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640 Sq. Ft. California Solo 1 Modern Prefab Tiny House

This is the 640 sq. ft. California Solo 1 Modern Prefab Tiny House by MiniHome (a division of Altius Rapid Systems Architecture).

This particular model was built in California by HMK Prefab Homes. From the outside, you’ll see it has a modern look with a built-in covered outdoor area that separates the living room from the rest of the home. Pretty cool, right? I like this feature.

When you go inside, you’ll find that the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining are on one side of the home while the living area is on the other side of the house which is separated by the covered outdoor patio I just told you about. Above the bathroom, you’ll also notice that there’s loft space which can be used as a sleeping loft or as storage space. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

640 Sq. Ft. California Solo 1 Modern Prefab Tiny House

640 Sq. Ft. California Solo 1 Modern Prefab Tiny House

Images © Sustain.ca

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Images © Sustain.ca

Learn more: http://sustain.ca/models-pricing/calimini-solo-1/?pid=452

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  • Avatar MareM

    This is so sleek but looks comfortable and livable. It did not at all remind me of a “mobile home/trailer.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I thought more of a prefab version of an Eichler.

  • Avatar kristina nadreau

    perfect. for my location, I would screen the patio/deck between the LR and Kitchen areas. I would also use different materials for the walls.

  • Avatar Nancy L

    I like the looks of this kind of living but being from the far north (Canada) this wouldn’t be practical due to the mosquitos in the summer and the extreme cold in the winter. That being said I love the lay out of this one, I would just have to have the living area next to the kitchen/dining area.

    • Avatar Jon Bon

      Hi me too… It’s beautiful but:
      If it’s a park model, why not give the loft more head room – even fabricate it as a second piece to add on with stand up space?
      I live in North Florida: It’s mid November and I can’t open the windows because the humidity turns my furniture into moist sponges. Imagine that breadth of space if the porch was closed in maybe sun room/living room. Or lose the two walls and look at the living space gained even with a bump-in for a little foyer under the eve. Wouldn’t that bring cost/ft. way down on living space, which would be a plus because this looks expensive.

  • Avatar eva

    I would LOVE to live in a mobile home park with homes like these, def NOT trailer trash, lol.

  • Avatar Mike

    Like a comment made about another build, I’d see what could be done about enclosing the open area and make it a 4 season room. But honestly, I’d probably rather have it at the end rather than in the middle as well.

  • Avatar Janp

    If I can’t have the home,can I have the view?? Love it and again would enclose porch area and move from the north to a place warmer. Very nice

  • Avatar Mike

    Like it a lot. I would rather have the living room attached to the kitchen as well, but smaller. Then the open space, and then a small office/reading nook that is on it’s own. That way the living room can be next to the kitchen, and then if someone needs quiet they can go to the somewhat isolated office.

  • Avatar Martha

    I love this house and the layout would be perfect for me.

  • Avatar vee

    I really like this. I’m about to move into a new build with about
    625 sq. ft. I think this plan would have been a good choice for
    me if I hadn’t already committed to my new casa and if I wanted to live in a trailer park — certainly seems to have everything!

  • Avatar Terrell

    Very nice looks like a home featured last year with Clayton home in west sacramento

  • Avatar ATBScott

    I have to concur with a few others about the middle-location of the “outdoor space”. Most of the country would be better off having this section either on the end of the living area, or be able to have it closed-off with sliding glass walls or similar. During cold or stormy weather, moving from the living area to the kitchen for more snacks/beers, etc… would mean opening both areas to cold air during the transfer, not to mention the possibility of getting wet/cold during the short trip! And now you have two areas to heat/cool as well. Otherwise, it is attractive and nicely done – I’d just want the outdoor area hanging off the end of the living area!

  • Avatar Kat

    I love this design. So open with clean lines and plenty of light. My only reservation with this type of home is that it looks so light that I fear that one swift wind would blow it off the pad. I am from the Midwest, and we get some fearsome winds during the changes of the seasons. Outside of that, I love this little place.

  • Avatar Sheri

    Where in CA is this? Where I live in Southern California, building pre fab homes is not allowed.

  • Avatar Tom

    I saw a simialr home by this company a couple of years ago at the Palm Springs Modernism week. It was nice-however, the sectioned plywood paneling made the home feel like a 70’s trailer house. Many people viewing the home made the same comment as I did. I am not sure why they haven’t switched to drywall.

  • Avatar Eric

    @David Rex: It most certainly does… tiny to you isn’t necessarily tiny to someone else.

    Also, this is Alex’s site and he determines what he posts. And, if you look at the banners at the top there is micro (well ‘taint that either) and there is small… well I think by most peoples definition it most certainly is that.

    Anyway, I think Alex posted this so that people could get ideas. Those funny things people have to create and make the world a better/different/more vibrant world.

  • Avatar Susan LaDuke

    Agree with the others… the midsection portion isn’t practical. Move the sun porch to the end and enclose with glass sliders, making this a 4 season room for most areas. My other thought is to bump up the open balcony and make it easier to maneuver would be ideal. This is the ideal tiny home Plan for me.

  • Avatar Susan

    Beautiful! But like others who live in colder climates, I would need to screen in, with sliding glass doors, to open when it does warm up. Otherwise, I’m in!

  • Avatar Kay

    Each house is built for a particular context…but in my context, it is never hot enough to need a permanently covered deck. So, I would walk the covered deck, and sit outside, while enjoying the extra internal space.

  • Some Projects give you the sense of the” Infinite”…., a spatial sensation where you can find your size, and if you accompany the visual Emotion to the notes of a song like “More Than This”, by Bryan Ferry, the circle closes Wonderfully.

  • Avatar Sheila Plourde

    Love this too. Clean and airy.

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