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Rich Daniel’s Tillamook Triple Bay Tiny House

This is a park model tiny house on wheels called the Tillamook Triple Bay by Rich Daniels over at Rich’s Portable Cabins.

I’m a big fan of Rich’s work because he builds a variety of size tiny homes on wheels that help meet a variety of needs for people like us who are interested in tiny or small living.

This cabin features incredible triple bay windows, dormers in the loft, and so much more throughout. I encourage you to enjoy and learn more below. Thank you.

Rich Daniel’s Tillamook Triple Bay Tiny House


Images © Richs Portable Cabins
















Images © Rich’s Portable Cabins

Would you consider living tiny or small in a park model tiny home like this one? If so, where would you like to put it to live in?


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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!

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{ 36 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Sparrow

    These models are so impressive!!! Brilliant use of space to create not only a comfortable, functional environment, but also an elegant one! I’m definitely going to look into these!

  • Avatar Karen R

    Really, really nice! Add a hinged roof to increase loft height and allow a half bath . . .it would be even perfect!

  • Avatar Martha Federle

    I think I could move right into this one – even love the upstairs. .Beautiful, spacious, and just about perfect for my needs

  • Avatar Scooter

    Just stick 12 to 14 feet on the back for the bedroom on the first floor, keep at least part of the loft and stairs for storage, and I could use this plan as an on-site home. Really like the washer/dryer placement. Nice paneling, too. Great windows. Cool!

  • Avatar Bruce

    I WANT NOW !!!!

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    This must be the THOW for families. I can’t imagine just one or two people living in such a large space. when I look at these pics, all I can think of is my days as a youth at the rollerink!

  • Avatar Liz

    SUPERB home!!

  • Avatar Gabriele Napier

    This one is pretty much perfect. All the necessities of modern living with a nice open layout where one would not feel so confined. And did I mention the full kitchen? It is a must for me since I am a practical person and need the full appliances with room for pots, pans and dishes.

  • Avatar donna

    If I could make it 2 bedrooms this is what I need to live in permanently with a 13year old….shame i’m in new zealand!

  • Avatar June

    This is my favorite one so far!

  • Avatar Laurie

    I think it needs a clothes closet someplace. I few shelves in the bedroom wouldn’t suffice for me. But I love the layout. As someone who does a lot of artsy things (beading, sewing, jewelry, etc.) this living room provides ample room for an art space too. I love the glass upfront. If only it had some closets. The best I have seen yet though! Good job!!!

  • Avatar Jan Gavin

    Beautiful. How much!?

  • Avatar Bev Treadway

    Very very nice! I think I could actually talk my hubby into this one. Great design.

  • Avatar Jon A. Gibson

    I’m working on a plan to display/sell Rich’s, Gastineau, etc, at Artegon Marketplace in Orlando.

  • Avatar Ms Betty

    Is this 12′ wide without the overhang? This TH is perfect for me, now just need to find out if the money is also compatible.

  • Avatar Elle

    Love your work Mr. Daniels! I particularly like what you do with the windows. They’re very distinctive to your style and add a certain panache that we usually see only on much more expensive homes. You offer a beautiful product (and a wonderful variety of style and size) at a very decent price. I think I found the happy medium I was looking for. I’m not sure how realistic it is to build my own home from scratch at this time and I noticed that you sell shells -now that, I could really sink my teeth into. You’ll definitely be hearing from me.

    Thank you Alex for this and previous features on the beautiful Daniel’s designs and congratulations to you Rich Daniels on your continued success with your business. Your story is both admirable and inspirational. I enjoyed reading about your very humble beginnings, perseverance and now, your expansion in the US. You’ve certainly earned it.

  • Avatar kid

    What a nice design and it looks very big. I also like the stairs instead of a ladder, nice touch. is there a bath and or shower? would of liked to have seen that as well.

  • Avatar SAM

    I love this design. I would like to see a raised kitchen floor with a pull out bed to avoid using the stairs/loft as people age.

  • Avatar Nicola Macaulay

    Hi I am looking to purchase a tiny house in the UK, how much would this type be? Thanks

  • Avatar Becci Ladson-Vigil

    I WANT THIS!!!!! It is sooo cute and workable!

  • Avatar Kathleen Shubert

    Love the lay out & openness! Would need a small bed room on ground level. Climbing up & down stairs in the middle of the night does not work well for me (over 62 with rheumatoid arthritis).
    Would love to have you put one in my daughter’s Portland backyard!

  • Love the layout for this tiny home. Has all the necessities and looks spacious enough for my 6 ft. + husband to enjoy.

  • Avatar Anne Brenner

    lovely. Breatiful use of space and it has proper stairs. Love it.

  • Avatar Barbara Siepker

    Would love to place it in Puerto Rico, but don’t know tax or zoning issues. Any ideas as to whether to build there or on mainland and transport it over?

  • Avatar kathleen mader

    I like how this loft has stairs and an airy feel. But why can’t the roof on it be high enough to stand up?

  • Quote: With all the floor plans available, prices start at $30,000. To save even more money, you have the option of purchasing a shell, and then as it can be afforded, adding other components to complete your cabin.

    I love this one as well but as others mentioned, storage is a must.

  • Avatar Caroline

    Just say the word, I could move in any time! Love it!

  • Avatar Patricia Christner

    Really great but these things are way too expensive. They cost way more than my sons 4bedroom home so sad

  • This is the perfect set up although it’s didn’t show a closet in entry to put coats and shoes?? Would like a bathtub w/shower.Is it electric heat? 12 ft.x ? ft. Can You stand in the loft? I am just 5 ft. tall! And the price of this model?
    Thank You!

  • Avatar Alberto

    I like it overall, but that tongue feature is ugly (IMHO). Besides, if you can go that wide for that small part, I think it would be better to just extend the gained width so that the whole trailer feels even more spacious. I liked the stairs position and how it was used for storage as well. Great job!

  • That is the problems. Where do you park it?

  • Avatar Mary Henss

    Where the shelving is in the bedroom I would want a closet..on the opposite side drawers. My friend is 6’4..how tall is the loft?

  • Avatar Merryl

    In a word, YES!

  • Avatar Char

    I love this tiny house. I would definitely consider living in this model. The only addition I want is a bathtub. Ha! I love the fact it has a washer and dryer!

  • Avatar julia

    The perfect model… with a few small exceptions…. add a country style kitchen (one bowel) sink with a bib, replace the dishwasher with a wine refrigerator, replace the microwave with a toaster oven or a spice rack… DONE!

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