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613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden

This is a 613 sq. ft. small house in the woods of Sweden. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom all on one single level so there are no lofts. This little house was originally built in 1975 but was recently renovated to perfection.

It has a wonderful outdoor space too, doesn’t it? I think it would be a very nice home to live in. To explore more amazing small homes like this, join our Small House Newsletter. It’s free and you’ll be glad you did!

Updated January 2, 2019

Small House in the Woods of Sweden

613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden

Images © Hemnet

613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden

Images © Hemnet

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  • Avatar Trish

    Nicely done. One question I have: “Is that a folding glass shower door?”

    • Avatar Denise

      Trish – Yes those doors both close to enclose the shower. You can see how they come together in the layout overhead image at the very end.

      • Avatar Kate Jordan

        Uh… One of the coolest showers ever??

  • Avatar Cahow

    You gotta love Scandinavian Simplicity! I’ve always been so keen on White On White Homes….to enjoy and visit, but I could never live in one. We have too many kids, friends of kids, grandkids and pets to have a house that would show every flick and speck of soil! But, for those people that can manage it, I understand and share the passion for the pristine clarity that so much white provides.

    The house is absolutely liveable and perfect for most. The ONLY things I’d do differently and this is highly personal, is A) To enclose the front porch against insects since you have such a massive front deck to enjoy without any barriers; B) Have sliding glass doors in both the bedrooms, leading to another deck off of the back. In our wee cottage of 800 sq.ft., we have both a front and back deck and LOVE IT that way. The front faces the East and South; or back faces South and West, so we can follow the sun throughout the day or escape it when it’s brutally hot. Plus, for those of us that need to escape Humanity at times, having alternative decks to hide out on, helps keep sanity in our family. Also, on our back deck, we have an outdoor shower and a hot tub. It’s very, very secluded on the back so we do a lot of skinny dipping and Skyclad sunbathing (no rituals, just cool name). So, just for our needs, having two decks on this house would be a lovely addition.

    Other than personal tweaking, a real beauty. 😀

    • Avatar Rinna

      Really great design, a little too much white for me as well but the layout is great. Cahow I’m curious about your wee cottage. Would you share photos or at least your floor plan with Alex to post here? 800 sq feet might not be wee for some on here but I’m curious.

      • Avatar Cahow

        Hi, Rinna, I had to laugh when I read your request for a floor plan to our cottage. LOL Oh!, how I wish there WAS a floor plan…or even a PLAN to our silly home!!! 😀

        Back story: Our “cottage” was a grocery store from 1920 until 1963. The couple that owned it got tired of “the commute” (yes, they commuted back in the Old Days, too!), so beginning in 1948, they began to “add onto the back of the grocery” one room at a time, as needed. First, they added on a 9′ x 23′ long kitchen and a 7′ x 9′ bathroom. Then, they added on a 15′ x 15′ “bedroom”, which became the “living room” once they began to have kids….after the birth of the first child, they added on two 7′ x 9′ bedrooms, one for them and one for the child. After another pregnancy, they tossed on a 9′ x 20′ “Master Bedroom” and used the 2 wee bedrooms for their four kids, stacked like cord wood in two bunk beds. Once the grocery store was closed, they created a wall where there had previously been a door connecting the grocery and back home, and turned the grocery into a studio apartment, which we rent out for additional income.

        If you can imagine a bunch of odd sized Amazon shipping boxes, tossed onto the floor and then taped together, THAT is my cottage’s floor plan! LOL It’s all Higgledy-Piggledly constructed on a “Needs” basis with odd angles everywhere and no cohesive plan, whatsoever. EVERY room has a different door knob, a different light fixture and switch plate and a different coloured wood for the floor; I guess whatever was available to the builder/owner at the time. Our bathroom cabinet doors built into the studs of the wall are held closed by simple Hook & Eyes, certainly NOTHING that you’d see in any new or upscale dwelling, today. Two things we LOVE about the place: the man was OBSESSED with outlets (the living room has TWO in each wall, totaling EIGHT outlets!) and the man and his wife were OBSESSED with windows! In our crazy 9′ x 20′ bedroom, which hangs off of the living room as it’s own unit, we have EIGHT windows in that room (2 on each short wall facing East and West and 4 on the long wall, facing South), so we feel as if we’re living inside of a greenhouse…bliss!

