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Today, we want to show off this stunning 2022 Ram ProMaster conversion from New Life Conversions. This new-to-us builder is a family-run business with two brothers-in-law and a father-in-law! One lived in a van full-time and convinced the others to leave their day jobs to build high-end custom vans.

The men plan to expand into building work vans for businesses and overland vans for hunting trips. To date, they’ve completed six full builds and partially built over 100 different conversion vans. You can see their latest impressive build below!

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Dual Swivel Chairs, Bathroom & Fixed Bed!

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Sofia and Dennis got started in vanlife by just converting their own to live in. But once people saw it on YouTube, the couple got requests to start converting vans. Now they own multiple shops on the West Coast where they and their teams build out vans!

They are living full-time right now in their own luxury rig that’s just bursting with amazing features. From quartz countertops to an elevated fridge to a high-power mist shower head to a pull-out toilet. It’s such a fun conversion!

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There’s Even a Driving Range on The Roof!

Dishwasher, Shower, Hidden Toilet & Putting Green in One Van Conversion 3

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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Tom of Reset & Chill Campers just shared this beautiful Megéve camapervan conversion with us, and you’re going to love it! Tom has tons of vanlife experience, as well as experience renovating and maintaining high-end chalets and apartments in a très chic ski resort in the French Alps. So he knows what luxury looks like!

This van features a “Super Size Double Bed” which is almost a King, but about 10 cm shorter. The kitchen features real oak countertops and just wait until you see the luxurious shower in this build! The color scheme is very chic and modern, making this van a conversation starter. Let us know what you like best!

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Luxury Van Conversions from UK-Based Business

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One of the things I love about Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs is the use of large drawers, rather than open space, in the garage area. It can be a challenge to crawl under the bed to find what you’ve stored down there, so the drawers allow you to see everything and access it easily!

Louie the Hiace has those awesome drawers, as well as some great interior drawers and some cabinets to maximize storage. The rippled effect on the cabinetry is super unique, and gives the whole van a nice feel. What’s your favorite part?

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Beautiful Van Conversion with Drawer Garage Storage

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Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs in Queensland, Australia. They do gorgeous professional van conversions that are bright, beachy, and ingenious. This is their latest build called “Margo the Commuter.”

Margo features one of the cleverest designs I’ve seen in a van, with a full pull-out kitchen that includes the built-in sink and removable stovetop. It doubles the space one has for cooking when the weather is nice enough to do it outdoors. Giant drawers pull out of the garage for easy access to all your things, and the couch becomes the bed with just a simple slide. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Sunshine Coast Van Fit Out w/ Amazing Pull-Out Kitchen

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This is Baby Blue. It’s a 2002 Chevy Express cargo van build by Flippin Vans.

The van features an exterior ladder, rooftop deck, solar power, beautiful wood interior, black cabinets, kitchenette area with a Yeti cooler, a swiveling passenger seat, and more. What do you think of this cargo van conversion?

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2002 Chevy Express Van Conversion by Flippin Vans

Baby Blue 2002 Chevy Express Van Build by Flippin Vans 03

Images via Flippin Vans

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This is Dusty the van conversion by Van Life Customs.

It’s a 2020 Mercedes Sprinter 144″ build out with a bright and modern interior. Take a look!

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2020 Dusty Van Build By Van Life Customs

Dusty Van Life Customs 001

Images via Van Life Customs

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Looking to get into van life, but not quite into converting a van yourself? No worries, that’s why there are van conversions already for sale, and that’s also why there are companies completely dedicated to converting vans for people like you, completely custom, too.

But you might also find, that for some people (maybe you?) a van conversion project wouldn’t be all that difficult, and it could potentially save you quite a lot of money to build it out yourself, as you’ll soon see when you look at prices for these vans, especially amidst the 2020’s when more people than ever are more likely looking into such vehicles so that they can travel in their own space.

So just like we have a list of tiny house builders, we thought it was appropriate to start and build a list of van conversion companies. So here it is! We’ve also included a few companies that specialize in accessories and components for DIYers as well as professional van builders, as well as a few classified ads websites that specialize in the resale of such vehicles (van conversions). But for the most part, what you’ll find down here is a large list of van builders. Is there someone out there that we missed that you think should have made it to this list? Not to worry friend, you can send me a little note about it at the bottom of this page. 🙂

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Our List of Top Van Builders in the World!*

THT Van Builders

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