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Whispering Wind Treehouse: Rustic Woodland Getaway

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A treehouse. In the woods. With a clear roof. The Whispering Wind Treehouse is truly remarkable as a cozy getaway with privacy, gorgeous views, and rustic charm.

The off-grid cabin is more glamping than a hotel stay, without any running water and just a strand of solar-powered globe lights. But it’s a perfect option for a couple looking to unplug and get back to nature — without needing to set up a tent and sleep on the ground. What do you think?

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Clear-Roof Treehouse in New York

Whispering Wind Treehouse 66

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

You’ll be surrounded by private woods

Whispering Wind Treehouse 86

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

There’s a clearing around the front of the treehouse.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 83

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

You’ll sleep under a clear roof up in the loft.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 88

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

The view out of the front windows.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 87

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

The downstairs has a daybed for additional sleeping space.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 76

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

There’s rustic seating for two.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 84

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

A little rustic kitchen with a campstove.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 85

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

Spices and dishware come with your stay.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 71

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

Some old stained glass welcomes you inside.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 74

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

There’s a sturdy ladder up to the loft.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 72

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

The beautiful view of the clearing from the treehouse porch.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 75

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

A hammock and lounge chairs for relaxation.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 73

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

Have a romantic dinner on the porch.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 3

Images via Airbnb/Victoria

A string of lights for evening meals.

Whispering Wind Treehouse 1

Images via Airbnb/Victoria


The treehouse is surrounded by windows, and doors, which connect you to the surrounding trees, and the magical beauty of the nature around you! The loft has a comfortable full size mattress, with crisp cotton sheets, and with the clear roof above you. You will experience the swaying of the trees, the dappled, filtered light, all right above your head… Wonderful place to dream, while sleeping, or lying awake! Take a good book, a journal, or sketchpad, and cozy up in the loft, while hearing the nature sounds surrounding you! The many birds will delight you with their songs! Treehouses bring us back to a state of childlike wonder, to memories of the simplicity of sleeping with the trees, while giving one a feeling of being nestled, and communing with all that nature begs for us to pay attention to! The treehouse is meant to keep you close to the outside…and with that, and the openness of the structure, you will be sort of camping in the trees…

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This post contains affiliate links.

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