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This is the Cozy Cottage. It’s a tiny house on wheels built by Tiny Heirloom that’s available for sale under their pre-loved tiny homes area!

If you’re looking for a unique, comfortable, and practical tiny house, this could be it. It features a full kitchen, bathroom, and a creative Murphy bed that doubles as a dining table! What do you think?

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Cozy Cottage Tiny House For Sale… A THOW With A Murphy Bed That Doubles as a Dining Set


Images via Tiny Heirloom

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How would it feel to have all your credit cards, student loans AND home paid off? Ask Shana! She sold her car and got a second job so she could make her debt-free tiny house life a reality. Now she and her two dogs live happily in a Tiny House Community in Durango, Colorado.

She had her home built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, and spent $50,000 on the build. While the 103.5 square-foot space is tight, it has everything she wanted including hidden appliances, a wood-burning stove, and a custom couch for her and her pups. Allison at Tiny Home Tours did a fantastic video tour with Shana, so be sure to check that out!

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She Sold Her Car & Has Zero Debt in Her Micro Tiny House!

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This is the latest custom build from Truform Tiny and I’m drooling over the kitchen! If money hadn’t been a concern I would have definitely put copper counter tops and a stone farmhouse sink in my own home – I first experienced a stone sink at the Coperthwaite Yurt I stayed in last summer and I’ve been wanting one ever since!

Their client wanted an off-grid coastal escape from fire smoke out of California and Oregon and spared no expense in creating her dream tiny home. Another awesome feature is the wrap-around couch/dining area that transforms into a guest bed! She chose a split shower and toilet/sink area, like we often see in school bus conversions, with a mudroom in between.

Take a look at the photo tour and get in touch with Truform Tiny for a quote for your own custom tiny house!

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Check Out the Kitchen in this Truform Tiny Custom Coastal Escape

Truform Tiny's Custom Coastal Escape

Images via Truform Tiny

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We hear it a lot, that tiny homes are too expensive for most people who really need them, and while there is a lot that goes into the sometimes-“high” price of tiny homes, we still love coming across a great deal! Check out this 8×12 tiny that’s selling for $10,900 in Pueblo, Colorado.

With 128 square feet, this is a simple tiny with a loft bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area. Nothing overly fancy, but everything you need for living a minimalist life — and it’s cute too! Do be warned the mini-split needs some repairs. You can contact the seller at Tiny House Marketplace!

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Colorado 8×16 Tiny House Prototype For Sale!

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There are so many reasons to go tiny: To reduce costs, to live “greener,” to travel more — and for Talia, to have a clean and simple living area that helps her live well as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). We got to interview Talia and she tells us more about what it means to be an HSP, her tiny life, and her work helping others live more simply.

Her home was built for her by Mint Tiny Homes in British Columbia, and Talia said she had a great experience with the builder. Inside she has a loft bedroom, comfortable living area, kitchen complete with a farmhouse sink, and a spacious bathroom with a subway tile shower.

Enjoy the photo tour and our Q&A with Talia!

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How Tiny Living Helps this Highly Sensitive Person!

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Looking for an ultimate private retreat? Take three flights of stairs 20 feet into the trees and enjoy the BREEZE! This treehouse is located on 120 acres of private land, and there’s even a nearby wood-fired hot tub and sauna you can reserve during your stay.

What’s really great about this stay is you won’t be sacrificing on amenities: There’s a real toilet, fully-stocked kitchen, and bedroom with a gorgeous tree-top view. Book your stay on Airbnb!

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Relax in the Trees with BREEZE in this Amazing Tiny Cabin Built 20-ft. in The Trees in Maine


Images via Airbnb

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