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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a gooseneck tiny house around here, and I love them just as much as usual. This 32′ model comes from Tiny House Building Company. The Waterford features grey board and batten on the outside and beautiful shiplap walls indoors.

What makes this model unique is that the gooseneck bedroom connects to a higher-still loft, making it a two-bedroom tiny house. There’s also a living room with an electric fireplace, a decked-out kitchen, and a compact bathroom area. What do you think?

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Board and Batten Gooseneck Tiny House on Wheels

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When I think of awesome gooseneck tiny homes, I think of MitchCraft — they have really perfected maximizing space and beauty in the layout. Summer’s gooseneck seems to have everything: A grand kitchen that looks perfect to cook in, a washer/dryer combo in a wall of storage, and a bedroom/living room combo over the gooseneck.

Summer chose the most soothing colors! Sage green, natural light wood tones, and a bit of rustic barn wood here and there for contrast. There’s even a full bathroom with a tub for relaxing after a long day. What’s your favorite part of this design?

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Her Sage Green Tiny Home Has it All – Including An Amazing Bedroom

Summer’s Gooseneck THOW w Grand Kitchen 22

Images via MitchCraft

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Now this is a gorgeous luxury tiny house on wheels!  The Gooseneck design allows for an elevated (but not lofted) main bedroom area, and you’ll love all the storage they packed into this 36-foot design.

It’s been decked out with high-end materials like custom cabinetry, in-window blinds, marble finishes and high quality appliances. It’s for sale right now on Tiny House Marketplace.

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36′ Tiny House with Loft & Gooseneck Bedroom

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Check out the latest luxury tiny house from the builders at Tiny Heirloom. This 37×8.5 ft tiny house sits on a gooseneck trailer, allowing for a private Master bedroom with headroom. But if you have kids or frequent guests, you’ll appreciate the back bunkroom on the other side of the THOW.

All the finishes are high-end, like the custom backsplash or designer wallpaper throughout. If you like something bold and different, this tiny is for you! It’s currently for sale, and you contact the seller here.

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It’s the Cerulean Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom with a Master Bedroom, too!


Images by Tiny Heirloom

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This is one of the latest builds from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses in Colorado. The 29 ft. custom gooseneck build was designed with privacy in mind — fewer windows, with higher placement — and a bright white interior to make up for the lack of sunlight.

Lisa, the medical worker for whom this house was built, loves cooking, so the main portion of her living space is dedicated to her kitchen. Her bedroom is up a few steps to the gooseneck, and there’s a full bathroom underneath her closet space.

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Lisa’s Custom Rocky Mountain Tiny House

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A traveling teacher was looking for a home she could tow with her wherever her job required, so she contacted Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses about building a gooseneck THOW out of metal SIPs (structurally insulated panels) that would be easier to tow than a stick-built tiny home.

The result is a fantastic  29-foot THOW, filled with tons of custom details including a downstairs bedroom, loft living area and lots of off-grid capabilities so she wouldn’t *need* to find hookups at campgrounds. Check out the photos and details below!

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Off-Grid THOW by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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Here’s another set of tiny house plans we think you’ll love — the Desiderata. Build on a gooseneck trailer, you get that awesome split-level living room (or maybe a bedroom?) along with the rest of the great layout that fits in two additional lofts.

There’s a spacious kitchen and bathroom, and oodles of storage tucked into every corner. You can watch a video tour of the original home below, and get the plans here.

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Awesome 32′ THOW Plans for Sale w/ Gooseneck Living Room


Images via Tiny House Plans

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Here is the Rambler Deluxe by Indigo River Tiny Homes. A client contacted them wanting a Denali tiny house, a la Timbercraft Tiny Homes, but built by someone closer to home. I think Indigo River did a great job fulfilling their client’s dream!

There are two entrances, and the side one leads into the living room that has lovely high ceilings. The kitchen sits in the middle of the home, adjacent to a bathroom with a beautiful tile-and-stone shower stall. Up a few steps (with storage drawers), sits the gooseneck bedroom.

There’s even a neat loft/storage area above the bathroom! No inch is wasted. What do you think?

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Denali-Inspired Tiny House by Indigo River Tiny Homes

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RVs are becoming a popular option for minimalists who want to join the tiny house movement. While not as durable as their stick-built cousins, they are an awesome option for couples or families interested in seeing more of the country since they’re designed to be lightweight and portable.

This 2004 Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel has been completely renovated and turned into a stylish tiny house with farmhouse features.  There’s even a greenhouse window where you can grow some herbs!

The seller in California is asking $39,000 for the 39-foot RV that boasts 398 square feet of living space. You can get in touch at Tiny House Marketplace here.

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Completely Renovated RV for Sale in CA

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