        The man who did the build-outs was technically proficient but NOT an artist; he appears to have been very pragmatic. There’s no fetching molding nor a decorative doo-dad anywhere but it’s held up for close to 100 years (2020 will be the 100 year birthday!), so we’re quite keen on the Crazy Quilt construction as it suits our personalities. 😀

        So you see, a floor plan would make NO sense to anyone and photos couldn’t capture the haphazard pattern and design of this place; it would only provide a glimpse into my decorating style, which I’ll describe as Eclectic and Antiques. Having gone from 2,300 sq.ft. to 800 sq.ft., we absolutely feel that we’ve Downsized and gone full-on Tiny House and feel no need to apologize to anyone for not embracing a 100 sq.ft. home for our senior years with 3 adult kids and endless grand-kids to come.

        To Alex and all his followers: I wish you ALL a fantastic NEW 2015 year! <3

        • Avatar barb

          Love your description, and the way you embrace your home’s unique character.

          An architecture professor at Mississippi State University bought an abandoned rural school house and created ‘apartments’ that she rented to other professors and artists. A friend was a tenant, and that was my introduction to adult alternative living. I haven’t looked at dwellings in the same way since.

        • Avatar Cahow

          Hi, barb. How very nice of you to leave such a nice comment about our cottage. 😀

          Yes, we love ALL the craziness that would drive most people away; it’s the very fact that I’m FORCED to design perfect every single day for my client’s that living in ‘imperfection’ was so intoxicating. Before we bought the cottage, my husband and I took a serious vow: “We promise to NOT change a thing about the cottage except repairs!” And, almost 20 years later, we’ve stuck to our guns.

          I’ve known so many friends that trot out to Wisconsin and/or Michigan, find a charming 3-season cottage, and then bastardize the heck out of it, to the point that you can’t even find the original cottage any longer! Then, after 3 years, they get tired of the commute and the cost or maintaining such a large 2nd home and they sell it. WHAT THE HECK!?!? So, they took a perfectly perfect “tiny” house off of the market, went from 400-600 sq.ft. into a Monster 2,000+ sq.ft., only to ditch it later? Gee, thanks a lot you morons!!! And since some of these morons are my friends, I can’t say a peep.

          We wanted to maintain the quixotic charm of our place and not fall into the Never-Ending Pit of “Upgrades” to our cottage by blowing out the kitchen wall and making a massive eat-in kitchen; blowing out the two tiny back bedroom walls and creating massive bedrooms; taking out all the charming mullioned windows and replacing them with ‘fancy’ upgrades. Nope…we have the original Knotty Pine cabinets with “Space Age” Formica counters (the white ones with gold flecks) and we have true, genuine Linoleum that is green and white.

          I know that if our kids don’t want the cottage after we pass, the thing will probably be razed and a McMansion will be built on the property, which is only 1/4 mile from Lake Michigan. But, hopefully, this wee space will have imprinted enough on our kids and grand kids that they can’t bear to part with it. <3

  • Avatar Cahow

    I also wanted to add: I’m so in love with the squishy comfortable seating. So often, when I view extremely tiny houses and they have a stool or worse yet, folding chairs, I think, “HOW do they kick back and relax!?” I work physically hard all day long so when I come home, I need something to hold and cocoon my old bones. LOL

  • Avatar Brian

    Yes, I like this one. Clean lines, uncluttered and good design. Very neat both inside and out. Appeals to me very much. Thanks for sharing. Cheers from Australia

  • Avatar CathyAnn

    What wonderful clean lines and simplicity. I really like this layout; very livable.

  • Avatar Janet D

    I like this A LOT! For me personally, I’d steal some of the space from that covered porch area for a washer/dryer and more storage. Ideally, Cahow’s suggestions about bug-proofing with a screened in porch and extra deck are perfect too. 😉

  • Avatar Mary J

    this is lovely and I’m not troubled by the all white because with some well placed colour in the way of towels, floor rugs, pictures, occasional chairs and outdoor furniture in colour would be just enough to add more interest. Love that there is a floor plan too, helps with seeing just how the space was used. Could see this being a very comfortable full time small home for a couple. Also room for the grandkids to visit and with plenty of outdoor deck there’s room to spread out when having visitors over for dinner.

