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Interior of Tiny Home Builder’s Tiny Living House with Dan Louche

Most of you already know Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders.

He’s currently working on the Tiny Living house model that you’ll see here.

In the past, I’ve given you a video tour of both of his models:

Dan is almost finished with the interior of this one and soon he’ll be starting his next tiny house project.

And guess what..

If you wanted, you can build along with him through his online tiny house workshop which starts soon.

Dan Louche Tiny Home Builders Tiny Living House Interior

I encourage you to take a look at the interior video tour below.

If you missed my video tour of the house from a few months ago, you can watch it below.

If you want more from Dan and Tiny Home Builders he offers a book that shows you how to build a tiny house on a trailer and construction plans based on the houses he’s built so far. Check it all out below…

For more on Dan and Tiny Home Builders visit his website.

Alex Pino and Andrea Fouch in front of Dans Tiny Living Tiny House Design

There’s a shot of Andrea and I by Dan’s Tiny Living house.

Below is a picture of all of us inside of Dan’s Tiny Retirement house which he built for his mom.

Day with Alex Pino and Dan Louche in his First Tiny House Design, Tiny Retirement

Want to own this tiny house?

If you’re interested in buying Dan’s home it’s listed at Tiny House Marketplace for $36,000. Mention that you saw it on Tiny House Talk and you’ll get $500 off.

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