storage space. There’s also a bathroom and laundry closet, so everything you need is in one place!

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Chattanooga’s First Monolithic Dome Home!

Dome-anooga 12

Images via Airbnb/Glenn

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Murphy beds are such an awesome way to save space in a tiny house and not need a loft bedroom! You don’t have to make a bed every day (just fold it away!) but there are no ladders or stairs needed. This Baja Surf Shack makes use of the Murphy bed, as well as a “Murphy deck” that unfolds when you arrive at your destination.

There’s also a kitchen and bathroom in the set-up, and a “flex loft” which you can use for storage (or guests) if you would like. It’s for sale over at Tiny House Marketplace for $90,000.

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THOW w/ Fold Up Deck, Murphy Bed and Modern Flair

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This amazing flip-open A-frame cabana in Brazil looks like it was built using Deek Diedrickson’s $1,200 a-frame plans, and the results are amazing.

What I particularly love is that this little vacation cabana includes a bathroom, and has a two-tier deck overlooking a little natural paradise. They even included a Murphy bed so you can enjoy the interior space when not asleep.

Cook, wash up and relax! Even if you never make it to Brazil, you could definitely DIY something like this in your backyard.

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This DIY AFrame Has a Bathroom and Two Decks!

Flip-Open A-Frame Cabana w/ Murphy Bed & Bathroom 2

Images via Airbnb/Rodrigo

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Artists Cora and Jose didn’t just create an epic skoolie conversion for their own use, they made it with a mission in mind! Travel 30,000 miles across the Americas sharing art wherever they go! They’ve taught classes, painted murals, and shared their artistic abilities while on the road.

They even built their bus with extra guest beds in case an artist wants to travel with them for a month or so at a time and join in the art-sharing. They call the project, “Art We There Yet?”

This bus has an incredible back bedroom with a Murphy Bed, that doubles as an incredible studio as well. Just wait until you see it all in the interview with Tiny Home Tours. Follow the couple on Instagram.

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Sharing Art with their Traveling Studio

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Vanlife, like “normal” life, has changed since the pandemic, and Nate & Izzy built their unique campervan with COVID restrictions in mind. They made space for a shower and portable toilet just in case gyms close down again, and they went with a cool murphy bed set-up I haven’t yet seen in a van.

When the murphy bed is up, they have a bench space with a fold-down table for eating meals and working, and when it’s down they have a cozy spot to snuggly up and watch TV. They DIY-ed their countertops with a bunch of 1×2 lumber, and used a salad bowl from Amazon for their stylish sink.

And just to inspire you, Izzy and Nate had never built so much as a birdhouse before taking on this challenge! Check out a full tour of how they made it all work at the end of the post. Brought to us by Tiny Home Tours.

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COVID-Ready Van Complete with Shower/Toilet!

From No Construction Experience to a Van Conversion with Shower & Murphy Bed

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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