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About Tiny House Talk

Hi, I’m Alex Pino. In 2007 I started to simplify because I wanted to take more control over my life, was unhappy with where I was at and wanted to do something about it.

So by 2009 I went from working as a government computer technician and living in a 1400 square foot home…

To writing about tiny houses and simple living while building my own Internet publishing business out of a 500-square-foot apartment. Since then I’ve tried living out of my backpack and explored many tiny and small homes of all kinds.

In 2009 I created Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter because I wanted to share my passion for living smaller and being more purposeful with anyone who was also interested. And that’s still what I’m doing today. So this is a place for you to explore and share inspiring simple living stories.

From people who live in 120 sq. ft. tiny houses on wheels to those who live in 825 sq. ft. solar powered homes and just about anything else in between.

The purpose of Tiny House Talk is to spread the message of freedom, peace and happiness through simple living.

To explore a little more Tiny House Talk history, please enjoy below…

Alex and Andrea next to Dan Louche's Tiny Living House

Andrea and Me In Front of One of Dan Louche’s Tiny Houses

At Jay Shafer’s Tiny House Workshop in March of 2010 (My first one)

In March of 2010 I got to attend Jay Shafer’s tiny house workshop in Orlando, Florida.

This helped me gain an understanding on how to build a house, when I do it myself.

Alex Pino and Jay Shafer at a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop

1st Time Meeting Jay Shafer in Orlando, FL

But I couldn’t stop there. And I still wasn’t ready to tackle a build by myself, so..

In July 2011 I attended Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s Micro Building Workshop

In July of 2011 I was invited to attend Deek’s micro building workshop.

This was another opportunity for me to learn from someone who has designed and built several micro structures.

Deek's RelaxShacks Micro Cabin Slash Tiny House Workshop

At One of Deek’s Hands On Micro House Workshops

Building Your Own Tiny House

If you need help building, designing or getting your own tiny house built start with my free eBook, Plans to Build Your Own Tiny House.

Deek and I do a Casual Interview in Florida back in 2010

Below is a pretty old interview from 2010 with Derek “Deek” Diedricksen from Tiny Yellow House, Relaxshacks.com when we met up in Florida.

Deek’s 2013 RelaxShacks Hands on Workshop in NC

RelaxShacks Hands on Workshop

This is where I got to meet Laura LaVoie for the first time (she blogs here) along with her husband Matt who both live off grid in 120 sq. ft. in the mountains of North Carolina near Asheville.

Me Inside Dan’s Tinier Living House

In Dan's Tinier Living House
There’s me inside Dan’s tinier living house when we did the workshop 🙂

Andrea in the Kitchen (she loves cooking)

Andrea in the Kitchen

She’s a vegan recipe author and runs a Free Easy Vegan Recipes website helping others eat smarter and healthier in case you’re interested in more natural energy (and adding a few years to your life simply by adding more vegan meals to your current diet).

My Tiny House Newsletter and Blog Reach New Heights

The Tiny House Newsletter I started back in 2009 is now one of the most popular e-zines on tiny houses and simple living with more than 100,000 amazingly awesome readers (and growing!)

Can you believe it?! Together us tiny housers are pretty big! If you’re not already a Tiny House Newsletter subscriber you can join free right here (or below).

Workshops and Tiny House People

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to attend several events and workshops including co-hosting a hands on workshop with Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders in 2013 which was such a blessing and an amazing experience.

GA Tiny Home Builders Workshop with Dan Louche

Me, Dee Williams, and Dan Louche (At Tiny House Fair in Vermont)

Alex, Dee Williams and Dan Louche

I also had the chance to talk about the power of simple living at the 2013 Tiny House Fair in Vermont where I got to meet and re-connect with most of the people that got me into tiny houses in the first place like Dee Williams, Tammy Strobel, Logan Smith, Jay Shafer, and many more inspiring simple living advocates (see below)..

Meeting Dee Williams at the Tiny House Fair

Dee Williams and I

Dee Williams has been happily living in her self built tiny house for more than 7 years now (but no it’s not that house). She also owns and operates PAD Tiny Houses and is author of the book Go House Go: How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels. And did I mention that she’s a blessing just be around? Seriously, she totally rocks.

Christopher Smith from TINY: The Movie

Christopher Smith and I

Learn more about Christopher Smith, his tiny house and his documentary TINY: The Movie.

Lina Menard & Deek

Lina Menard, Deek and I

Visit Lina’s awesome blog, This Is the Little Life. Go to Deek’s site, RelaxShacks.com.

Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens

Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens

It was so awesome to finally get to meet Tammy Strobel in person after following her blog, RowdyKittens, over the years as she slowly paired down from a minimalist apartment into a tiny home on wheels with her husband, Logan (below), of Smalltopia.

Logan Smith of Smalltopia

Logan Smith of Smalltopia

Brian of Boneyard Studios in DC (A Showcase Tiny House Community)

Brian of Boneyard Studios Tiny House Community

Learn more about Brian here and the showcase tiny house community he helped develop in Washington, DC.

Matt and Mariah of The Comet Camper!

Matt and Mariah of the Comet Camper

I even got to re-connect with Matt and Mariah of the Comet Camper.

Thank you for joining me in my BIG goal of helping to help provide & promote affordable shelter for those in need all over the world!

By visiting and sharing this website you are helping us raise money for:

A portion of the income generated from this blog and our Tiny House Newsletter is given to these charities. Your support as a reader who enjoys and shares the free information within here is greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for being a part of the tiny house movement with me!

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