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400 Sq. Ft. Oak Log Cabin on Wheels

I just had to show you this 400 sq. ft. oak log cabin on wheels from Gastineau Log Homes.

It’s their Log Cabins 2 Go line of homes which are under the Park Model category.

This means they’re built on trailers but since they’re wider than 8’6″ you’d need to hire professional movers to tow it or acquire the “wide load” permit/license yourself.

So it costs more to move. But you get a lot more valuable space inside.

I think it’s a great option if you want a downstairs bedroom, more space, all while still having the ability to move if you really wanted to.

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Gastineau Oak Log Cabins To Go On Wheels

Gastineau Log Homes have been building solid oak homes since 1977. Let me show you inside (and available floor plans) below:

Living Area, Loft, and Kitchen

Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Living Area Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Ceiling Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Kitchen

Entrance and Living Room

Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Living Room Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Living Area


Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Bedroom Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Bedroom


Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Bathroom

Kitchen and Peek of Bedroom

Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Kitchen and Bedroom

The bathroom, by the way, is opposite of the kitchen area to the left (above).

Another Look at the Living Area at Entrance

Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Living Area Couch Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Living Area Floor Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Living Area

Exterior with Screens Installed on Windows & Porch

Gastineau Oak Log Cabin Exterior with Screens Installed on Windows & Porch

Floor Plan 1: GetAway

Floor Plan 1: GetAway Floor Plan 1: GetAway


Floor Plan 2: Weekend Memories

Floor Plan 2: Weekend Memories Floor Plan 2: Weekend Memories

Their cabins are known for their beauty, durability, and strength.

Learn more about their Log Cabins 2 Go.

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  • Avatar Steven

    I love the natural feel and look of the wood. Where do I get some info on prices??

  • Avatar kat

    Beautiful would still like to have a loft or two for storage and extra bed rm also it should have the porch be a fold up one and it would not be so long to pull !!!also if they made the one whole wall a fold or slide out then the would not need to have it pulled I am betting it cost a pretty penny an I am looking for a more affordable
    option !!! but it is very beautiful !

  • Avatar Barbara

    Love this design with the first floor bedroom. 400sq ft is perfect!

  • Avatar Ginger

    I am just in the process of purchasing a park model home in Arizona. I like this one a lot, but would ditch the loft. Most park models are no longer being built with lofts…they aren’t very practical and give the unit a cave-like look under the loft. As to the comment about floor space being used by porches..park models are limited by law to 400 sq foot of living space (except in florida where I think it may be 500). Since this cabin has 400 sq feet of interior space, the cabin cannot be bigger…but it can have porches. By adding the screens, this is in fact a clever way of increasing the space legally. The unit I am buying has no porches or decks, and that is one thing I will be adding. I will also be getting rid of all carpeting and going to either plank vinyl or laminate. I never want to run a vacuum again. I want the easiest maintenance possible. And since I will be in Arizona, I don’t need the warmth of carpets.

    But I do love the size of park models. This seems like the perfect size to me…smaller but still roomy.

  • Avatar Sally

    You are correct. The limit in Florida is 500 square feet, which makes a major difference in a lot of ways, which is why they are so popular in our retirement communities. Registration, towing, site prep…500 square feet or less falls in a much better category. Love this little house. I don’t know where the heck all those non-porch people live. Don’t they go outside? And it’s much easier, to me, to have the manufacturer put one on so it reasonably matches the little house. I’ve had two of these on my property and loved them. The downstairs bedroom is perfect for the bad-knee people, and the loft provides room for visiting grandkids. As for quality, the park models I bought are site-built in a neighboring county, and they use true-sized lumber and topnotch interior work because they ARE local, and have a good reputation they’ve earned and want to keep.

    • Avatar jim

      sally, i would love to know the Florida construction company name or their county location. thanks, Jim

      • Avatar LaWanda a Andrews-Nottage

        I would love the same FL construction info too. Thank you.

