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I thought you should know that Derek Diedricksen is hosting a tiny house building and design workshop you might want to attend.

In this workshop attendants will get to design and build two micro cabins and tour six tiny houses alongside:

….and 20 or so other tiny house enthusiasts with campfire discussions, speakers, camping, and more.

Tiny House Design & Build Workshop in Memphis, TN


See below for more info, more of what you’ll learn and how to sign up:

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Here’s a new tiny house documentary I thought you might also enjoy watching.

It’s about a family of five who decide to embark on the journey of a roadtrip.

And it’s not just on any “normal” motorhome/RV/travel trailer.

They’re doing it in a 1981 VW Westfalia camper van.

Each family member can only bring one backpack.

Family of 5 Traveling in a 50 Sq. Ft. VW Bus for a Summer

I urge you to enjoy this almost 2 hour long 100% free to watch tiny house documentary below:

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Modern Prefab Micro Housing Concept- Mini House-01

Take a look at this modern prefab micro house.

I love the outdoor wooden porch area that they designed for this tiny house.

The Swedish architect Jonas Wagell joined forces with Sommarnojen to create this modern prefab micro house.

You can see the sleek modern European flair in this design.

Micro Housing Concept

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I’m excited to get to show you Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s mortgage-free modern tiny house on wheels.

They’ve recently finished building it and I think you’ll find it’s very functional, spacious, modern, and unique.

I’ve also been lucky enough to get to interview the couple for you so we can all learn more about how and why they did it.

In the interview you’ll find out how much it cost them, how long it took to design and build, find out dimensions, square footages, and more.

You’ll also get to see their completed tiny home below along with the rest of the details on it in the interview below:

Amazing Mortgage-free Modern Tiny House on Wheels

See the rest of this micro house and enjoy the interview with the couple who built it below:

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Funky, Creative, and Dangerous DIY Gypsy Wagon Cabin

I thought you might enjoy this interesting gypsy wagon cabin. 

What do you think of this funky little cabin?

Take a a close look at the stairs going up the left side of the gypsy wagon.

Funky yet Creative DIY Gypsy Wagon

If you enjoyed this funky and creative DIY gypsy wagon cabin you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter with more!

Family Small Cabin Vacation Compound-01

Four friends brought their resources together to create this two-story small cabin family vacation compound.

This communal lakeside cabin compound is nestled on the Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.

Take a tour of this new-type of communal living.

See how these families live simply on vacation and imagine what it would be like doing it full-time.

Two-Story Small Cabin Compound

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If you’re like me you also love watching tiny house videos.

Whether they are tours of space saving small homes..

Or interviews with experts on simple living.

That’s why I decided to gather and share three of my favorite “classic” videos on the tiny house movement starting with…

1. Dee Williams in 2008

See below to enjoy the other two of my favorite tiny house movement videos below:

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