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WANTED: Landowner within 90 Minutes of San Francisco for Tiny House

One of our readers, Kevin, just sent me an email. He’s looking for a place to park a tiny house in the future.

If you’re in the same situation read this article on how to find parking for your tiny house.

But here’s Kevin’s email if anyone out there is willing to work something out with him that’s mutually beneficial.

Do you know of any landowners within 90 minutes of San Francisco who are welcoming to tiny home dwellers?

Ecovillages? I’m looking at spending about half the year working in that region and would love to find a good place to build and live in a tiny house.



If you’re a landowner or know someone who is who might be willing to work something out with Kevin you can contact him at kevinablett [AT] gmail DOT com. Thank you!

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  • Avatar Pat

    Hey Alex:
    How about a column listing people looking for certain locations to park their tiny homes and folks listing their property as a future site for someones small home? Great work.

  • Avatar jim

    tiny house parking in michigans upper penninsula. beautiful river front parking on 30 acres. all you need to do is keep an eye on my cabin and property.

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