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336 Sq. Ft. Off Grid Tiny Home For Sale (SOLD)

Thanks Joceile for sending us the tip on this 336 sq. ft. tiny home for sale with land (SOLD). I think it’s a great find and definitely something I thought you might like looking at for ideas.

It’s a 336 sq. ft. tiny cabin near a lake in the Pacific Northwest for $99,000. And it could be the perfect cabin for the right person. There’s a covered front porch and inside it’s set up like a studio.

This tiny cabin was built back in 1989 on a 7,501 sq. ft. lot which is about .17 acres. The listing says you’re allowed to have RVs parked on the property which is good news if you have (or plan to have) a tiny house on wheels.

Off Grid Tiny Home For Sale (With Land)


Images: Zillow


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Images: Zillow

“WANNA GET AWAY? Wildberry Lake is 30 minutes from Belfair, quiet and serene. Talk about the ideal rustic cabin! No electricity and the cabin has no well but if you are ready to have a good time it doesn’t matter! Both 110 & 12V. 350 sq ft cabin, & has a kitchen & two small sleeping areas. Propane range, wood stove, & top-notch composting toilet. Newer roof & windows, well insulated. The lake is gorgeous, has a great floating dock, & is stocked with trout. EXCELLENT SOLAR POTENTIAL!” (source)

Learn more about this tiny house for sale at Zillow. (SOLD)

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  • Ken Leigh
    August 6, 2014, 7:56 pm

    Where is the cabin located in the Pacific Northwest?

  • Paul
    August 7, 2014, 3:39 am

    @Candide Thirtythree: 0.17 acres equals 7405 square feet. Plenty of room for a car… you, I think, got addled because it is such a small number. But convert and it’s a pretty reasonable size.

  • Comet
    August 7, 2014, 10:48 am

    IF there is NO WELL—where does their WATER come from? Directly from the–lake??? While not a particular problem with that it very much depends on what is getting INTO that lake via farm runoff and other chems etc–we had neighbors do this during a drought to water their garden and fill kid pools and their kids got very sick–also giardia etc is a BIG issue. Extreme caution is needed here. I would get tested fresh water for cooking etc and bring it in.

    Showers—well–I guess you COULD use a solar set up or the like—but againppwhere is the WATER from?>???

    There appears to be a sink—so there must be SOME place for waste water to GO—

    And yes this would not get this price back East and yes–it needs work and better nicer pics. It could be much cuter with some attention and paint and some better furnishings. It does seem that they use this well into Fall-Winter with the large wood stove and woodpile—hope it is well insulated!

  • Comet
    August 7, 2014, 10:53 am

    Oh—and for ZILLOW pics this is absolutly incredible—I suspect that they hire the visually handicapped to take their pics! IF you are LUCKY you get ONE trashy exterior of some part of the place that is irrelevant—

  • Bill Burgess
    August 7, 2014, 4:57 pm

    Having sold Real Estate in this area for five+ years I can say although it is close to Puget Sound salt water it is nestled in an out of the way community. If you have never been in the west part of the Sound, it is very laid back. Mason County is one of the few western counties that you can put this type system on. DEQ, Zoning and Covenants have pretty much killed the use of Park Models or “Off Grid Cabins” anywhere the 1% might see them or have to drive by them.

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