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Mat and Danielle’s Budget Off-Grid Camper Van!

Mat and Danielle from Exploring Alternatives have just shared an updated video tour of their stealthy DIY camper van conversion!

Couple’s Budget Off-Grid Camper Van After Years Living In It!

Camper Van - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

Starting with a 2002 Ford E-150 passenger van, they took out the seats and built a simple plywood platform bed with storage space underneath.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

They added curtains for privacy, and a decorative ceiling (a thrifted bed sheet) to make the space feel bright and homey.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

There is an adjustable backrest on the bed so they can work, lounge, and sleep all in one space.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

The most expensive part of the conversion (aside from the cost of the van itself) is the 300 Watt solar power system installed on the roof which gives them power so they can work full-time on the road.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

To see a full tour of this camper van, check out the video below!

VIDEO: Tour Our Awesome Budget Off-Grid Camper Van

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Danielle is a digital nomad who is passionate about tiny spaces, living with less, reducing waste and eating plant-based food. Danielle is half of the Exploring Alternatives blog & video project. You can find more of her at www.ExploringAlternatives.ca and her Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel.
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  • Ulf Hellbom
    October 11, 2017, 3:59 am

    YES, less is more.
    Like it very much.

  • Urko
    January 19, 2020, 1:55 pm

    “Less is more?” Not with Social Security. Wish these young people well .. and hope like heck, they’re paying into Social Security, while mobile.

    Because if they are not .. their retirement will be grim. Very grim. That fact never gets mentioned in these “Cheap Living” videos. One thing if you’re at age 65, paid into system for decades. Only age 28? Very big difference.

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