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Courtney and James (@drivingdeedee) didn’t know anything about construction or outfitting a van when they purchased their awesome orange Sprinter, but that didn’t stop them from spending 18 months creating an awesome home on wheels so they could travel Europe.

Besides the lovely and unusual exterior color, the inside features a wet bath, a kitchen with a mini fridge and stowable cooktop, and a dinette that turns into their queen-sized bed. The interior looks just as autumnal as the outside, and you can tell lots of sweat and love went into this build.

Watch the great video from FLORB below, where you’ll hear all about the mistakes they made and how they’re enjoying life on the road.

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From No Experience to Epic Van Build Out: Driving Dee Dee

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This 2017 GMC Terrain SUV has been transformed into a super stealthy home, ideal for ski and bike adventuring — and it’s for sale! It doesn’t get much more “micro” than this, but somehow the seller managed to fit a bed, bike storage and a “kitchen” area into this itty bitty home on wheels.

The coolest part? No one will ever suspect you’re living in it, so you can park just about anywhere without trouble. It’s in Meeker, Colorado, and they’re asking $20,000 for the conversion (with 65,000 miles on it). You can contact the seller at ConversionTrader.com.

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$20K GMC SUV Turned Super Stealthy Home

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If you’ve been following Tiny House Talk for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen the handiwork of videographer Travis Cosentino (@travis_travels on Instagram) — he does the filming for Tiny Home Tours, which we show you quite frequently.

But did you know he’s a van-dweller? He’s been living in his stealthy conversion now for about a year, and only spent $5,500 on the build, most of which went to mechanical repairs. He loves meeting like-minded people and sharing their stories, plus he gets to travel all around the country as he interviews.

Travis’ home is wonderfully simple, but he did manage to fit a sneaky toilet into this itty bitty build! Watch the video tour to learn more.

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He Interviews Tiny Home Dwellers While Travelling in His Van!

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This 2017 Sprinter Van looks magazine ready with live-edge counter tops and a Moroccan tile backsplash that’s absolutely glamorous. Chris and Lisa explain in a tiny space it’s easier to afford those high-end touches they’d never have been able to afford in a larger home!

Their excellent solar and internet setup allow them to work from the van while they travel, which means they aren’t planning on quitting van life anytime soon! They even run a small business from the van creating enamelware.

Allison over at Tiny Home Tours interviewed the couple and did a video tour which you’ll want to watch to get all the details about their life!

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Working & Running a Business in a GORGEOUS 2017 Sprinter