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Most of you know Marsha and her famous tiny house builds that she has so graciously shared with us over the years. This is an update on her 8×8 shed tiny house since she added a customized French door.

From her micro houses to her short-bus skoolie conversion, to her more recent truck-bed micro cottage and her shed tiny house in Denton, North Carolina, Marsha has built quite a number of micro and tiny homes. In this post, you’ll get to see the latest improvements to her 8×8 shed-based tiny home! The most notable improvement is that she replaced a standard white exterior door with a custom French door which makes the world of a difference! Check it out!

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She Added A Custom French Door To Her Shed Tiny House

Marshas Shed Tiny House New Door

© Marsha Cowan

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This is the story of Fabienne and her Swiss tiny house on wheels!

She and her dad built it themselves and decked it out with IKEA furniture and accessories throughout.

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Swiss Tiny House Built With Dad, Loaded With IKEA

Fabiennes Swiss Tiny House Built With Dad And Loaded With IKEA 001

Images via IKEA

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Jake & Kiva started building their 20-foot long tiny house in 2014 and they’ve been living in it full-time with their cat and dog for 4 years now!

They came up with some brilliant solutions and designs to maximize the small space and make it as functional as possible, and the build cost $36K CAD.

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Jake & Kiva’s 20-ft. Self-Built Tiny Home

Tiny Nest Tiny House Outside - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is a tiny house being built on an insulated semi-trailer.

It is being built now and will be up for sale soon. It’s located in Hawaii. What do you think of it so far?

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Insulated Semi-Trailer Tiny House Build In Hawaii

Tiny House Being Built In An Insulated Semi-Truck-Trailer in Hawaii 001

Images via Belinda Hamilton

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This beautiful and unique tiny house has an intricately curved gable roof.

It also features a hand-carved barrel door, two spacious lofts, two unique space-saving ladders, a large fireplace, AND a full bathroom with a cleverly hidden storage shelf.

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Incredible Tiny House With Curved Gable Roof

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It all started with weekend trips in their tiny travel trailer. That soon escalated into traveling Europe full-time in a motorhome they call their hippie bus.

While they were traveling, they discovered tiny houses. After moving back home to their apartment, they got to work on their tiny house dreams. Today, they also build tiny homes for other dreamers.

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From Trailer To Motorhome To Off-Grid And Mortgage-Free In A Tiny House

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This is a modern tiny house with a main floor sleeping.

It’s for sale over on eBay and listed for $55,000 out of Staten Island, New York via gannic/eBay.

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24-ft. Modern Tiny House With Main Floor Bed, Open-Layout

24ft Modern Tiny House with Main Floor Sleeping Open Layout For Sale via gannic-ebay 001

Images via gannic/eBay

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This is The Bolder Skylodges, a pair of 200-sq.-ft. tiny houses that overlook Norway’s Lysefjord near Pulpit Rock.

The tiny homes are nearly 2,000 feet above sea level with the most magnificent views one can hope for, or even imagine.

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200-sq.-ft. Bolder Skylodges Tiny Homes

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This is a modern tiny house with lots of windows and a main-floor bed.

It’s located in Wolgan Valley, Australia, as a short-term rental. So yes, you can actually book a stay here in the Greater Blue Mountains via Tiny Away.

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Piccolino Tiny House in Wolgan Valley

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