  • Avatar Jeremy

    That fireplace…. drool.

  • Avatar Alex

    What a beautiful home, I think taking advantage of the ceiling space by having a vault throughout would really open up the space further with very little added cost. As for laundry, looks like an all-in-one could fit nicely under the wall oven.

  • Avatar Denise

    The open feel and layout of this home makes it appear very spacious. Smart design however, all that white…Brrrr!!!!

  • Avatar Lindsay

    Beautiful and actually liveable! Love this house and would love to see more like it. Thanks for the floor plan too!

  • Avatar lois

    how can I get the floor plans for this beautiful house?

  • Avatar mary anna

    Love the space but I would eliminate front door and move bathroom to bedroom wall, placing shower with sliding door where entry is (for light, air and 2nd emergency exit to house) . Reworking of bathroom would allow room for W&D. If the small 2nd bedroom is for guests, I would put trundle bed or sofa bed and allow room for desk/table. I think couples in small houses benefit from secondary space for computer work, tv or reading.
    Overwise, great house with fabulous deck

  • Avatar LK

    Would not change a thing about floor plan but would add some color (subtle) to some walls or furniture. Maybe the white is due to the long winter nights in Sweden. Beautiful home!

  • Avatar Lynnette

    I need this in my life STAT! SO CLEAN AND FRESH! A little stark but some pops of color would be just what I’d add.

  • Avatar Peter Svendsen

    A very good use of space in this design. Largest single space is the living room and porch which makes most sense to me. Small but functional bedrooms. I like the IKEA cabinets in the kitchen. A great use of space.

  • I love this house, all painted white with splashes of color in areas make this on the top of my list. So moodern and contempary. That never goes out of style. I want my house to be like this. I LOVE eveything about it!

  • Avatar Kayce

    Design is spot on. Very clean. Beautifully done. It’s just too, too cold looking and feeling for me. I guess Swedish people like their inner spaces to blend with the snowy winter white of the outdoors. BRrrrrr. Gives me chills looking at it! Where’s their sauna?

  • Avatar Ski Guy

    A great design and sure looks large for only 613sf. I find some small houses look too crowded when you put in the furniture. This one sure looks comfortable. I love the compost toilet and the large deck. The covered porch could be screened in as well which would allow use at night to enjoy the moon and stars when the bugs are bad. I would get rid of the TV antenna though but hey that only me. Great fine Alex !!

  • Avatar Allison

    Although I love the look of this home entirely, there is absolutely no way this is only 613 sq ft. I currently live in a 640 sq ft apartment, and I personally believe my entire apartment could fit in that living room alone.

    Again, I absolutely love the place, I just don’t believe it is 613 sq ft.

  • Avatar Tarah

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • Avatar Carolyn

    Hello, I am loving the tiny houses. But I am wondering do you do the tiny houses in Raleigh North Carolina. I love to have the 613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden here in Raleigh somewhere. Is it possible and with financing.

  • Avatar bassa

    awesom house. how do you supply your water, what do you do with grey water.

  • Avatar Jenn Reid

    If you swapped the bedrooms for the kitchen/dining/bathroom, did a counter wall instead of a full wall between kitchen and living room, and then replaced the windows with double doors in the bigger bedroom, this would be my dream house. I love the outdoors space and the open feel of the rest of it.

  • Avatar norma saunders

    Fell in love with this the first time I saw it. Perfect for me and I’m currently looking for a small wooded lot in the I-90 corridor of Seattle to build it. Only change for me is the open ceilings. Thank you so very much for your posting it!

  • Avatar Bernice Todorkvich

    I love this cozy gorgeous house for me and my husband

  • Avatar Heidi Garwig

    If anyone could provide more info about the freestanding fireplace- like where I can get one in the US- it would be much appreciated!! Love it!

  • Avatar Chuck

    What a gorgeous home and in Sweden too!!! I love the all white color scheme. I would not change a thing.

  • Avatar Sara

    I love this. So clean.

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