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8×8 Tiny House Design by Jordan

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8×8 Tiny House Design Contest Submission by Jordan O.

This was really challenging and fun! Thanks Deek! I’ve attached some sketches to help clarify my ideas -hard to describe things in words only.

Keeping in mind that this challenge is supposed to be in the $700 – $800 price range to build, I figured you weren’t including electricity, plumbing or any of that crazy modern technology stuff. Keep it simple. (Though I do offer an option for the jacuzzi, but that would of course send us way over the edge. . . in more ways than one!).

I kept the 8′x 8′ square dimensions for my tiny cabin. It has a shed roof of corrugated tin and is built with mainly plywood again – to keep within your targeted expense range. The front door is off center to the right on the side where the roof is at it’s tallest. As you walk in there is a tiny “kitchen” in the far right corner that uses a water dispenser for washing and drinking. Cooking can be done with a propane camp stove – though I would suggest it be done outside. A cooler would be the refrigeration.

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Jordan's 8x8 Tiny House Design

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The left wall as you walk in is the best part. There is an “outdoor” shelf bed that cantilevers outside the cabin and is supported by (strong) legs on the outside (plus that wall would also need to be pretty hefty to support such a bed). This outdoor bed has a rounded roof / wall of the clear plastic corrugated roofing that you have used for your other 8×8 and 4×8 buildings, with plywood on each end. Allows for star gazing and storm wathing while falling asleep. (Probaby don’t want this side anywhere near big trees with large branches). Just inside the cabin, below the outdoor shelf bed is a gaucho couch bed (2′x 7′closed / 3′or 4′x 7′ opened) – which is a couch by day, and pulls out to a bed at night if needed. Whoever sleeps there has to be either a deep sleeper or a fast mover in case the shelf sleeper needs to get up in the middle of the night.

Under the gaucho bed on one end is a pull-down door (or drawer) for storage. The other end is a door that holds a Loveable Loo or other porta-potty. In the far left corner of the cabin – at the end of the couch, is a 1′ wide storage cabinet. It could have shelves, clothes rod or hooks for hanging clothes, or whatever you want.

On the front wall, next to the door is a 2″x8″ or 10″ board that is hinged to the wall with a hinged leg – that lowers down as a table when sitting on the couch. There would be a larger detachable tray that would “clamp” on with bolts, wing nuts and strips of wood – to extend the size of the board – for additional guest space or for playing games. Outdoor folding chairs could be brought in as needed.

Heating – I have been wanting to build one of those beer-cans-in-a-glass-box heaters you had posted on your website a while ago. I would add one of those to this cabin if I were building for myself. Not much help on a cold night or dreary day, but I guess you could have a small propane heater if you wanted.

To include your jacuzzi, I suggest building the whole cabin up on a “deck” with the jacuzzi below it and have a trap door in the floor that would open up to allow inside access to a 2 person jacuzzi below. Also provides a radiant heated floor during those colder months!

Windows I leave up to your collection of funky finds and whimsical imagination. I know you will make the cabin proud with your choices. Well, that’s about it. Decorations, color choices, other cool finds I leave up to your personal preferences (or your leftovers).

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Kevin Harrington
    October 12, 2012, 5:28 pm

    Jordan, it looks you are afflicted/inspired with the same genius as Deek! You have my vote.

    • October 13, 2012, 12:33 pm

      I thought the same thing Kevin!

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