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This is the EuroCabin log cabin tiny house vacation in South Prairie, Washington by Simplify Tiny Homes.

The materials from which the EuroCabin was built are made of spruce. They were logged in Siberia in Northeastern Europe and shipped to a very high-tech and precise sawmill in Romania. The package of logs windows and doors were then shipped by container to the Port of Seattle and built-in the PNW.2

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EuroCabin Log Cabin Tiny House Vacation in Buckley, Washington

EuroCabin Log Cabin Tiny House Vacation on South Prairie Creek 001

Images via Airbnb

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This is a pioneer style tiny log cabin with trim work done by Wilderness Woodworks in Ely, Minnesota shared by one of our readers.

As you can see below, it’s a traditional log cabin with a covered front porch entry. Go inside and you’ll find your kitchenette, living area, bunk beds, and dining nook – all in one room. Facilities are nearby. Please enjoy the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments. What would you do with a little cabin like this? Would you live in it?

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Tiny Pioneer Style Log Cabin in Minnesota

© Jacen James

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This is a 396 sq. ft. shotgun log cabin tiny house by Dave Taylor. Enjoy!

As longtime fans of the New Orleans style “Shot Gun House” we chose it as our inspiration. There is considerable information on the internet about the meaning and origin of the term “Shot Gun House.” We choose this definition:  “A house that has rooms and doors aligned such that one could fire a gun (shot gun) through the front door and out the back without hitting anything.”

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This is a 120+ year old Finnish Log Cabin that has been modernized and is now available as a vacation rental in Biwabik, Minnesota. It’s called the Green Gate Log Cabin and to me, it’s the perfect tiny house, wouldn’t you say?

From the outside, it looks like a very simple cabin from the 1900’s. But when you step inside, you immediately notice the modern updates! Inside, you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and a cozy upstairs sleeping loft. Enjoy!

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120+ Year Old Finnish Log Cabin in Biwabik, Minnesota

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This is a mobile log cabin caravan pulled by a semi truck. It makes for a pretty big tiny house on wheels, doesn’t it?

Semi Trailer Mobile Log Cabin

Photos via YouTube/Just Dirk

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This is the 360 sq. ft. Cambridge Log Cabin.

It measures 12′ wide and 30′ long. Right now it’s for sale (asking $59,000) in Cambridge, Ohio.

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360 Sq. Ft. Cambridge Log Cabin

360 Sq. Ft. Cambridge Log Cabin 001

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