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Custom 28′ Tiny House on Wheels with Two Oversized Dormer Lofts

This is a custom 28′ Ridgewood Model tiny house on wheels by Timbercraft Tiny Homes.

It’s probably one of the most beautiful tiny homes on wheels ever built. What do you think, could you see yourself living simply in a tiny house like this?


The 28′ Ridgewood Tiny House by Timbercraft Tiny Homes


Our big thanks to Doug Schroeder for sharing!

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  • Avatar Carrie


  • Avatar Ellen McCann

    Stunning. Absolutely gorgeous! Woodwork . Amazing. Bathroom a delight for the senses. Kitchen. Beautiful. Love the the little dining area. Not seeing closets tho. This house would be perfect with living room slideouts. Making it just a bit more comfortable and homey. Clothes storage is exceedingly important to me. Even with considerable downsizing I find it necessary to have room for hanging clothes. Really love that bathroom tho. Great job!

  • Very Nicely Build indeed great functional space with Interior design Quality

  • Avatar Theresa Perdue

    Pure perfection

  • Avatar Iantha

    The stove next to the dining seat seems like a hazard. I would worry about the stove being left on and someone with long hair or an arm getting burned. It would be a better design if the drawer/cabinet was next to the seat. Yes, I know, you can turn off the stove.

    • Avatar Eric

      Totally agree. It is a serious hazard, and should have any code of compliance revoked until steps are taken to remove the hazard. Perhaps a flame resistant wall up the side of the burner to the ceiling. That way no hair would be hurt in the making of the dinner. Well, no hair sitting at the table anyway. ; )

  • Avatar Michael L

    Their homes are beautiful. I love the craftsman style.

  • Avatar Lauri

    You built my dream-come-true.

    Hugs n flowers n sparkles of heavenly-dust.

    Thank you for lifting my spirit today!

  • “Less is More”. By
    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

  • Avatar Laura Schofield

    This is a lovely home inside and out. My one worry is someone’s hair catching fire if someone is cooking while others are sitting at the table. I’d rather have the sink behind my head.

  • Avatar Jenn

    Beautiful! This is one Tiny that I would love to have. Every aspect is awesome.

  • Avatar Janne Zack

    While I love the overall design and quality of workmanship, I must say that these folks must surely enjoy their bath as a ton of square footage is wasted in the bathroom. Sure a tub is nice and if you want one I agree you should have one but I would hate to have to try to brush my teeth (or make my hubby shave) at that tiny sink while there is so much wasted space around the tub.

    Does it look nice? You bet it does! But practicality demands that every cubic inch be accounted for and this one sacrificed a usable sink for a pretty tub. I think once the owner gets in here to live in this unit the lack of a sink will become a problem and the “pretty” factor will be a thin argument when reality sets in.

    It is very lovely though and so many other features are spot on. As a designer, I would beg you to rethink this bath before you build this one again.

    • Avatar James D.

      There isn’t much they can do if that’s how the customer wanted it and there’s other ways to put in a bigger sink without sacrificing the tub… Like, if they had put the tub to the side where the sink is then the other full corner could have been left open for a much larger sink and vanity…

      Though, one has to also consider balance as anything on a trailer has to factor balance for safety and easier towing…

  • Avatar Shay Sharawara

    Love love this one . This i would buy .

  • Avatar Bonnie Taylor

    I love,love,love this Tiny House! This design is so perfect. Granted, it’s not perfect for everyone, but I just think it has everything in the right place (aside from the stove top- I’m sure that could be remedied) I have looked at tiny homes forever and this is wonderful!

  • Avatar Ck

    This is by far, the best tiny home I’ve seen. Not that others arent great, but this one is perfect for me! It meets all of my wanta in one tiny home. I love it!

  • Avatar dana

    many things to like in this plan, colors, rhythm, flow from space to space all seem to work fairly well.

    i see a microwave that might not get much use at all, unless it is a basketball player living in this home. Being only 5foot tall, i am in awe of anyone who could lift a heavy casserole down from the great heights without spilling a drop on their head. i might not even be able to reach the door lever, much less see inside to watch progress.

    it seems a hazard to me.

