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Tiny Heirloom True Blue Tiny House on Wheels: $64.9K

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Here’s your chance to get a lovely home from Tiny Heirloom, their newly-built True Blue Tiny Home. This home has a wonderful downstairs bedroom, and high-up enclosed loft storage for those seasonal items.

The compact kitchen has everything including an oven and space for a dishwasher! In the bathroom they squeezed in a residential toilet, shower stall and sink. Finally, the bedroom has a “smart” electric fireplace to set the mood.

It’s currently on sale for $64,900, reduced from $69,000. You can get additional information by emailing the seller here.

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Downstairs Bedroom in this $64K THOW


Images via Tiny Heirloom

That looks like space for a dishwasher, don’t you think?


Images via Tiny Heirloom

A mini ceiling fan helps with air flow.


Images via Tiny Heirloom

You can see the bedroom past this little hallway.


Images via Tiny Heirloom

Enclosed storage above the bathroom.


Images via Tiny Heirloom

Here’s the tiny bathroom!


Images via Tiny Heirloom

Skylight in the bedroom. Awesome.


Images via Tiny Heirloom

Here’s the electric fireplace.


Images via Tiny Heirloom

And a little camper-sized fridge.


Images via Tiny Heirloom

Washer/dryer unit!


Images via Tiny Heirloom

Now that’s a *blue* house!


Images via Tiny Heirloom

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Marsha Cowan
    June 19, 2021, 12:24 pm

    Where to start. . .this is adorable; for a short tiny house it has a lot of ammenities and seems to be quite liveable. We never got a good picture of the living space, though, so I am assuming it is to the left of the front door and is large enough for a sofa or a couple of comfy chairs. Would the TV sit on top of the frig cabinet? Or go on the wall above it? I am guessing the washer/dryer is in that cubby in the hallway, a good place. I am not a fan of skylights in a tiny house. You may be able to see the stars at night, but during the day you’ll be seeing the sun, and even it you cover it, heat can still radiate into the house. In a tiny house that small, I would not want a skylight. I am a fan of electric fire places, but I am not sure of its location on that wall in the bedroom especially on a midnight trek to the bathroom or kitchen. I would be running into it all the time, so I don’t think a fireplace of any kind really enhances this house. the open space would be better. How about moving the electrical box to the hallway cubby wall? You can still see it (hang a picture over it), but it is not in the living space. Then extend that frig cabinet all the way to the edge (even put a rounded edge on the counter top) with more storage beside the frig (or even a tiny hanging closet), and then you have lots of room for an entertainment center of some kind, or hanging the TV on that wall. It is a lovely, well planned house, but if it were mine, I’d tweak it these ways.

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