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This is the story of Jake and Gianna and their young daughter Luna, and how the three of them are living and adventuring full-time in a van conversion!

This van tiny home features a loft bed for their daughter along with all of the other conveniences of home, only this one is completely mobile. Can you imagine adventuring like this during your lifetime?

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Family of 3 Full-Time Van Dwelling w/ Young Daughter

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This is Lindsey and Danny. Danny is a traveling nurse and usually gets placements for 3-6 months at a time. They were becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that they were having to pay higher rent prices because they weren’t signing a year lease and were living out of boxes from place to place.

When they discovered van life, they knew it was the right fit. They built it out themselves and it is absolutely beautiful. They actually even found something called a “tool library” where they could borrow tools to complete the build so they didn’t have to purchase everything they needed. They are so much happier and are finally able to save money. Lindsey is particularly happy that she never has to look at another box again.

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Couple Saving Big with Van Life And Traveling Nurse Career

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This is the story of how Anna, a seasoned traveler, ended up becoming a van dweller thanks to Tiny Home Tours/YouTube. When she first converted her van, it was a standard low-top conversion, and she used it like that for a while. After a while, Anna decided that she wanted it to feel more like home, so she wanted to get herself a high top van.

After finding out how much money she would lose trading in her van, Anna looked into a company called Fiberine that would raise the roof on her current van for about $5,000 including the windows and additional framing the job would require. So she  originally bought the van for about $24,000 used, and proceeded to spend approximately $31,000, for a total of about $55,000 to turn it into a tiny house, including the cost of turning it into a hightop van. Please enjoy for yourself below!

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Anna’s Van Life in a Custom Cargo Van Conversion

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This is Exploring Alternatives’ Mat & Danielle’s new, DIY van conversion that’s based on a high top 2015 Ford Transit Van.

They’ve been living, traveling, and working out of their own van conversion for a while now, and have recently had the opportunity to upgrade to a customized van conversion which you’re getting to see right here and now. Yes, they designed and built it themselves and I think you might find this to be one of the most beautiful and most well thought out van conversions out there. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Couple’s New, DIY, and Completely Custom Van Conversion

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This is the story of a young couple, Kensie and Joey, who built a camper van tiny house to live free and affordably in the area they want to be in.

So they found a creative way to design a life where they could live/work in their dream location at an affordable price. So here’s their story thanks to the Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel.

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Young Couple’s Camper Van Tiny House Lifestyle to Live Affordably in California

Kensie and Joey Van

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of Jennelle Eliana and why she moved into a van by choice at 20-years-old.

She decided to make a big life change with the help of a van that she bought for $2,500.

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She Moved Into a Van At 20 (Here’s Why And How)

Why She Moved Into A Van At 20 via Jennelle Eliana YouTube 001

Images via Jennelle Eliana/YouTube

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