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This is the Tiny Victorian. It’s a Victorian-style tiny home on wheels built by Pacifica Tiny Homes out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

With pricing starting at $39,000, it’s one of the more affordable tiny houses you can buy from a builder. What do you think? Do you feel it is a good value?

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Victorian-style Tiny House on Wheels by Pacifica Tiny Homes for $39,000

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This is the Heritage Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s a Victorian-style tiny home on a trailer built by Summit Tiny Homes out of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

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24ft Victorian-Style Tiny House: The Heritage by Summit Tiny Homes

The Heritage Tiny House by Summit Tiny Homes

Images © Summit Tiny Homes

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This is a civil war themed tiny house on wheels with a piano bed!

Shorty Robbins built a civil war themed Tiny House to use during reenactments and loved it so much, she sold her big house and moved in!1

Can you imagine living in a tiny house with your own favorite theme? You could! What would be your tiny home’s theme?

Her Civil War Theme Tiny House with a Piano Murphy Bed!

Shortys Civil War theme Victorian Tiny House on Wheels 001

© Shorty Robbins/Associates

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This is the Victorian Prepper Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s a 222 sq. ft. tiny home built with SIPs (structurally insulated panels) built by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions.

This tiny house was originally $55,000 but is available now for $42,000 or best offer. So what do you think?

222 Sq. Ft. Victorian Prepper Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

Victorian Prepper Tiny House 001

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This 452 sq. ft. tiny victorian cottage was built in 1998 by the homeowners in Hagerhill, KY.

They built it for their grand daughter after finding out about tiny houses on Oprah back in the day.

It has central A/C, TV and phone wiring, a full kitchen, full bathroom, and one bedroom.

Over the years the tiny home has had over 2,500 visitors and it’s been featured on several magazines and television shows.

The owner is also the author of a book called Mayor of Nut Valley – Managing Life’s Nonsense by Rosa Lee Pack. The book features the little cottage on the cover.

As of right now the cottage is for sale but it also includes a really large home on the property. The lot is 1.8 acres and the main house is two stories with 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

452 Sq. Ft. Tiny Victorian Cottage (For Sale)

Tiny Victorian Cottage

Images © Rosa Lee Pack (FSBO)

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This Victorian Tiny Texas House cottage is now available as a tiny house vacation rental so I had to tell you about it and show it to you. It’s completely custom designed and built using 100% reclaimed, repurposed and salvaged materials with incredible attention to details throughout.

To me, this isn’t just a tiny home… It’s a work of art by Brad Kittel and his team over at Tiny Texas Houses. When you go inside you’ll find stained glass windows, antique wood floors, and a ladder that leads to a unique loft with a king sized bed. Inside you’ll also find a full service kitchen and bathroom with soaking tub. Outside there’s an enjoyable front porch, patio area, and… a private hot tub. And there’s more, too. Like a gas grill and garden area.

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Victorian-Rustic Tiny Texas House Cottage You Can Vacation In


Images © HomeAway/Justin Robinson

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Most of the time I like to show you tiny houses on wheels but I also have a passion for other small spaces, like this 252-square-foot tiny victorian cottage built on a foundation by Tiny Texas Houses.

I think a home like this is a great option if you’re interested in living tiny but know that something slightly bigger would work better for you.

Maybe it’s because you want to share the house with somebody, you want to keep some more of your goodies, or you just enjoy a little more spaciousness.


Photo Credits Texas Tiny Houses

Did you know that Brad Kittel builds his tiny homes of nearly 100% recycled & reclaimed materials that he repurposes, gathers and restores himself? Pretty amazing if you ask me.

I like how the interior is a lot like most little houses on wheels. It’s got the kitchen with an upstairs sleeping loft. Only here you get to enjoy the feeling of more space thanks to a bigger house and the open/vaulted ceilings.

I encourage to tour the rest of this awesome little house below:

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