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750 Sq. Ft. Tropical Rainforest Stilt Cabin in Hawaii

This 750 sq. ft. tropical stilt cabin is on the big island of Hawaii in a rain forest setting.

This means amazing views, lots of clean oxygen to breath, and a great opportunity for star gazing at night.

I think you’ll really like this little cabin and best of all you can actually vacation in it too if you want to.

Please enjoy and re-share below if you’d like to. Thank you.

750 Sq. Ft. Tropical Rainforest Stilt Cabin in Hawaii


Images © VRBO













Images © VRBO

Learn more: http://www.vrbo.com/403855

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  • Avatar Lisa E.

    This would be nice anywhere with some winterizing. I like the under house garage facility and the overall quality of the place. The layout is nice and there is a comfortable traffic pattern throughout. Lovely.

  • Avatar Cahow


  • Avatar Sally Schrock

    Wow! This is MY idea of paradise! LOVE it!

  • Avatar Randy

    Really nice little place and appears to be “the” perfect size [for me] too!

  • Avatar Liz

    Hang on. I’m moving in!!

  • Avatar vee

    Just another wonderful home — pure heaven!

  • Avatar William Simpson

    Sweet. What more can one say.

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