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For 9-year-old Eli, his “dream treehouse” began as a piece of plywood where he could shoot Nerf guns from. Now, it’s an Airbnb where he and his mom raise money for charity.

When Eli told his mom he wanted a treehouse, she used it as a learning opportunity: She invested $200 into his business of selling glitter bombs and other fun trinkets at a local store. For three years he worked at his business and asked for no presents for Christmas or birthdays — he wanted 2x4s or money to go toward his treehouse! He paid back his mom and invested $6,000 into his Airbnb.

Now Eli’s dream is a reality, and he actually manages the Airbnb, helping with clean-up, greeting guests, and making sure the place is ready for the next vacationers. Check out his masterpiece below!

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9-Year-Old’s 17×17 Tree House w/ Kitchen & Bath

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Dan’s very first project on his property was his “Mancave.” He never dreamed that someone would want to stay in it, but when a friend recommended he put it on Airbnb, it became a popular destination.

That’s when Dan started getting creative: He built a mini-village inside an airplane hangar, and then constructed a yurt, and then went on to build the TREEHOUSE yurt, which includes an elevator, hot tub and resident Alpacas for you to meet and greet.

He’s currently constructing Woodstock, where you can stay in a vintage VW bus and play music on his stage. You have to watch the interview with Tiny House Giant Journey to “meet” the wonderful Dan and his vacation world.

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Danville: This Yurt Has an Elevator, Hot Tub & Alpacas

Airbnb village w Treehouse Yurt 2

Images via Airbnb/Dan

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Here’s a stunning 1926 Carriage House Stay that’s been inspired by a treehouse, with dark wood and even some faux leaves hanging over the bed!

It’s located in the Country Club of Orlando and is 260 square feet of luxury. There’s a patio area with a fire pit and even two bikes you can rent to explore the area. Check it out below and let us know what you think about it! And of course, if you like it enough, maybe you can consider booking a stay via Dave and Jean on Airbnb.

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Lovely Treehouse-Inspired Vacation Stay

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This is the stunning “Origin” — a tiny treehouse built as a “dress” surrounding a 100-year-old oak tree in France. The treehouse hotel room wraps around the oak and comes complete with a bedroom and a luxurious bathroom. There’s even a rope bridge to an adjacent spa area with a soaking tub.

The architect said he was inspired by a bird’s nest, using small pieces of lumber to create that signature nest-like shape, just like a mama bird! It’s fresh and modern, and provides plenty of space around the tree for it to continue to grow for another 100 years!

A ladder in the middle takes you to a rooftop terrace where you get panoramic views of the forest. Book your stay here.

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Hotel Treehouse in the French Forest

ORIGIN: Treehouse “Dress” For a 100-Year-Old Oak 5

Images via Atelier Lavit

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Treehouses are magical, but how about a treehouse overlooking a Fjord in Norway? This spectacular modern wonder has all the amenities you’ll need for a vacation stay, and views that will make you never want to leave!

The building is in fact built around one single tree (safely, so the tree can keep growing!) and includes a shower, flushing toilet and kitchenette.

And best of all, the builders of the Woodnest used non-toxic and sustainable products to create their dwelling, so you can feel good about staying here! Book your vacation (well, when it’s safe to do so…) here.

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Take in Fjord Views from a Nordic Treehouse

Woodnest Norway

Images via Woodnest

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There’s nothing like trees to make you feel both small and amazed! This 800-year-old Cypress tree is home to a stunning treehouse, the Bibliotheque. It’s inspired by an old library and has a gas fireplace, leather chairs, and twinkle lights to complete the look.

While a true bibliophile might need more bookcases, this is still a wonderful retreat for book-lovers! There’s a queen-sized bed in the middle of the home, as well as a luxurious bathroom with a walk-in shower, and a cozy seating area. Please enjoy and learn more below and remember that if you ever wanted, you can book your stay over at Treehouse Utopia.

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Book-Lovers’ Treehouse in Texas!


Images via Treehouse Utopia

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This is Dan and Deborah’s incredible yurt treehouse in Geneva, Florida which is northeast of Orlando on their five-acre property called Danville.

The yurt treehouse is located between two giant oak trees and it sits 15-ft high! Magnificent, isn’t it?

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Amazing Yurt Treehouse Airbnb in Florida w/ Recycled Airplane Jet Housing Hot Tub✈️

Amazing Treehouse Yurt Vacation Experience in Florida via Dan And Deborah Airbnb 001

Images via Dan And Deborah/Airbnb

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This is the Casey Key Guest House by Sweet Sparkman Architects out of Sarasota, Florida.

They’re the famous architects behind the beautiful Siesta Key Beach Pavilion.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Modern Tiny Treehouse Guest House by Sweet Sparkman Architects

Casey Key Guest House Modern Tiny Treehouse 001

Images © Sweet Sparkman Architects

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This is an amazing three-part treehouse cabin vacation unit with interconnecting rope bridges located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The treehouse consists of 3 separate areas – Mind, Body and Spirit – each connected by rope-bridges.1

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Amazing Three-Part Treehouse Cabin Vacation in Atlanta, Georgia on Airbnb

Three-Part Treehouse Cabin Vacation in Atlanta Georgia on Airbnb 001

Images via Airbnb

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