  • Avatar Tracy

    I love tiny houses. I hope to build one some time this year when I can get enough money saved. The one above would fit my three boys and I very well. Im a single mother of three boys two of them are autistic and ADHD and the youngest is adhd with learning delays. After trying to go the mobile home route and due to the down payment of $10,000 it didnt happen. I decide to look into homes that I could be mortgage and rent free and that’s when I came across this.

    • Avatar Diane

      I hope you find the right one for you and your boys. You certainly have your hands full. Very best of luck.

  • Avatar Sammie

    I actually owned one of these for 3 years. It was my vacation cabin and was in a community of 38 cabins just like this one . I absolutely loved it. My heating/air conditioner bill was never more than 60 dollars a month and that was on an area where it snows in the winter. My porches were added once the cabin was brought to the site so there was no wasted space on the chasis. The under belly of this cabin was well insulated and enclosed with a heavy duty plastic sheeting and I never had a problem with pipes freezing. The bathroom was way bigger than tiny house bathrooms and the shower was big enough for two average size people. I had built ins in the bedroom and my queen size bed was on a platform that raised up on cylinders so there was storage under the bed . We had a 10×12 shed that connected to the porch and turned it into a second bedroom. The porch covered three sides of the cabin and was screened on two. I literally had a 400 square ft cabin with 400 square feet of porches so it made the place seem huge. Sold it and built a regular size house but I actually really miss the little cabin now. I would highly recommend checking these out. They are nice.

    • Avatar Nancy

      Where was that located. I would love to find a community like that.

  • Avatar Bqueen

    Just starting to investigate these for my retirement. What does something like plan 1 cost. Ballpark figure, I mean. Where can I find out something about the cost of lot rentals? Are they leased by the year?

  • Avatar David

    I’ve been through a couple of the Log Cabins 2 Go by the Gastinue Co. in the past several years. They are beautifully designed and solidly built. As far as warm, friendly and inviting is concerned, they would be hard to beat. Stepping into the first unit I visited, “breath taking” was definitely the feeling I was infused with. Of the many options available, this particular model had a dormer that extended from the loft, over the kitchen and spanned the entire living area to the end wall (with the porch beyond). Visually, it was amazingly spacious! As of October 2013, I believe the basic model for all of the Log Cabins 2 Go was in the $44,900 range. To my way of thinking, that is far from “pricy” considering the quality and space and visual appeal involved. I want one! This company builds proper log homes as well, all of them equally tasty. Hope this was helpful.
    -David D.

  • Avatar Terri Hosford

    I love seeing floor plans of this size. I really do like this one a lot.I am beginning to think that I may have to hire an architect to find everything I want. I am looking for a first floor bedroom like this model. Obviously this has a furnace. Does it need a cold air return, and where is the furnace itself? Because of my breathing problems, must have an air conditioner, I have seen the room size ones that sit on the floor. But it still needs to be located in the floor plan and be vented. My small home must also have washer and dryer. Maybe a stackable set could be placed in the bath area and just a shower instead of a tub. This model shows no place for coats or shoes. Also no TV, radio, disk player, books, computer, coffee pot or toaster. Microwave could go in the nook in the kitchen. I am looking to downsize due to health reasons near my children. I would like to remain as independent as possible. What questions would I need to ask the local zoning commissioner?

    • Avatar Princess Mom

      Why do you say “obviously this one has a furnace”? I don’t see any kind of mechanical room that would house such a thing, and building duct work would shrink the useable floor space tremendously. I’m guessing some kind of small, electrical or propane heater would do to heat the place, if it’s well-insulated.

      • Avatar Terri

        You are probably right. My comment was based on the fact that there are two floor vents. What do you think that those are for?

