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Husband Helps Build Tiny Writing Cottage for Wife

Tiny houses aren’t just for living. They can also be for hobbies and careers too. That’s why this husband helped build a tiny writing cottage for his author wife.

She’s an author of several books and desperately needed space of her own to create a distraction-free environment from her family, dog, phone calls, and everything else that was interrupting her from her writing projects.

Lucky for her, her husband is an artist in his own right. A very talented carpenter. And he was willing to help her dreams come true as you’ll see below.

Mad Woman in the Forest Gets a Tiny Writing Cottage


Images: YouTube/Laurie Halse Anderson

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Images: YouTube/Laurie Halse Anderson

Video and Story: Man Woman in the Forest’s Tiny Writing Cottage

Original story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxNkZzKmJl4

Learn more about Laurie and her work: http://madwomanintheforest.com/

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  • Avatar Cathy Witthoeft

    Love it!

  • Wow, I could live very comfortably in that “tiny writing cottage”.

  • Wow. How about that Rose Window!

    I could see commissioning stained glass artists to fill it over the years. Maybe one circle every time she finishes a book.

    • Avatar Alex

      That’s an amazing idea, Kathryn, thanks!

  • Avatar Kari

    Wow! Just stunning. I LURV the window. Thanks Alex.

  • Wow! This is amazing! I am so so happy for you that you have a writing cottage of your own. I couldn’t agree with you more that a woman does need a space of her own. I am lucky enough to also have a writing cottage which was featured on this site a year or two ago. My hubby also a gifted carpenter who built it for me. Wishing you continued success in your writing!

    • Avatar Alex

      Hi Barbara! Glad you liked it. Gee, I can’t seem to find your writing cottage here. I’d love to get to re-share it or re-feature it anytime along with links to your work, too.

      • Sorry about that, Alex! I just realized it was on the Tiny House Blog. Are you affiliated with that one? I get a few of these in my inbox, sometimes I get mixed up. 🙂 Love tiny houses! But here is my link to the article: http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house/joyful-paws-cottage/

        • PS: In looking at my photos again, the inside is not quite as cluttered anymore. 🙂 I cleaned it out last winter and got rid of many things.

        • Avatar Alex

          Oh cool! No wonder! LOL. No that’s not me but my friend Kent Griswold runs it. Thanks for the link and would still love to feature you here sometime too if you wanted 🙂

        • LOL! Thanks for understanding! And yes, I would love and welcome being featured on your cool blog!

        • Avatar Alex

          LOL no worries 😀 I just sent you an email 🙂

  • Avatar Martin

    That is not a tiny house. Nice, but I’m not so impressed.

    • Avatar Alex

      I know. I get it. But I’ll still showcase non-tiny house homes just for ideas and such. And.. because some of us aren’t in the right situation to live tiny but we may still be able to benefit from a little structure in some other way. Just my thoughts. Thanks Martin!

  • Avatar Brian

    Wow what an amazing TH this will be when completed. The wonderful rose window and magic chimney pot. I look forward to hopefully seeing some images when this TH is completed. Cheers from Australia

    • Avatar Alex

      Cheers Brian! I’ll see if I can remember to update it later on when it’s finished 🙂 Anyone who wants to stay in touch with updates can do so here—> http://tinyhousenewsletter.com

  • Avatar liz n


    That would be a perfect sewing studio!! **Drags fiancé over to her laptop so he can see** **Cough** wedding gift** cough cough**

    • Avatar Alex

      LOL, glad you liked it Liz. And hope you get one too 😀

  • Avatar 2BarA

    A good video about a unique and beautiful cottage, but why do so many people who make videos feel they have to include loud and awful music???

    • Avatar Alex

      LOL, it does get loud (the music) but I’m just still glad they were able to share even though they’re not pro video editors

  • Avatar Denny

    I like everything except the dormer on the porch roof, it looks like it slid down off the roof and got stuck there….is there a reason it was put there ? Just curious….??

    • Avatar Alex

      Hmm. Not sure. Just the way they did it, I guess. Also though they’re not 100% done. But personally I think it looks awesome as is 🙂

    • Avatar Mo-Man

      @Denny…great observation. There was something bothering me too, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. If it were mine, I’d kill the dormer, decrease the roof pitch on the porch, and beef up the columns so they look more substantial. Although that last part may have still been in the works when the pictures were taken. Still very cool.

    • Avatar Ray Erker

      To me it looks like the dormer at the front porch would be there to keep the snow from falling straight off the front as you entered the house. So it stayed off to the sides. But I do agree, it isn’t a nice looking design with it where it is.

  • Alex I am almost ready to post the Paris rental rework at 4Fathoms Designs from your page. An my Santa Fe designs e-book is available.http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fstore.blurb.com%2Febooks%2F227343-napkins-not-just-a-meal-tool-400-square-feet-of-ideas&h=AAQF6Nzad

  • Avatar Cheryl

    I want to meet one of these men that build these little places, lol

  • Avatar Elle

    I commented on this house before but feel the need to do so again; B-E-A-U-T–F-U-L!!! Can I borrow it sometime? 🙂

  • Salut, superbe construction, je voudrai savoir comment avez vous réalisez l’étanchéité du toit .

    Hi , superb construction, I want to know how did you make the roof sealing .

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