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CABINSCAPE – Off Grid Tiny House Tour 3

Measuring just 20 feet long, the Mica cabin by Cabinscape has a surprising amount of comfort and convenience.

We went to film a full tour of Mica cabin this summer and the first thing we fell in love with was the double bed on the main floor.  How nice is it to have an option to sleep on the main level (next to the bathroom!) without having to climb up and down a ladder?  Unless you want a bit more privacy, or to have guests, in which case there is a second bed in the loft.

The ladder is attached to the wall in a bunkbed style and there is an extra handle on the wall to make it easier to get up and down.

20-ft. Mica Cabin with Dual Beds And A Garage Door Window by Cabinscape in Ontario

CABINSCAPE – Off Grid Tiny House Tour 1

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Tiny Cob House Tour 2

Marie France Roy is a professional snowboarder from Canada who cares deeply about the environment so she decided to experiment with building a tiny home using natural and reclaimed materials. The result is a spectacular organic-shaped cabin that she’s been living in for 4 years now.

It’s two-stories and measures approximately 400 square feet. The main floor is built with a wood frame and cob walls made of sand, clay, and straw. The second floor is built with reclaimed wood.

Her Magical 400-sq.-ft. Cob Cottage

Tiny Cob House Tour 2

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Chelsea Tiny House – Exploring Alternatives photo 1

This cozy tiny house is 24 feet long and it has a sleeping loft with a staircase, two heat sources, lots of natural light, and a rustic cottagey interior design.

The current owner, John, bought the tiny house from a couple who lived in it off-grid for 2 years while they built their permanent home. It’s now located next to a lake in Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, and you can rent this tiny house on Airbnb.

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Couple Lives in Off-Grid Tiny House for 2 Years While Building their Permanent Home in Quebec… (Now It’s a Tiny House Rental)

Couple Lives in Tiny House for 2 Years While Building their Main Home - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Living Room 1 – T-Rex Shipping Container – Exploring Alternatives Photo

This is the story of how three used 20-foot shipping containers were turned into an epic waterfront off-grid tiny cabin in Portugal.

David from T-Rex Eco Container is an IT person with a passion for surfing. He wanted to create the perfect surf getaway for himself… So he built this incredible off-grid cabin in Portugal using three used 20-foot shipping containers.

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The result is this incredible waterfront tiny house made from recycled shipping containers!

Balcony and View – T-Rex Shipping Container – Exploring Alternatives Photo

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Living in a Yurt – Exploring Alternatives 3

Beige has been living fully off-grid in this tiny Mongolian yurt from Groovy Yurts for over 2 years now.

She doesn’t have electricity so she uses candles for light, she has a woodstove for heating and cooking, and she hauls in water from a nearby spring.

The only item that needs electricity is her phone, which she can charge in her car on her way to and from work.

She’s been living off-the-grid for 2+ years in a Yurt

She's been living off-the-grid for 2+ years in a Yurt - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Slow Life Pod – Exploring Alternatives 1

This is a 100 sq. ft. off-grid micro cabin on a foundation in Portugal.

Mat & Danielle from Exploring Alternatives recently had the chance to spend a few nights in this extremely tiny off-grid micro pod in Portugal.

They filmed a full video tour (see below) and you might be surprised at how comfortable the space is considering it’s only 100 square feet.

100 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Micro Cabin on a Foundation in Portugal

100 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Micro Cabin on a Foundation in Portugal

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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