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Wants vs. Needs & the Future of Homeownership: Tiny House Magazine 137

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Get excited for another issue of the Tiny House Magazine! Issue 137 includes great builds, an epic van conversion, and a book-centric tiny house. You’ll also learn about a North Carolina visionary building affordable ADUs in his area, get advice on differentiating between wants and needs, and hear from a tiny house on how the tiny house revolution has changed the face of homeownership — maybe forever.

There’s even a helpful article on packing light for international travel! You can get your PDF issue at Tiny House Magazine for $7. Let us know which article you found the most helpful and inspiring.

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Check Out a Van Conversion & Bibliophile’s Tiny Home

This is helpful when you’re downsizing!

This man is working on building affordable housing.

He found his dream van and converted it!

Featured Articles

  • Living to Read – A Tiny Bochord
    There is no black or white when it comes to building a tiny house. One of the best parts of a small space is being able to customize it to fit your lifestyle! Check this tiny out.
  • Embrace Tiny. Travel Light.
    Laura LaVoie is on the road again, this time to Barcelona. Her tips for packing light might make your next adventures much more meaningful.
  • Vanlife Converted
    Tiny house building just got even more fun! In March 2024, IT happened! And by “IT,” I mean locating and purchasing the unicorn I’ve been searching for… a 2001 GMC Savannah 3500 with a Quigley 4×4 conversion.
  • An Enduring Evolution
    In recent years, a quiet revolution has been taking place across the globe. Seasoned tiny houser Andrew Odom explores how this revolution has challenged conventional notions of homeownership and subtly redefined the meaning of a fulfilling life.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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