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This is a little A-frame cabin in the Catskills of New York.

It’s off-grid on a two acre property in the Catskill mountains.

You can actually book and stay in this little A-frame using Airbnb and you’re just over two hours away from New York City.

Off-Grid A-frame Cabin in the Catskill Mountains with Solar Power

Off Grid A-frame Cabin in the Catskills 001

Photo by Ryan Resatka via Airbnb

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This is the Cayman Tiny House on Wheels by Innovate Tiny out of Gresham, Oregon.

It’s a gooseneck tiny house on wheels that’s available in 32′, 38′, 40′ and 45′ models! You can design your own at Innovate Tiny and if you use the code INNOVATEONLINE18 you’ll get $2,500 off!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Cayman Tiny House on Wheels by Innovate Tiny

Cayman Tiny House by Tiny Innovations 001

Photos © Innovate Tiny

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This is to let you know that ESCAPE Tiny Homes is giving away their basic solar power package for free when you buy any new ESCAPE Tiny House before 2/21/18.

Until February 21, 2018, our base Solar Power Package ($3450) is FREE with any new unit purchased. This is a one time offer, the clock is running…yes, free solar power! Select your model and email us at [email protected] to get started.

This is valid on any new unit but the offer ends February 21st, 2018. You can see the tiny homes they have in stock right now here. Learn more below, thanks!

ESCAPE ONE XL Zen Tiny House on Wheels 001

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This is a video series that gives you insight into how to do your own van conversion with master woodworker Dipa Vasudeva Das.

He’s the one who converts work vans into incredible (and famous) custom campers like this one and this one.


Incredible DIY Campervan Conversion Video Series: How This Man Builds ‘Natural’ Tiny Homes Out of Work Vans!

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Kate and Simon built this 250 square foot Scandinavian-style tiny house as a cottage for their family of 3, and have since started a tiny house-building business called Cabane.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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LORETTO — Saint Francis University is digging into the tiny house trend as part of its Energy Technology and Policy program.

The typical American home is about 2,600 square feet, whereas the typical small or tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet.

Saint Francis’ tiny classroom, built in a shell purchased from 84 Lumber, is 160 square feet.1

© Russ O’Reilly / The Saint Francis University Institute for Energy

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This is how one day your windows can help power your home using transparent solar panels as windows! If you’re interested in learning how that works, watch the video and links below! Would you consider using solar panel windows for your tiny or small house if/when they become available?

Solar Panel Windows?! Yes..

© Michigan State University/YouTube

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