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RVs are becoming a popular option for minimalists who want to join the tiny house movement. While not as durable as their stick-built cousins, they are an awesome option for couples or families interested in seeing more of the country since they’re designed to be lightweight and portable.

This 2004 Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel has been completely renovated and turned into a stylish tiny house with farmhouse features.  There’s even a greenhouse window where you can grow some herbs!

The seller in California is asking $39,000 for the 39-foot RV that boasts 398 square feet of living space. You can get in touch at Tiny House Marketplace here.

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Completely Renovated RV for Sale in CA

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Here’s the “Traveler’s Paradise” built by Mint Tiny Homes. It’s a version of their Canada Goose model, and comes in at a whopping 41 feet long!

This gooseneck THOW can sleep up to 8 people, which is quite impressive for 392 square feet! There are two lofts, one accessible via ladder and the other by a staircase. But there’s also a separate gooseneck bedroom at the far end of the tiny house!

But there’s also plenty of living space in the main living room, and a grand galley kitchen with butcher block countertops. The price for the home as pictured is $111,300. Enjoy the photo tour below!

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A Tiny House with Three Bedrooms! Wow!

Traveler’s Paradise Mint Tiny Homes 9

Images via Mint Tiny Homes

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Now this is a tiny house unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! There are two triangular additions to the top of this gooseneck THOW that provide standing room in the queen-sized loft bedroom, and a rooftop porch in the center.

The home was a DIY build by a husband and wife team, and is now for sale in Idaho for $65,000. Inside, the gooseneck has been transformed into a spacious living area, while a galley kitchen and full bath take up the rest of the ground floor.

There’s a stunning barnwood accent wall in the living area, and a huge closet with built-in storage by the bathroom for hanging storage. Enjoy the photo tour below and contact the seller (or ask questions) here.

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Buy This Tiny House with Standing Room Loft for $65K

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Check out this stunning new build by Liberation Tiny Homes. This 40×10 Gooseneck trailer gives you 400 square feet of living space, and it’s so well-maximized in this THOW.

The bathroom is by far the most ingenious part, since it has a separate toilet closet! You take the storage stairs up to the gooseneck bedroom, that has full standing room so you won’t feel cramped. It also has extra closet space up there for clothing.

Enjoy the tiny house tour below! And get an estimate for your own Liberation gooseneck here.

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Check Out the Bathroom in this Gooseneck Tiny House!

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Wow! This is such a beautiful build from MitchCraft Tiny Homes, with incredible craftsmanship on the exterior siding and tons of clever details inside.

At 32′ x 8′, this 256 square foot gooseneck is still road-legal without any special permits. There’s plenty of storage inside with hidden drawers and cubbies, and even a brilliant fold-down ladder to the second loft!

The buyer, Nicole, has a bedroom in the gooseneck where there’s lots of storage and space to stand up and get dressed. Take a look at the full photo tour below.

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All You Need is This 32×8 Gooseneck by MitchCraft

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These are the Silverthorne Gooseneck Tiny House Plans. It’s a gooseneck tiny house designed by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

It features a 24-ft. deck with a 7-ft. neck for a total of 31-ft. of tiny house length! And with the plans, you can build it yourself. Take a look below.

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31-ft. Silverthorne Gooseneck Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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