    • Avatar James D.

      There’s a oven below, and it’s a small microwave… So it likely will get rarely used and may have been put there to keep it out of the way… Perhaps just used to warm or defrost things but cooking done below…

      However, there is shelf hardware you can get to allow something on a shelf or similar to be pulled down for easier reach and use… along with cabinet hardware that can allow appliances to be pulled up from the lower areas for use and then pushed back and out of the way when done.

      Along with appliance garages, which allow the appliance to be slid inside and out of a container, usually a otherwise wasted space area, which can keep them off the counter top when not in use…

  • Avatar Jean Marie

    This is amazing home. It used both the cottage theme with current bold colors and accents. This is one I would consider as a home away from home.

  • Avatar Brenda B

    Wondering much this place cost. I like it.

  • Avatar Steve Twiss

    What happens in high winds? What about water & sewage?

    • Avatar James D.

      Unless it mentions off-grid options then it gets hooked up to utilities like any other house… You’d either set this up yourself, on your property, or in a rental situation it should be included, like in a RV park, etc. as standard…

      Typically, they tend to copy the standard hookups that RV’s use…

      For winds, unless you’re talking about hurricane force winds you usually don’t have to worry about the wind… But if you expect a hurricane then you can either move it to safety or get some steel cables or chains and anchor the trailer to a solid foundation…

      The trailer should have anchor points for making such attachments… While the whole thing weighs more than a few tons to begin with… and the angled roof line helps deflect some of the wind where it would otherwise be most vulnerable because of the long sides…

  • Avatar Cynthia lester

    This is it. I have looked and looked. Homestead will be King George, Va. On my daughter and her husbands land. Need to find out what to do next…….I will need the tiny home finished, just as it looks. Feel free to get in touch with me ………Cindy

  • Avatar Cynthia lester

    This is it. I have looked and looked. I will be placing my new home in king george Va….need to know. What to do next…….

  • Avatar Judi Cole

    My favorite so far. I’m not ready to purchase yet but I am wondering how much this Tiny Home sells for. I will probably have to get something that isn’t quite so perfect 🙂 but still, I’d like to know what the selling price is – approximately. Thank you and wow what a beautiful home.

  • Avatar Betty

    Looks nice, but I would need a comfy couch and no loft. Knees can’t take it.😊

  • Avatar Karen

    Gorgeous bathroom, glad there are steps up to one bedroom, but would be safer with a handrail. Stove position VERY dangerous, how do normal-sized people reach the microwave?
    A washer/dryer! Wonderful. Great “curb” appeal.

  • Avatar Keith Falkner

    Please imagine the roof as two planes, not the six it has. Some would say the imagined prospect is less lovely than the house as constructed. I say that a simpler roof offers economy of construction inside and out, less weight, especially where top-heaviness could be important, simplicity of finishing the interior, increased roominess, and less opportunity for leaks. A Tiny House aims for simplicity and economy, and this elaborate roof sacrifices both those aims, achieving complexity and extra weight.

  • Avatar C B Paden

    this is the best home I have seen , great lay out . I prefer the stairs as i am getting to old to be climbing ladders but good for guest .

  • Avatar keepyourpower

    Price as is?
    I would like a walk in tub/shower..for old folks. Change the living room in to a murphy bed, and no window at the end. Back of murphy bed becomes a sofa, when murphy bed is in up position.

  • Avatar keepyourpower

    Could you show us the interior without the fish eye lens, so we can see an accurate width, height, etc?

  • Avatar Jenny

    Where did you get the bathtub?

  • Avatar GreatGrandmaGinny

    Fantastic job, great craftsman ship. We’ve come a long way….

  • Avatar Sheila Plourde

    Outside is beautiful. Inside is beautiful! Love this.

  • Avatar Tesla727

    I’d want to swap out the tub with a Japanese style sitting tub, swap the locations of the stove and the sink, and change up some of the seating (I don’t need/use a table like that), but overall, this is my favourite design so far I think!

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