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This is the Valley Forge Park Model Tiny House by Utopian Villas out of Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

It’s a 400 sq. ft. modern cabin on wheels with a large front porch and additional but optional deck.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

400 Sq. Ft. Valley Forge Park Model Tiny House!

Valley Forge Park Model Tiny House by Utopian Villas 001

Photos © Utopian Villas

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This is a 396 sq. ft. shotgun log cabin tiny house by Dave Taylor. Enjoy!

As longtime fans of the New Orleans style “Shot Gun House” we chose it as our inspiration. There is considerable information on the internet about the meaning and origin of the term “Shot Gun House.” We choose this definition:  “A house that has rooms and doors aligned such that one could fire a gun (shot gun) through the front door and out the back without hitting anything.”

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This is a custom-built 400 sq. ft. park model cabin built by Alabama Custom Cabins.

It features a custom deck and screened-in porch. Step inside, and you will not be disappointed!

Custom 400 Sq. Ft. Park Model Cabin by Alabama Custom Cabins

© Susie Eads

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This is the Eucalyptus Tiny House on Wheels by Minimaliste Houses. It’s a 285 sq. ft. tiny home (8.5′ x 28′). Take the tour below and let me know what you think!

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This is the NEW Premiere Tiny House by ESCAPE Traveler. It’s a Park Model home with up to two bedrooms, a full kitchen, living area, porch, and more! What do you think? Would you ever consider a park model like this for a home?


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This is a 34 ft. tiny house on wheels complete with home office.

It is built and designed by Mint Tiny Homes out of Vancouver, Canada.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

34 ft. Tiny House on Wheels with a Home Office!

34ft Tiny House with Home Office

Photos © Mint Tiny Homes

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This is Realwood Tiny Homes in Chehalis, WA.

REALWOOD TINY HOMES is a division of Sustainable Engineered Buildings Inc., a compact building and tiny home company providing a comprehensive suite of environmentally friendly products and services.1

Realwood Tiny Homes

© Realwood Tiny Homes

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