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Dan’s Tiny House Video Tour

On Sunday I shared some photos with you from when I went up to visit Dan Louche and his family to check out the tiny house that he built for his mom.

Some of you may have already gotten a hold of the video because I uploaded it on Youtube a few days ago. But for those of you who still haven’t, this post is for you.

You can see what a great time we had with them and just how cool her house is. I found it unique compared to most of the other ones you’ve seen online, including Tumbleweed’s.

They chose original colors inside along with the layout. I think that the coolest part is the amount of counter space that she has to work with inside.

It’s very spacious. At one point there were 7 of us inside and we were comfortably eating, laughing, and having a great time.

Dan did a great job with the house and Kathy decorated it very nicely, as you’ll see in the tour. I’ll leave the rest to the video… Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Kathy's Tiny House - Built and Designed by Dan Louche, her son

Again–a warm thanks to Dan and his family for being so awesome and welcoming while we were there.

You can learn more about the ins and outs of how this home was built over at his blog, Tiny House Project.

Last thing–his tiny house plans are on sale at a huge discount until he changes his mind and puts it back to normal. You can order whenever you choose and get a great value for your American dollars.

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • B. Bennett
    January 3, 2017, 1:33 pm

    I really like this tiny house so far. I would love to have my own tiny house someday. I am trying to design a floor plan with a hide-a-bed. Since I cannot go up and down stairs., I’m not going to worry too much on a bedroom loft.

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