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This is the story of Brother Paul Wright’s teeny tiny house that was built for just around $100 over in Dothan, Alabama.

You see, Paul has been building tiny little structures like this ever since he can remember, using wood and even cardboard as a kid to build temporary forts. So now, Paul is bringing that childhood energy to this little project so that they can have a travel trailer tiny house as well as a micro guest house on their property. How cool is that? Enjoy the full story and tour below (with more photos coming soon, too, hopefully)!

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A Tiny House Built For Only $100…!

Tiny House Built For Only 100 Bucks 002

© Bro. Paul Wright

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This is Happier Camper (Instagram)! It’s a lightweight, retro-modern, fiberglass travel trailer. A while back, we told you about the HC1, the company’s smaller camper. Right now, I want to show you their HC2 (also known as the Traveler), which is a little bit bigger.

Since it’s still super-lightweight, it can be towed by almost any vehicle. And it can be more than just a camper, too! It can be used in many other ways. Check it out! The company builds and ships these directly out of California. How cool is that? And it gets better, the campers feature their ADAPTIV™ floor plans, which just means that they’re reconfigurable.

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The Traveler, 17-ft. Retro-Modern Fiberglass Travel Trailers by Happier Camper

HC2 Retro-Modern Lightweight Fiberglass Travel Trailer by Happier Campers 001

Images via Happier Camper

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This is an epic 1948 Spartan Royal Mansion 40-foot Travel Trailer RENOVATION. I was contacted by Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes about it because it was for sale but has now been SOLD! Anyway, it’s still super-awesome, and you should definitely check it out and learn more about it. So, here’s the story on it…

Greg Parham’s brother-in-law bought the old Spartan and hired his super-talented aerospace engineer friend to renovate it and turn it into what it is today. He then used it briefly to live in while building a new home. Now that his residential home is complete, he’s looking to sell this epic and vintage Spartan trailer which served him oh so well. It’s AMAZING, isn’t it?

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Spartan Royal Mansion 40-Foot Tiny House

spartan drivers side

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This is the Canyon Hideout Bungalow. It’s a refurbished 1958 Airstream trailer that’s been turned into a one-of-a-kind Airbnb cabin on an 80-acre property in Cortez, Colorado.

It’s magnificent! Take a look for yourself. Not to mention, it’s resting under a 900+-year-old Juniper tree, according to the Airbnb listing. What do you think?

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1958 Airstream Canyon Hideout in Cortez, Colorado

1958 Airstream Canyon Hideout Bungalow via Mark-Airbnb 001

Images via Mark/Airbnb

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This is a lightweight travel trailer that you can tow with your car called the Roulottes ProLite. The company offers several models, many of them are under 2000 lbs, and even some under 1000 lbs, including the on I’m showing you here (the 12V), which weighs approximately 950 lbs.

If you’re looking to travel, adventure, and move about quite frequently with your tiny house on wheels, something like this might be a good option to consider. It’s slightly bigger than a teardrop camper, and much smaller than most tiny homes on wheels, which makes it ideal for frequent travel. What do you think of this travel trailer design? It’s approximately 13-ft. in length and weighs just under 1000 lbs. Learn more below.

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Travel Trailer You Can Tow With Your Car… Weighs 950lbs!

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This is a 24-ft. tiny house trailer that’s available in Newnan, Georgia from one of our longtime readers, Robert Aulicky. He was going to build a tiny house that he designed, but unfortunately, plans changed and so now he’s selling the trailer. It was bought new from Striker Trailers in Alabama.

The trailer is designed for an 8’6″ but a 9’0″ works very well. The steel deck is 24’0″x8’0″ and the deck is 21″ from 4″ drop axles by Lippert two 7000k slipper spring with brakes. It has an additional receiver hitch with an electrical plug for puling an additional small toy trailer. DOT ready, four scissor jacks and one tongue jack with 2-5/16″, battery and safety chains. It is located in Newnan, Georgia and ready to go for $5,300.00 my cost. See the pictures attached.

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24-ft Tiny House Trailer For Sale in Georgia

Robert Aulickys 24ft Tiny House Trailer For Sale in GA 001

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This is a Bluebird Penthouse Trailer-to-Cabin Conversion with a Land Rover Hot Tub in Rural England. What do you think?

The Bluebird Penthouse has beautiful panoramic views, 1950’s charming vintage interior with a touch of luxury. The Hot Tub is in a vintage landrover. Features double bed, bath, shower, toilet, cooker, fridge, table, radio, central heating, outdoor seating, Gas BBQ, chimnea/fire and wine cellar.1

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Bluebird Penthouse Trailer-to-Cabin Conversion with a Land Rover Hot Tub in High Bickington (Rural Village in North Devon, England)

Bluebird Penthouse Trailer Cabin with Land Rover Hot Tub via Ralph Airbnb 001

Images via Ralph/Airbnb

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This is the Core Camper. It’s a lightweight camper that’s built like a high quality tiny house using SIPs (structurally insulated panels) and you can have one built brand new for you for only $18,000 from Core Housing Solutions.

These are the same people behind some of the most affordable and very durable tiny homes on wheels that are on the market. And they’re built in Florida by Andrew Bennett and his wonderful company. By the way, it only weighs only 2300 pounds.

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Lightweight SIP-built Tiny House/Camper for 18k (NEW) – The Core Camper by Core Housing Solutions

Lightweight SIP-built Tiny House Camper for 18k by Core Housing Solutions 001

Images © Core Housing Solutions

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This is the Bowlus Road Chief Series of Vintage Travel Trailers.

It’s a very expensive but really awesome-looking vintage-style travel trailer. Currently, they have two models to choose from, the On The Road model which starts at $137,000, and the Endless Highways model which starts at $185,000.

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Bowlus Road Chief Vintage Travel Trailers

Bowlus Road Chief On The Road Model Copyright Bowlus Road Chief LLC 001

The Bowlus Road Chief – On The Road © Bowlus Road Chief LLC

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