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12×24 Tiny Nanosted Cabin 0012

This is the Hawk Creek ADU Tiny Cabin by Nanostead near Asheville, North Carolina.

It’s a 12′ x 24′ cabin built on a pier foundation.

Enjoy the tour and please re-share it on your Facebook below! Thanks!

Hawk Creek ADU: Tiny Nanosted Cabin on a Pier Foundation

Photos: Nanostead

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Check out the upcoming 3-day tiny house building workshop with Zack Giffin from the television show, Tiny House Nation. This workshop is hosted by Operation Tiny Home and Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin. It will take place September 21-23, 2017 in Racine, WI. Plus it’s FREE for veterans with military ID and $75 for non-military participants.

Tiny Home Building Workshop with Zack Giffin

Announcement: Tiny Home Building Workshop with Zack Griffin - Free for Veterans

Photo credit: Operation Tiny Home

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This is a custom built tiny house by Nelson Builders of Durango & Denver, CO. It’s for sale for $71,000.

For Sale: 28 Ft. Custom Tiny House on Wheels

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This is ‘The Barn’ Tiny House on Wheels. It’s designed by Brian Crabb of Viva Collectiv and built by Providence Construction. It’s a 192 sq. ft. home with two sleeping lofts. Enjoy!

The Barn Tiny House on Wheels with Two Sleeping Lofts

192 Sq. Ft. Tiny House called 'The Barn'

Photo credit: Viva Collectiv

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This is a 375 Sq. Ft. Gooseneck Tiny House on Wheels

It’s custom built for a client by Tiny House Chattanooga and filmed by Living Big in a Tiny House.

It’s 39′ long (almost 40′!) and is jam packed with features. Enjoy!

39′ Long Gooseneck Tiny House on Wheels!

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This is a custom 28′ Ridgewood Model tiny house on wheels by Timbercraft Tiny Homes.

It’s probably one of the most beautiful tiny homes on wheels ever built. What do you think, could you see yourself living simply in a tiny house like this?


The 28′ Ridgewood Tiny House by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

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This is a lightweight 245 sq. ft. steel-framed tiny house on wheels with two huge slide outs. This model is called the Rogue and it’s designed and built by Raymond McCue in Sherwood, Oregon. Enjoy!

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Lightweight, Steel-Framed Tiny House with Dual Slide Outs!

Custom Steel Frame Tiny House with 2 Slide Outs, the

Photo credit: Raymond McCue

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