    • Avatar comet


      We bought an in-room AC unit last summer at Lowes and I think it cost about $300. Our windows would not work with a regular model. The vent was small and went to a window–the unit came with panels to fit in your window to hold the vent. It also comes with a drain pan but that could overflow if not watched carefully so we used the pipe. This cooled our east facing LR with a HUGE picture window and helped very much with the eat in kitchen which is the same size as the LR. We used a folding door to keep the cool air from wandering off to the back hall and basement.

      Due to our house being on top of a hill with few trees and having several people with breathing problems we ended up–remember last summer???—with this unit and two small units in the bedrooms and several fans.

      If it were me and I was “siting” one of these park models or any other house that didn’t need to have the site excavated much I would make sure to have trees nearby to help with the cooling. Our other house had huge maples and that made such a difference!

      A rellie had a park model and also had a full size Class A RV and guests just ended up in the RV as there was little spare room in the park model—there was a pull out couch but extremely uncomfortable. Also the table was made like an old-school RV with slide in benches—again; unwieldy and uncomfortable. Much prefer either free-standing furniture or a built in flip down table and folding chairs. And I am sure some of the newer sofa beds are not nearly as nasty as that one was!

  • Avatar Richard Wehrstein

    Beautiful home looks similar to Green River log cabin from Campobello s.c.

    • Avatar San

      I’m looking into purchasing a one to two of the cabins you Said the company is in South Carolina I live in Green River North Carolina

  • Avatar jacki

    this one is almost perfect…really nice, and love the deck, I also wonder about the washer and dryer. I would love to know what it sells for?

  • Avatar Doc

    $44,900 base price with roughly $25,000 in options available, some of which are pictured here. They will include washer dryer in that as well as prep by the way. Yes that includes the screened covered deck and yes I would. I love, love this outdoor space integral to the home. Added later usually looks added later. Best porch ever on tiny home.

  • Avatar doreen

    Hello. I would like to get a quote on your Cain,wood material tiny homes.if you have some on line catalogs,that would be great. Thank you. Doreen.

  • Avatar Tenderloin

    I would extend the kitchen counter into the living space a little more and create a short “L” for a 2-seat snack bar. Then I’d use the dining area for a fireplace, entertainment center, workstation, closet, or what-have-you.

  • Avatar Dina

    Where does one PURCHASE one?

  • Avatar Bridget

    Our family of five plus a dog has been living in a park model with the floor plan #2 for a year and a half now. Me and hubby in the bedroom, and three teen sons in the loft. Ours was made by Athens park homes in Texas. The benefit of these over campers, which we also lived in, is that it is much more sturdy, weather proof and rowdy-boy proof. We had it custom built to withstand 120mph winds. It is nicely done Sheetrock throughout, with wood accents. Another big advantage is fiber cement siding and the metal roof. Ours cost $55,000 delivered and setup, anchored every four feet. Bank financed it, no problem, as an RV because technically it is one. It’s a short term note, so we will have it paid off quickly. Needs a separate window unit AC in the loft because all the heat goes up there.

    • Avatar Alex

      Hi Bridget, that’s so cool! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Alex.

  • Avatar Jim

    Am I still on the Emailing List? I haven’t gotten the ENewsletter for a couple of days, just wondering! I really enjoy reading about and watching the videos of the Tiny Houses!

    • Avatar Alex

      Hi Jim, just had a busy few days so I haven’t had a chance to do as many updates (so no emails either) but I am working on it today so you’ll hear from me soon in your email 🙂 Thanks for checking on me!

  • Avatar Mame

    This one is just about perfect – a real beauty with gorgeous finishes. I wonder though why the heating vents (if that’s what they are) are in the centre of the sitting room floor… and why would they have not been put off to a side. Sure, I can think of some small alterations I’d like but, generally speaking, it is really superb and I’d love to live in it.

  • Avatar Cosy

    It is pretty but it really reminds me (on the outside) of a mobile home that has been sided with logs.

  • Avatar elle

    What disappoints me is the low level of materials used and fixtures used. Makes the place appear as any construction-level home on any street in the USA. Would not purchase.

