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Wow! Wait until you see what this tiny house builder in Georgia fit into just 50 square feet!

Built by Benjamin and for sale on Facebook in Cedartown, GA, the $8,000 tiny home has an adjustable bed, shower, toilet, sink, mini-fridge and AC unit all in a 5’x10′ trailer. Not only that, but it’s cute as a button, with cedar floors and ceilings and gorgeous exterior shingle-work.

While it’s a tight squeeze, for sure, it couldn’t be cuter or better-equipped! Make an offer on Facebook here.

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Micro THOW with Live-Edge Cedar Interior

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Meet Trysh and Saul Martinez and their self-built $25,000 THOW. If you just showed me pictures of the home and had me guess how much it cost, I would have easily said somewhere between $70k-$90k. Somehow using mostly reclaimed materials and Craigslist finds, the couple managed to build a tremendous tiny house without taking on debt to get it.

A few super cool features include the 7-foot-long drawers they tucked under the kitchen for clothing and shoe storage, and a closet loft entirely dedicated to hanging clothing. Those two features allowed them to have very little wall storage, leaving the place feeling beautiful and open.

They work as rehabilitation therapists in San Diego (@tryshka on Instagram), and despite a difficult search, found a place to park their home in the metropolis via Craigslist. We got to do a Q&A with the couple, which you can read at the end of the post, and we also included a link to their video tour with Living Big in a Tiny House.

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Trysh & Saul’s $25k DIY Tiny Home in San Diego

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This is a Theater-inspired Tiny Home on Wheels by Tiny Heirloom. And it’s actually available right now under their pre-loved tiny homes section (for sale).

This tiny house was featured in their television series, Tiny Luxury, which is on the HGTV/DIY Network and the tiny home could be yours with an asking price of $94,900. It’s called the Theater Home. More info below!

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Dual Loft Tiny House with Amazing Bathroom, Theater Style Living Room, Outdoor Shower, And More!

Theater Home by Tiny Heirloom 001

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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This is Brendan and Linda’s gypsy-inspired tiny house they built after living on a sailboat. We told you about it back in 2017, and it’s been serving as a Joshua Tree vacation rental, but today it’s for sale.

Nowadays, Brendan and Linda are a young family who enjoys traveling. In the video tour and interview below thanks to FLORB/YouTube, you’ll get the complete tour plus some travel advice from them on getting around with kids.

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Brendan and Linda’s Gypsy-Inspired Tiny House (And It’s For Sale/Available Right Now Too)


Images via FLORB/YouTube

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This custom tiny house was designed built by Summit Tiny Homes for Liza (pronounced Lisa).

She was looking for an affordable cottage to enjoy with her two daughters in the short term, and for a home she could relax and retire in later on. She called it The Magnolia after her mom’s favourite tree.

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Her Tiny House Can Sleep Up To 9 People!

Magnolia Tiny House Tour 1

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is the Wing Suite Tiny House: an unfolding tiny house design that’s not so tiny after it’s set up on-site. Or as they say it at Wing Suite, a not too tiny house.

It’s not the first time we have seen an unfolding tiny house, but it’s always great to see a new one, with a different design, and with whatever improvements and new ideas applied to it. This one features a slide-out element that expands the living space dramatically. What do you think of the idea of expanding tiny homes?

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A Not Too Tiny House by Wing Suite

A Not Too Tiny House by Wing Suite – An Expanding THOW 001

Images via Wing Suite

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