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288 Sq. Ft. Solo 24 Bunkie Modern Prefab Tiny Home

This is the 288 sq. ft. Solo 24 Bunkie Modern Prefab Tiny Home by MiniHome (a division of Altius Rapid Systems Architecture).

From the outside, you’ll see that there’s a covered outdoor porch plus an additional 144 sq. ft. screened-in and covered patio to hang out in.

When you go inside, you’ll find a studio-style floor plan with a living area combined with your bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, and an additional upstairs sleeping loft. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below.

288 Sq. Ft. Solo 24 Bunkie Modern Prefab Tiny Home

288 Sq. Ft. 24 Solo Modern Prefab Tiny Home

Images © Sustain.ca

24 Solo Bunkie 02a 24 Solo Bunkie 02b 24 Solo Bunkie 03 24 Solo Bunkie 04 24 Solo Bunkie 05 24 Solo Bunkie 06 24 Solo Bunkie 07 24 Solo Bunkie 08 24 Solo Bunkie Floor Plan

Images © Sustain.ca

Learn more: http://sustain.ca/models-pricing/solo-24/

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  • Avatar Gary

    I really like this place which surprises me. Not because of its size, but rather its layout. What I would like to see from it is instead of a screen porch I would love a room that is all windows; being from the northeast I believe I would get more use from a four season room that just a one-season use.

  • Avatar Janp

    I definitely agree with Gary.

  • Avatar Nancy L

    I agree with Gary that regarding the Screened Porch. I would want it glassed in so that it could be used at least as a 3 season room (I live in Canada where winter temps get down to -40 in January).
    The only thing I don’t like is the ladder to the loft. Straight up and down in not my thing so I would install one of those pull down folding stairways that they used to have years ago for accessing attics.

  • Avatar Mike

    As far as a screened in porch vs a glass enclosed one, I wouldn’t see that there would be much issue changing that over. You’d just have to pay for the glass and weather proofing, and possibly insulate the floor have it changed during construction if it’s supposed to be a deck instead. But it is a nice layout.

  • Avatar Thomas

    Funny (not) your site have NO pricing… Why?

    • Avatar Doris

      Because they manufacture houses for both a limited U.S. market AND Canadian market, therefore making the prices quite different dependent upon the location. That is abundantly clear on their website for those who read and do not just look at the pretty pictures. Location dictates price, along with any custom work. If you were actually serious about purchasing, and contacted them with the location of your property, income statistics and proved you were legitimate and not just wasting their time, they could give you a base price to start with, before all the customization and changes which are inevitable and may add substantially to the cost.

      • Avatar Eric

        @Thomas: but wait, there’s more. Visitors of this site come from all around the world. Places like UK, France, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand… plus many others. Making pricing rather pointless to the rest of the international audience.

        Want to know the price, or thereabouts? Suggest you call or email the manufacturers.

  • Good size/ good layout. Not too large, but large enough that there can be a same floor bedroom and full size fridge and bath. Can live tiny and not feel smashed in. On the “Goldilocks scale” “it’s just right!”

  • Avatar Maria

    Well instead of a screened in porch I would make that the bedroom.

    • Avatar Large Marge

      We came up with some uses for that space:


      Water room == hottub, fountain, hanging plants.


      Gym == TaiChi, yoga, stationary ‘lap’ pool.

      With a rolling roof, observatory.

      • Avatar Rev Buck

        For people of a certain age, nap room.


    So it’s a computer generated image, and not an actual house built as of yet…? And what is the projected cost of this house as is…?

  • Avatar Maria

    Well instead of a screened in porch I would make that the bedroom and where the bed is the living room.

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