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One group of people that could desperately use tiny houses are the homeless.

That’s why I’m usually for any project tailored to help provide micro housing (shelter) for homeless people.

And in many cases this doesn’t even have to be a fancy cabin with all of the comforts of home.

It just needs to be shelter from the elements and a place to safely keep and carry essential belongings for those without a home.

Tiny House and Micro Housing to Help the Homeless

It has not only made it into the major news at NBC but other media outlets too:

© NBC News

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If you’re like me you get excited anytime you hear of a new tiny house being built. Or better yet a new company that’s designing and building tiny houses for other people.

Well, I’ve got good news because this is one of those moments. Introducing… The Brevard Tiny House Company in Brevard, NC near Asheville, North Carolina.

Couple’s Cozy & Perfect 24ft Tiny Home on Wheels by Brevard Tiny House Company

© Brevard Tiny House Company

Images © Brevard Tiny House Company

I encourage you to take the entire tour of Brevard Tiny House Company’s first livable tiny home below:

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There’s a tiny house workshop in Raleigh, NC I wanted you to know about.

It’s a Saturday-Sunday event this March 8-9, 2014.

Saturday it runs from 9am to 5 pm and Sunday from 9am to 3:30pm.

Location is at the Holiday Inn at 2805 Highwoods Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604.

Raleigh NC Tiny House Workshop

© Tumbleweed Houses

© Tumbleweed Houses

Learn more about this event including what you’ll learn if you attend below:

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If you’ve been looking for tiny house kits you’re in the right place.

In this post I’m going to show you an Amish Barn Raiser Kit you can order on wheels.

I’m talking about a pre-built tiny home on wheels (with the shell done for you) that can be delivered to you.

This would save you up to 3 months of build time assuming you work on your projects for 16 hours every weekend.

That’s 200+ hours of build time that you can save by ordering a pre-built shell already built on a new trailer for you.

Barn Raiser Tiny House Kit Built and Delivered to You

© Tumbleweed Houses

© Tumbleweed Houses

Learn how you can save up to 3 months of build time using one of these tiny house kits below:

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I had to show you this Tumbleweed Fencl style tiny house for sale.

It’s built right onto a trailer so it’s mobile and on wheels just like an RV or travel trailer.

Since it’s 19′ long and 8’6″ wide it meets legal road standards so you can tow it just like you would any trailer.

It’s used but has never been lived in even though it’s ready to live in and was relocated once. It comes with full hook ups for water, grey water, and electric.

Used Tumbleweed Tiny House For Sale (SOLD)


See and learn more (photos, price, location, how to buy it, etc.) below:

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If you’re like me you’re also a fan of Lloyd Kahn and Kevin Kelly.

They’re former editors of the Whole Earth Catalog.

Lloyd Kahn is the author of several books including Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter.

Kevin Kelly is the author of Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities.

Watch and listen in as they discuss tiny houses, housetrucks, houseboats, upcoming books, trends, and more below in a Google+ Hangout session with fans.

Kevin Kelly & Lloyd Kahn on Tiny Houses and the Rise of DIY

Learn more and check out the links in the resources for more on Lloyd Kahn and Kevin Kelly too:

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I just had to show you this concept called Trailer Park.

It’s a mobile public park in the New York City area.

The interior of a travel trailer (14′ x 8′ x 7′) has been transformed into a real park.

That means hand laid bricks, plants, wooden benches, a water fall, fish pond, and skylights all inside of the trailer.

Tiny Mobile Public Park?

© Kim Holleman

© Kim Holleman

Yes! Learn and see more below:

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