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$15k Tiny Timber Cottage with Cozy Main Floor Bedroom

This is a $15k tiny timber cottage by VMS Timber.

It’s the VMS Timber Cottage House, a ‘Holiday Cottage’ Camping Pod by VMS Timber Limited, a premier builder of Latvian designed tiny homes.

These units start at about $14,500 USD plus VAT fees. The cost is approximately 12500 in EUR.

$14,500 Tiny Timber Cottage with a Cozy Main Floor Bedroom and Large Windows

15k Tiny Timber Cottage

Images © VMS Timber

That looks so cozy, doesn’t it?

15k Tiny Timber Cottage Corner Desk in the Bedroom of this Tiny Timber Cottage 15k Tiny Timber Cottage 15k Tiny Timber Cottage 15k Tiny Timber Cottage 15k Tiny Timber Cottage

Floor Plan for this Tiny Timber Cottage

15k Tiny Timber Cottage

The measurements are 2.45 wide x 6.0 long and 2.6 height so approximately 14m2 of living space.

The pine is 45mm Siberian Pine that is slow-grown and treated in Finland.

15k Tiny Timber Cottage 007

It’s treated with heat and steam to produce ThermoWood which makes it more stable and increases durability.

15k Tiny Timber Cottage 009

This process helps keep exterior maintenance down too!

15k Tiny Timber Cottage 0010

Images © VMS Timber

VMS Timber prides itself on its workmanship and quality materials.

Please learn more at www.vmscottage.com

You can also get a 3D tour of it right here.

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Our big thanks to Mairis Lapuha for sharing!🙏

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{ 8 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Michael

    great and affordable TH, easy to customize. Just put it on a flatbed trailer a and you have a THOW. Sure it needs some more storage, a sitting area but it can be done.
    The design is unique and more aerodynamic then the majority of THOW.
    Asking price of 10k allows a lot of add on and even with shipping cost from Europe it stays competitive .

    • Avatar James D.

      It’s not included in the photos shown but by the entryway has a little open alcove between the front door and the bathroom that has a cloths hanging rod, bench with space underneath to place shoes, and the top can be used as a shelf just where the wall curves into the ceiling…

      While this is just one of the models they offer… They have other configurations. One, similar to this one, has a couch that can convert into a bed and a smaller single bed in the bedroom… Another is a multi-unit configuration where one is a bunk bed that can sleep up to 6 with a bathroom and the kitchen, etc. goes in a second unit.

      They also make units that are saunas…

      Prices are pretty good, but too bad they’re in Latvia… Though, great if you’re in Europe…

  • Avatar Diane Cunningham

    I would enjoy more info on tiny homes in north and South Carolina and places I.e. Communities that are available to place theses homes as well. Just general info of these homes closer to me.

    • Avatar Karen Blackburn

      I think we would all like this. Certainly I would as Ireland never features even though I know of at least one community of tiny homes here in an eco village. Many people live full time in ordinary homes that are as small or smaller than some featured on this site and mobile home parks are common, both full time and summer only. But THoWs are never seen. This one from Latvia would be affordable for a family if they had land because at that price, even with shipping, you could purchase a couple of them, one for sleeping in and one for living in, or as is for different members of a family to share land while keeping their privacy in their own homes. This concept has far more going for it than a THoW simply because of price and versatility. Plus even shipping to the US (not that expensive to hire a container and shipping costs are per container regardless of contents) would still make it cheaper than many on this site and building regs in Latvia are fairly tough regarding insulation etc.

  • Avatar Elizabeth Rubio

    Love this one! Especially the full-height ceilings throughout, even in the bathroom, which is very attractive for its limited area.

    • Avatar Alex

      Hey, Elizabeth! Good observation on the tall ceilings in the bathroom. Glad you liked it too!

  • Avatar Patty

    This may be my favorite of the smallest tiny’s yet. All the necessities plus great wood design!

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    I love the bathroom, especially the tank over the toilet. I have never seen anything like that before. Love the shower floor! The entire tiny house is remarkable and very pretty.

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