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Did you know there’s now a tiny house vacation village in Matlacha, Florida?

It’s called the Matlacha Tiny Village and right now they have two tiny homes you can book for vacation.

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Matlacha Tiny Village in Southwest Florida

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This is the story of M.J. Boyle who built her first tiny house, then decided to keep going! And now you can take a tiny house vacation in her village! This story is brought to you by Tiny House Giant Journey.

M.J. Boyle built herself a Tiny House to free her finances and THEN decided to build three more to create her own Tiny House Village!1

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M.J. Boyle’s inspiring tiny house journey

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This is the story of a tiny house village for KC homeless veterans.

The plan includes 52 240-square-foot tiny homes.

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Tiny House Village for KC Homeless Vets


© VeteransCommunityProject.org

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This container home village is an awesome solution to the Copenhagen housing crisis.

With more and more students flooding into the city, there remains a shortage of housing. To combat the problem, Danish company CPH Containers and architect Søren Nielsen created a student village from shipping containers. Because the area isn’t zoned for permanent structures, these transportable houses are a perfect substitute and can come and go without leaving a trace.

On the outside, this looks like a modern cubic structure. There’s a clean mix of grey and white colors, a rooftop patio with plants as well as a ground-level porch for outdoor living.

Step into the home and you’ll see the inner large room which includes the kitchen, a sofa bed, and the table. The entire interior is flanked with pine. The bathroom is tucked in the alcove diagonally opposite from the sofa bed area. Kudos for creativity!

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Container Home Village in Copenhagen

Container Home Village in Copenhagen 001

Images © Grey Visuals via Humble-Homes

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So far there have been a few areas in the United States adopting the tiny house movement’s principles as a way to uplift and empower the homeless using tiny house villages. That’s right. Tiny homes for the homeless.

We’ve seen it in Seattle. We’ve seen it in Texas. We’ve seen it in Wisconsin. We’ve seen it in Eugene, Oregon (Emerald & Opportunity Village). We’ve seen it in Chico, California.

And we’ve even seen success stories, like this formerly homeless couple who have been happily living tiny for 6+ months now.

The question is, where is it going to happen next?

One place that seems to be making definitive plans for it is Portland, Oregon where the mayor, Charlie Hales, is enamored with the concept.

Tiny House Villages Coming to Portland, OR to Benefit Homeless


Image © TechDwell

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