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Remember the Community First Village we told you about? Well now we want to tell you about The Field’s Edge, founded by a group of people who interned at Community First for four months so that they could replicate the awesome community-based system in Midland, Texas.

This group has been raising funding while finding RVs to house some of their homeless neighbors. They now have the property for their village and everything is coming together!

Construction began on Phase I in March 2021. Phase I includes the Mabee Foundation Community Center which houses The Field’s Edge offices, a behavioral and physical healthcare clinic space, a market, and a multipurpose great room. Also included in Phase I is the first “pod” of homes which includes 9 single-occupant tiny homes for the chronically homeless, one missional home, and a commercial bath, kitchen, and laundry facility that we lovingly call the Bathhouse. Construction of Phase I will be completed in June 2022.

The Village sits on 23.5 acres inside of the city limits of southwestern Midland and will eventually have 10 “pods” of homes, 90 homes for the chronically homeless, and 10 homes for missional residents who voluntarily live on site to help cultivate community.

This is so great! Could your community use a village like this?

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Midland, Texas Homeless Community Set to Open June 2022

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Iris lived as a digital nomad when her job when virtual, and then decided to fulfill her long-time tiny living dreams (she used to be hooked on the HGTV shows) by purchasing a Casa de Canto Park Model in a tiny house village in Austin, Texas.

While this 399 sq. ft. model does have a downstairs bedroom, she uses it as her office space and sleeps upstairs in the loft, which she thinks is super cozy! Her large living room features a cozy stove and her vast book collection, including a “Murphy” table that drops down for mealtime.

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Former Digital Nomad Settles Down in Tiny Home

Her Casa de Canto Park Model Tiny Home in Austin Village 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Caris and Jake got married fresh out of college and wanted a place of their own. Lo and behold they were able to find a tiny house ready-built by Decathlon Tiny Homes (the Zeus model) and a spot in a tiny house village to park it in just two weeks!

While they didn’t customize their tiny house, they have made it home with their own finishes and decorations. The red kitchen is particularly striking!

Because they went from sharing a room in Jake’s dad’s home to living tiny, they hadn’t accumulated a lot of the stuff some other couples may have. That’s made the tiny house transition all the easier! Be sure to check out their video interview at the end of the post, and follow them on Instagram here.

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Going Tiny Fresh Out of College!

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We have some great news about a new tiny house community set to open this fall on the Coosa River. The Seven Lilly Luxury Lots Minimal Lifestyle Living will welcome both tiny homes and RVs in a beautiful natural setting for a very affordable price.

The annual lot leases will start at $200 monthly (water included), and there will be 50amp power at each site (each lot responsible to activate power with Power Company).

Power and water should be in by November 2020, but you may want to call Shana at 256-493-2376 to discuss securing a spot. It looks like it’ll be a great community (but make sure to never send money unless it’s all checked out!).

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Seven Lilly Luxury Lots – Minimal Lifestyle Living. 003

Images via Seven Lilly Luxury Lots

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While we introduced you to Tiny Tranquility back in 2018, much more has happened since then! The area is more developed, and has a waiting list for long-term stays, I’m afraid! There are 5 TruForm Tiny Houses at the park, which you can see in the video below.

The park has 43 sites which accept RVIA-certified tiny houses on wheels. Sites include water, power, and sewer hookups, free wifi, parking for one car (additional car — and boat — parking available) and between 2,400 and 4,000 square feet of lot space. The village now includes a Lodge complete with a 65″ flat screen TV, multiple seating areas, a wood stove, ping pong and pool tables, covered eating and grilling area and a fire pit/seating area. There’s also a 5,000 square foot dog park, a grassy park for people, and a 12,000 square foot greenhouse you can rent a part of to grow your own veggies!

Lot rent is around $575/month, plus electricity, and plot of greenhouse space is an additional $65-$150 a month. To request a spot on the waiting list or to visit the park, email [email protected].

In addition to long-term stays, the park also has a handful of tinies and Airstreams you can rent on a nightly basis for vacation. One of those, the Sandbug, was built by TruForm Tiny and is absolutely gorgeous. See pictures of it below, and rent it here.

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Northwest Tiny House Community: Tiny Tranquility

Two Year Update: Tiny Tranquility Tiny House Village in Waldport, Oregon

Images via Tiny Tranquility

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One of the biggest questions we get here at Tiny House Talk is, “Where do I park it!?” Well, sister-brother duo Melissa and Jon Block of Tiny House Block transformed a run-down trailer park into California’s first legal tiny house village, where they not only welcome short and long term renters, but rent out land to existing tiny house owners. It’s located on the Pacific Crest Trail, in Mount Laguna, beautifully nestled in the trees.

Tiny House Block currently houses 17 tiny homes, each with its own unique theme (including the very popular 420 House, which is marijuana themed). If you’re looking to just try out the tiny life, you can stay for as little as one night and book via Airbnb. But if you’re interested in renting a tiny home long term, you can check out their price guide here and contact them for more details. You can even purchase one of the tiny homes from the village (prices vary).

Already have a tiny home? For $750 a month you get land, water, sewage and trash. Utilities typically come to another $50 per month.

Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey did a great interview and video tour with Melissa and Jon, so be sure to check that out below! We’ll be following up with tours of each of the Tiny House Block homes, so make sure to sign up for our tiny house newsletter so you don’t miss any.

A Legal Tiny House Village on California’s Pacific Crest Trail That Was Once A Rundown RV Park.

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Tracy is an amazing single mom who is supporting her two children, Jack and Anna, while working flexible hours (many from her tiny house). They live in a “Tiny Town” village in Durango, Colorado, where they’ve been now for three years.

Because of their THOW she’s able to keep her kids first and work around their needs and schedule, while still affording a beautiful home for them to live and grow in. Oh, and they also have two cats! Enjoy the video tour from Tiny Home Tours/YouTube below.

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One Mom, Two Kids, Three Years Living In Their Tiny Home on Wheels!

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This is the story of a tiny house community for veterans in Phoenix that was opened in late 2018 to benefit working homeless veterans.

The project is called The Village on 13th and it’s being developed thanks to the efforts of Build Us Hope, an Arizona non-profit.

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Tiny house community in Phoenix to benefit homeless veterans

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There is a tiny house village being created near Woodstock, NY.

The units are built by Escape and are available as vacation rentals.

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Escape Tiny House Vacation near Woodstock, New York

Tiny Home Village Near Woodstock

Photos via Escape

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