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This is the TrailManor Travel Trailer. It’s amazing because it looks like an ordinary pop up camper.

But once you get on site and unfold it, you’ll notice it becomes a full-size hard-wall travel trailer. Pretty amazing!

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Expanding TrailManor Camping Trailer

TrailManor Expanding Camping Trailer 001

© TrailManor

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This is the story of Jessica Allossery and her 13ft 1969 Bailey Mikado travel trailer.

She uses it as a home away from home when she’s traveling and performing on tour. Here is our interview with her.

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Jessica Allossery’s 13ft 1969 Bailey Mikado Camper

Jessica Alloserys 13ft 1969 Vintage Bailey Travel Trailer 001

Images © The Lovely Indie

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This is the custom hand-built tiny house trailers from Tiny House Basics.

These trailers are designed for tiny house construction. Check them out and request a quote if you’re interested. They also offer tiny house shells too! In these cases, you would only have to finish the inside of your tiny house.

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Custom Hand-Built Tiny House Trailers… This is Their 10-Foot Wide Trailer…


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If you’re looking into trailers for a tiny house project you may have heard of Iron Eagle Tiny House Trailers. When it comes to trailers, there are several options out there. Iron Eagle Trailers is one of them, they’re one of the very best, and they’ve been serving tiny house people for many years now. So here’s a little bit more about them…

They’re the same company that Portland Alternative Dwellings has been using for their trailers back in the day. That’s why they call their tiny house trailers the PAD Series. So yeah! Check them out along with the many other helpful resources at the bottom of this article.

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Iron Eagle Tiny House Trailers by Iron Eagle Trailers

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This is a 1971 Airstream Overlander Conversion in Kansas City that’s for sale for $47,000, according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders.

A total shell off restoration in the fall of 2018. My wife has fallen pregnant and we’re now on a wonderful new journey. With great sadness, we have to sell our dream home that I just put nearly 2000 hours of sweat into. It was professionally at $70,000.1

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Couple selling their 1971 Airstream Overlander to tiny house conversion because they’re starting a family…

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This is the Vintage Glamper at the farm at Perch and Nest. It’s an Airstream to tiny house conversion that’s was once an Airbnb vacation rental (now sold). So if you happen to be interested in it, you can book a vacation in it, try it out, and then buy it if you like it. That’s pretty cool!

This is not your budget travel trailer to tiny house conversion, it’s a high-end, quality Airstream conversion that was for sale with an asking price of $67,000 USD. It started out as a 29-foot Airstream Ambassador but it was completely stripped down and renovated by the previous owners out of California. The current owners bought it from them, picked it up, and towed it back home cross country. It’s said to weigh approximately 7000 pounds. Anyway, take a look and please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

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Rare 29-foot Airstream Ambassador vintage tiny house vacation on a farm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

29-foot Airstream Ambassador vintage tiny house vacation on a farm in Winston-Salem 001

Images via Danielle LaRock/Airbnb

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This is the Signature Boho Tiny House from ESCAPE. It has that minimalist/mid-century look and feel with the specially treated siding and trim.

This tiny home features a kitchen, a washer/dryer, ample storage, a closet, a queen bed on the main floor, flip table, air conditioning, TV, fold flat couch, and more. This unit is available/for sale right now with a discount. More info below!

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Signature Boho Tiny House on Wheels by ESCAPE

Signature Boho Tiny House on Wheels by ESCAPE

Images © ESCAPE

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This is a 34-foot Classic Edition Airstream from 2001 that is now outfitted with solar panels, a “Hobbit” wood burning stove from England, and more. According to the listing, it has been used for the last several years as a tiny cabin on a property in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This Airstream tiny home features approximately 272-square-feet that can sleep up to four adults and one child comfortably thanks to the amazing floor plan. The best part about a tiny house like this is that since it’s really a high-quality travel trailer, it’s easy to get around with and tow when you want to. But it’s also easy to keep parked and use as a tiny house. Very versatile, but what do you think?

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272-Square-Foot Airstream Tiny Home For Sale in Colorado Springs, Colorado – $37,500

34-Foot Classic Airstream Tiny House

Images via Chris/Tiny Home Builders

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This is a 20-foot tiny house on wheels with lots of amenities called Tiny Amenities. It’s for sale for $38,000 out of Luther, Oklahoma according to the listing. The tiny house was built in 2017 and features approximately 232-square-feet of space inside.

It’s an 8-by-20-foot tiny house on wheels with a 9-foot loft, a built-in sectional downstairs, a washer/dryer combo unit, kitchen, bathroom, window air conditioning unit, and more.

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232-Square-Foot Tiny House on Wheels: Tiny Amenities in Luther, Oklahoma – $38k

20-Foot Tiny House with Lots of Amenities

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