  • Avatar Austin

    What is the height from the ground to the ridge top?

  • Avatar Monique Swyer

    Beautiful little house!! Great design! The only thing that bothers me is that the tongue and groove wood seams do not line up at the corners. This would drive me crazy forever. Didn’t think I was OCD, but wondering why this detail doesn’t bother anybody else??

  • Avatar Chief Tony Alexis

    Please send me a brochure with pricing.

    Thank you

  • Avatar Al Basler

    Please send brochure with plans and pricing. Also shipping to Saskatchewan.

  • Avatar Jan Perry

    Send me a brochure and price list for this!

  • Avatar Michelle

    Please email me the brochure and pricing

  • Avatar Karen Caughy

    Could you send a brochure and price lists please.

  • Avatar janice russell

    Send me a price list and brochure

  • Avatar Luanne Crabtree

    husband and I are very interested in the tiny log home for our cozy retirement years..is there a catalog with pricing

  • Avatar Amber

    Please send me a brochure of cabins and pricing

  • Avatar Jack Hewell

    very interested. Please send pricing info. Thanks

  • Avatar Johnny

    I would like to know more about the Plan 1 getaway.

  • Avatar andrea dills

    Please send brochure with floor plans and pricing. Very interested. Thank you

  • Avatar Krystal Racanelli

    Could I please see pricing and a brochure thankyou

  • Avatar James clary

    Would like info pricing ect. Also are you looking for dealers

  • Avatar Nina Morrison

    Please send me information with pricing

  • Avatar Hudson

    Like the layout very much but too much wood throughout for me.

  • Avatar glema

    Sweeeeeeeet!!!! Really like these, just love the porch! Would place restroom other end from kitchen, living in the middle, kitchen next to bedroom. 🙂 that’s just me. Maybe bedroom between bath and kitchen but I don’t relish the idea of others running through the bedroom to hit the head. hmmmm we’ll we shall see one of these days, sometime after the 5th wheel hehehe. God bless, congrats to owners of these and thanks for sharing both owners your homes, and Alex their story! Happy trails!

  • Gasteneau’s latest newsletter features their Cabin2Go modified for one of their clients with a screen porch added on to the whole length that was built once park model was placed onsite and it is AWESOME-it has me daydreaming because it doubles space and capitalizes on the outdoor views.

  • Avatar Lynne

    Please send me brochure with pics and prices. Thanks! Regards Lynne

  • Avatar Debby

    I would look into the option of dual purposing that front/rear porch as a garage/carport for a small car

  • Avatar Nathan

    Something like this would be a dream for me to live in. I’m a single guy with no plans on getting married anytime soon, this would make an awesome “bachelors pad” for me. I would love to live in a log cabin, but I don’t want to move too far away from my job, can these things be put in trailer parks? Where else can these things be put on? I would not want to live in an apartment, I’m just not an apartment kinda guy.

  • Avatar Gail Kosko

    Please send brochure & pricing. Thanks

  • Avatar Becky farmer

    Could you please send me information and prices? Thank you.

  • Avatar Cindy Yates

    Please send me brosure and pricing! Thx! God bless!

  • Avatar Carole Martinez

    WOW! Now that’s gotta be of the BEST “THOWs” I have drooled over, LOL. I live in Los Angeles, where, unfortunately ANY “Tiny” Home concept seems to have some Law or Ordinance against it, period.

    • Avatar Alex

      Glad you liked it Carole! Thanks!

  • Avatar Jeanna Dills

    Would like more information.

  • We would like more information too.

  • Avatar Carol

    Would like more information. Is there a website?

    Thank you.

  • Avatar Candace Ion

    Would love more info and prices. Pics too if posdible

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Hi Candace — Not sure if they have the same offerings since it’s three years later, so I’d get in touch with the company here: http://www.oakloghome.com/

  • Avatar Manuel Galdamez

    I like the country look

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